Mac OS X

Some Lion users plagued by black-screen bug

A number of early adopters of the OS X 10.7 Lion upgrade are running into a fairly severe bug. What happens is that Macs will crash with a black screen, which requires a forced shutdown. Some systems may show kernel panic messages on-screen, but the majority of them just have a black screen. The issue seems to happen specifically when certain graphics events are happening such as manipulating images in applications, or triggering interface elements when graphics events are occurring. In addition, it happens when systems are woken from sleep.

Most systems that appear to be affected are 2010 … Read more

Folder combining in Lion appears to be buggy

One of the more than 250 new features in Lion is an enhancement to the Finder that supposedly allows you to combine the contents of folders. In Snow Leopard and prior versions of the Mac OS X, if you placed a folder into a directory alongside another folder of the same name, then the system required you to either cancel the operation and change the folder name or replace the existing folder. Now Lion should offer an option to combine the contents of similarly named folders; however, depending on the way you perform this task the process may not always … Read more

How to install Front Row on OS X Lion

One of the features that Apple removed from OS X with the release of Lion is the Front Row feature, which allowed Macs to be used as media stations for viewing movies, photos, TV shows, and listening to music through a uniform full-screen media-browser interface. While Apple may have removed this feature from lack of use, a number of people have complained on the Apple Discussion Boards about it being missing from Lion. If you have used Front Row and are dissatisfied with it being missing in Lion, luckily there is a way to get it back.

First you will … Read more

Google updating Chrome for Lion multitouch

Google has released a new developer version of Chrome to re-enable a multitouch gesture that changed in Lion, the new version of Mac OS X that Apple released last week.

With the new operating system, a three-finger swipe left or right moves among different full-screen apps or desktops. That conflicted with Chrome's use of a three-finger swipe to move backward and forward in browsing history.

Yesterday, though, Google released Chrome 14.0.835.0 for Mac (and 14.0.835.0 for Linux, and 14.0.835.2 for Windows) that changes the forward and backward navigation to two-finger swipe gesturesRead more

Cut and paste files, and more new keyboard shortcuts in OS X Lion

As with previous versions of OS X, Apple has updated and refined a few of the keyboard shortcuts that allow you to navigate and manage files and applications. Some of the updated shortcuts have to do with new features in the Lion operating system such as the Resume option for applications and organization of the Finder, but others are enhancements to features that have been around in OS X for a while such as copying and pasting of files.

Move files instead of duplicating them

The first is a feature that has been missing in OS X for a while, … Read more

Managing Mac OS X Lion's application resume feature

One of the new features in OS X Lion is the application resume option, where the system will remember the documents, windows, and positioning of applications when they are quit, so when you open them again you will be right where you left off. This option is convenient for many purposes; however, there may be some situations where it may not be desired. For instance, if an opened document causes a program to crash, then having it reopen immediately when the application is launched might result in the program continuing to crash. Additionally, there might be some security or privacy … Read more

iSwifter's Flash workaround app coming to the Mac

iSwifter, the company that released a piece of software for the iPad last year that lets iOS users view and interact with Adobe Flash content, soon plans to bring its service to Mac OS users.

The company told CNET this evening that it's at work on a Mac app it plans to sell through Apple's Mac App Store in the next few months that will let users play Flash videos, games, and other interactive content without installing Adobe's Flash plug-in. Instead, everything Flash will be processed on the company's servers, then piped through the app, which … Read more

Managing the OS X 10.7 Lion restore drive

Unlike previous versions of the Mac OS, when you install OS X 10.7 Lion your system will be set up with a restore partition. This is a hidden 650MB partition that, like the previous installation DVDs for OS X, can be used to boot the system and provide tools to resintall OS X, format hard drives, and perform other maintenance and troubleshooting tasks on the system.

You can boot to the recovery drive in a couple of ways, including pressing the Option key at startup and selecting it from the boot menu or by holding Command-R at start-up; however, … Read more

Apple fixes OS X 10.6.8 problems with supplemental update

Apple has released a supplemental update to OS X 10.6.8, which fixes some of the outstanding issues that cropped up after the original 10.6.8 update. These include printers not working properly and going into a paused state when printing, and system audio not working properly when an HDMI or optical audio output is being used. In addition, the update includes the latest version of Apple's Migration Assistant software to ensure a smooth transition from a Snow Leopard Mac to a newly purchased one running Lion.

The supplemental update is about 10MB in size and should … Read more

Microsoft Office known issues with OS X 10.7 Lion

While some of the new features in OS X Lion such as Autosave, Fullscreen, and Versions may be enticing to people who regularly run Office, for those who rely on some features of the suite you may want to consider the known compatibility issues between the various Office versions and Lion before upgrading your OS. As with any software package there are going to be some bugs that will need to be ironed out by the developers, and while most bugs are likely minor, a few of them may be enough cause a disruption in your work flow.

Over the … Read more