WSJ: Apple director nearly resigned over Jobs' health disclosure

Plenty of people outside of Apple have chimed in on Steve Jobs' failure to disclose the seriousness of his health problems in early 2009, but at least one of the company's board members felt so strongly about it he reportedly almost quit.

Apple director Jerry York, who died of a brain aneurysm last week, was at least one of the people privy to Jobs' condition who felt he should have been more upfront with shareholders and the public. A story in The Wall Street Journal Thursday, citing an interview with York last year, says that when he found out … Read more

A cutting board with a transfer point

Cutting boards are crucial for every kitchen: you need them to protect counters as well as offer up a steady cutting surface. But once you've chopped up a whole pile of vegetables or fruit, getting it off the cutting board and on to a plate can be a messy process. The Transfer Cutting Board was designed to make moving food from the cutting board to a plate as easy as possible. The cutting board sits a little higher off the counter than many others and has a rounded slot. The combination allows you to simply slide a plate part … Read more

ScatterTunes sells digital albums with a visual twist

ScatterTunes is a Texas start-up focused on making the experience of digital music more visual and interactive. In September, the company introduced its V-Album format, which includes audio tracks in unprotected MP3 format, plus material such as lyrics, photos, videos, and links to merchandise and (where applicable) concert tickets. Although the audio portion of the download works with any software, and can be exported to any MP3 player, the video part requires downloading and installing the free ScatterTunes Player. So far, ScatterTunes has only released a couple of V-Albums, and none by artists I'm interested in, so I didn'… Read more

Cutting boards made for tall cooks

Most counter tops and cabinets are designed with average height in mind. If you're taller, though, you can find yourself hunched over as you try to chop vegetables and handle other kitchen tasks--not a comfortable position, especially if you spend a lot of time in the kitchen. AWP Butcher Block offers an entire line of cutting boards made with taller cooks in mind. The company's solid cutting boards start out by adding an additional inch to 3 inches to your cutting surface. If that's not enough, the company can add legs of any height to a cutting … Read more

A 3D classic bar game done right

10 Pin Shuffle Lite is a preview version of 10 Pin Shuffle, a physics-based shuffleboard simulator with polished graphics and a convincing interface.

The interface is simple but subtle: you look down the length of a traditional, barroom shuffleboard table, with a realistically rendered shuffleboard weight in front of you. You have a number of options for positioning and shooting the weight, with left and right arrows that slide the weight laterally, and another pair of arrows that let you rotate your aim to the left or right. You can also just tap and drag the weight into position, and … Read more

The 404 Podcast 515: Where we look to our hands for inspiration

Today's episode of CNET's The 404 Podcast features a pink Ouija Board, the newest Facebook meme, search engine profiling, and Google's latest mapping feature that waves good-bye to your shopping privacy.

The infamous Ouija Board is still just as popular as it was when Hasbro first unleashed it in 1967. In fact, it even got extra publicity with a flaming cameo in last year's horror flick Paranormal Activity, but angry Christians aren't happy about Hasbro's latest idea for a Pink Ouija Board. Who knew that a pink square of cardboard and a magnifying glass could get so much controversy?

First there was Doppelganger Week, then Urban Dictionary Week, and now we finally have a Facebook meme that The 404 Podcast can get behind: Can this pickle get more fans than Nickleback? In less than a week since its genesis, the Facebook group already has more than 100,000 members, but it still needs your help to get beat out Nickelback's 1,392,481 (and growing) fans.

This next story might make you think twice before ducking into the back room at your local video store. Google's latest "Store View" is as yet unconfirmed (but not outright denied), but the service will ideally let users check out the inside of any participating retailer through Google Maps. Imagine browsing the Web for a supermarket and then virtually inspecting the interior for the best way to route yourself through a grocery store and you can see why we don't quite understand the point of Store View.

Those stories and more on today's 404, plus a meaty Calls From the Public and more of your sticker picture submissions! Keep sending them to the404(at)cnet[dot]com and we might just feature it on the show! Much thanks to Derrick for sending us a pic of the cubicle dressing you see up top.

EPISODE 515 Subscribe in iTunes audio | Suscribe to iTunes (video) | Subscribe in RSS Audio | Subscribe in RSS VideoRead more

Cardboard meets OLED as game pieces go digital

Board games are already experiencing a renaissance as they move from the tabletop to the desktop (think Lexulous and Scrabble), but researchers from Canada's Queen's University are trying to further advance the ol' board game with a technology that essentially turns each piece into a graphics-saturated mini-display, thus merging the tangible aspects of board games with software-generated action normally seen in strategy games such as World of Warcraft.

Queen's Human Media Lab Professor Roel Vertegaal and HML graduate Mike Rooke say their technology (PDF) would let groups of people play electronic games in a sociable, physical setting … Read more

Get a grip on your carving board

No matter what you've got on the carving board, it always seems to slide around. You can wind up awkwardly trying to pin a roast in place with one hand while carving off slices with the other. The Gripper Carving Board can make the project easier: it's designed to hold food in place as you slice. A removable metal ring sits in a groove built in to the center of the cutting board. The ring has four points that sink into your food, anchoring it into place. It works well with meat and poultry, but the points will … Read more

Miniguru keyboard aims to make typing easier, quicker

While keyboard layout seems like something that is (or should be) set in stone, Guru'board's Miniguru is trying to shake the keys up a bit.

I'm all for anyone trying to improve upon previous technologies, but typing is something that is so natural to me at this point that changing functions and placements makes me nervous. (At least on U.S. keyboards; it took me a long time to become fluent on a French one.)

But maybe the Miniguru (PDF) deserves a chance. This keyboard's goal is to keep the user's fingers on the home … Read more

Facebook forms safety advisory board

Facebook has formed a safety advisory board comprised of five Internet safety organizations that will consult with the social-networking site, the company said Sunday.

Facebook said it plans to meet regularly with the advisory board to review the existing safety resources it provides its users, develop new materials, and seek advice on best practices for safety in general.

"We believe that the only way to keep kids safe online is for everyone who wants to protect them to work together," Elliot Schrage, Facebook's vice president of global communications and public policy, said in a statement. "The … Read more