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Reporters' Roundtable: The Web meets the TV (podcast)

Today's show: Internet meets your TV. Or, the elusive set-top Internet box. We're going to talk about how the Web is coming to television, both for video programming and other content. Because, really, we all want to surf Facebook on our TVs, don't we? No? How about Hulu?

Our guests for this show are, first, Boxee CEO Avner Ronen. Boxee is one of the most popular companies out there in this space, as it makes both an Internet TV app as well as, somewhat unusually for an Internet start-up, its own set-top box.

Also joining us is Christina Warren, who covers this market for Mashable. Christina also writes for the AMC Script to Screen blog. Welcome.

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Week in review: Apple's latest harvest

It's hard to think of a more anticipated piece of technology in the last few years than the iPad--excluding the iPhone, of course.

Initial reports have listed the number of preorders in the "hundreds of thousands," and tech industry analysts are forecasting that Apple could sell 6 million iPads within a year.

The iPad goes on sale in the U.S. at 9 a.m. Saturday in all time zones at Apple Stores and most Best Buy stores. If you're thinking about buying one, here are a few things you should know ahead of time--from … Read more

Buzz Out Loud 1197: Where this episode is no joke (podcast)

Once again this year, we've had it with April Fool's jokes. Except for one. You'll see. If you're more tired of iPad than you are of April Fool's, skip the first half of the show where we recap other people's reviews since Apple refuses to give us an iPad early. Also, we debunk Microsoft's claims that Chrome is fundamentally insecure, which almost ought to be a joke.

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iPad reviews roll in from USA, Mossberg and … Read more

Buzz Out Loud 1196: Schrodinger's iPad (podcast)

We talk a bit about the iPad and Rafe reveals that his iPad is in quantum indeterminacy. He has it reserved but he hasn't paid for it. And he won't know until the last minute whether he's going to buy it. Meanwhile the Google-Apple war heats up on the Flash and the tablet front. And Facebook leaks email all over the place. Ew.

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Developer enthusiasm for iPad slackens as Android surges more

Obama faces major online privacy test

When Barack Obama was campaigning for the presidency in 2008, he promised that as president, he would "strengthen privacy protections for the digital age."

That pledge will be put to the test as the Obama administration considers whether to support a new privacy proposal released by a coalition including Google, eBay, Microsoft, AT&T, the ACLU, and Americans for Tax Reform. CNET was the first to report on the proposal in an article published Monday.

The group, the Digital Due Process coalition, is calling for a federal law requiring police to obtain search warrants before tracking Americans' … Read more

Tech coalition pushes rewrite of online privacy law

This post has been updated several times since it was published. See update notes at the bottom of the page.

A broad coalition of companies including Google, Microsoft, and AT&T, joined by liberal and conservative advocacy groups, will announce a major push Tuesday to update federal privacy laws to protect mobile and cloud computing users, CNET has learned.

They hope to convince the U.S. Congress to update a 1986 law--written in the pre-Internet era of telephone modems and the black-and-white Macintosh Plus--to sweep in location privacy and documents stored on the Web through services like Google … Read more

Buzz Out Loud 1194: Pee2Pee (Podcast)

The show's a pretty well-controlled train wreck right up until we start talking about the underwear that texts when it's, um, moist. No, you're not listening to the 404 (or Gadgettes), it's actually Buzz Out Loud. In real news (if you will), the first week's worth of iPads have apparently sold out and actual competition is coming to the wireless space ... around 2011. Also, cosmic rays are making your car go fast. No, really.

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Revised Facebook policy hints at location tagging

A year ago, Facebook experienced something of a privacy uprising from its users over a minor change to its privacy policy.

Never mind that the outcry grew out of a consumer blogger's mostly mistaken analysis: Online protests were staged, a Washington, D.C., activist group threatened to complain to federal regulators, and founder Mark Zuckerberg offered a public mea culpa.

This time around, by announcing proposed changes dealing with location tagging and third party Web sites before they take effect, Facebook is hoping to avoid repeating what happened last year.

In a post on Friday, Michael Richter, Facebook's … Read more

Reporters' Roundtable: Google vs. Apple (podcast)

Today's topic: Google vs. Apple. Or, "It all started out so well." When Google and Apple first started to get to know each other, it looked like a match made in heaven: Apple had Macs and Macbooks running its own operating system and browser, and it wanted to provide non-Microsoft apps and services to users. Google had apps and services--Search, Maps, Docs, things like that, and wanted to make these products default services on as many products as possible. But it clearly was facing an uphill battle betting them on Windows machines, since Microsoft had its own competing products. Apple made money selling hardware. Google made money selling advertising. It was glorious! When the iPhone came out, a device that married Apple's hardware and OS to Google's apps and services out of the box, it looked like the relationship was cemented for good.

And then Google released its own browser. Then its own phone and operating system, putting the two companies that were once in love into mortal combat. Google CEO Eric Schmidt had to leave the Apple board of directors. The sparks started to fly. Apple CEO Steve Jobs reportedly called Google "evil" in a company meeting. And here we are...with a great topic for today's roundtable, and a dynamite panel of guests. They are:

• From CNET News, our reporter on the Google beat and formerly our Apple reporter, Tom Krazit. • From The New York Times, co-author of the great March 14 story, "Apple's spat with Google is getting personal," Brad Stone. • And from Slate, technology columnist and frequent Google/Apple observer, Farhad Manjoo, returning for his second appearance on the roundtable.

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Study: Like it or not, behavioral ad targeting works

Want to get digital-policy regulator types fired up? Start talking about behavioral ad targeting, the business of serving up digital ads that are fine-tuned to a user's Web surfing habits, and you're sure to get all kinds of wildly varied opinions about privacy and sensitive data.

But a new study from a group called the Network Advertising Initiative, or NAI, claims that behavioral targeting is more than twice as effective as non-targeted ads, and the inventory from behavioral ads is worth double that of their non-targeted brethren. The study found that 6.8 percent of people who click … Read more