Why shop via your phone? To keep your spouse in the dark

Some people just cannot stop buying.

They wander into stores during their lunch hour, they're constantly attuned to online shopping. Who can wonder that the wise people at Amazon decided to name their online clothing store MyHabit?

And yet, as everything goes mobile, is it really quite as easy to shop through your phone, as it is on your cute little PC or iPad? Everything is a little smaller, for example. It's harder to zoom out and imagine.

However, new research has entered my laptop that offers a far more rational perspective on mobile shopping. Apparently, a substantial … Read more

How Apple's Genius manual can help you in love

The envious like to snipe at Apple.

It's not just the quest for perfection that gets to them. It's the annoying habit of attaining it (or at least something close to it) that rankles.

So today, when details of Apple's genius training manual were revealed, the scoffing could be heard from Jackson Hole to Seoul.

Who do these people think they are to stop their employees from using the word "frozen?"

What sort of controlling freaks demand that their employees become something akin to those peculiar Scientology people on the street who tell you they'… Read more

Google's Nexus 7 home page ad: Is a doodle ad next?

We've all watched Google's evolution from student idealist to strident actuary like uncles at successive weddings.

Once Google was shy and disdainful of ancient, grubby ways. Now it embraces them as if it's worried about its 401(k) -- that's $401,000 profit for every ad run on Google.

The concept of doing no evil has taken on a dreamy, nostalgic quality. The concept of brand advertising, once derided as faintly sad, is now at the core of Google's attempt to gain some Apple-y emotions.

Still, this morning some were vaguely stupefied that the company … Read more

Do the iPhone 5 leaks make the launch less exciting?

I am currently feeling quite sensitive, so when I see someone in pain, my instinct is to try to help.

I'm troubled, though, because today I encountered a man in pain and I'm not sure how to help.

His name is Todd Haselton and he writes for a site called TechnoBuffalo. I, though, found his plaintive pain on Business Insider.

This is how he described his pain: "I feel like I did when I snuck under my parent's bed when I was five or six and found all of my Christmas presents. I feel like I … Read more

How your tweets may prove you're a psychopath

You know all those people who use the phrase "iPhone killer" on Twitter? They're probably psychopaths.

So are, very likely, those who wanted Apple to "bury" Samsung.

How do I know this? Well, I am privy to new scientific information that indicates something very powerful about the language used while expressing one's feelings in social media.

Swearing or using words of high aggression is an apparent indicator that one is not necessarily well in the head.

I am grateful to the Daily Mail for not killing the story of the boffins at Florida Atlantic … Read more

Winklevii snag $18 million L.A. mansion, report says

With the hordes losing their shirts, trousers and camel-haired overcoats on Facebook shares, it's heartening to see that not everyone lost out.

Though Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss often thought they deserved a little more for allegedly being at the heart of Facebook's creation, they did still manage to spirit $65 million away.

Now, my religious reading of TMZ has revealed that they have used some of that money, perhaps, on an exciting new abode.

For they have reportedly dropped $18 million on a quite stunning mansion in L.A.'s Hollywood Hills.

TMZ is fully adorned with pictures … Read more

Legal analysts suggest Apple-Samsung verdict may not be safe

Lawyers tend to know everything.

It's just that their knowledge of everything seems occasionally to conflict with the knowledge of other lawyers, who also know everything.

However, I have been seeking legal guidance on what seems like the strangely swift decision by nine local Californians to order Samsung to pay Apple more than $1 billion.

One place where lawyers gather to read views is the award-winning site Groklaw. I fancy that many of the legal experts who post there have long blond hair and drive personalized Bentleys.

However, their sense of groundedness is often refreshing.

So I was stunned … Read more

Apple-Samsung jury really wanted to go sailing this weekend

Complete coverage: Apple v. Samsung, a battle over billions

I was really looking forward to at least another week.

I was hoping to be able to digest all the nuances, potential results, pitfalls and expert predictions.

I tell you who wasn't looking forward to that: the jury at the Apple/Samsung trial.

These 9 fine members of humanity must have peered through the window and thought: "Oh, look. We're in Northern California. It's sunny outside. A perfect weekend for sailing."

The just-announced verdict showed that this magnificent nine, some of whom have worked in tech, … Read more

Microsoft Surface street art ads pop up in NYC

Microsoft seems to be taking to the streets to promote its upcoming Surface tablet.

Eagle-eyed residents of New York City have discovered new street artwork gracing the walls of certain buildings, as reported by The Verge. The colorful art depicts the word Surface in a tablet-shaped rectangle with a keyboard below.

A Facebook user named Surface Evangelist posted one photo of the artwork appearing on an unnamed street, while a Twitter user named Amanda uploaded another photo of a billboard-sized Surface ad on a building near East 2nd Street.

CNET contacted Microsoft, but the company said it's not commenting … Read more

iPhone 5 and iPad Mini launching at the same time? Why?

I know that Apple likes to add one more thing to its launch events. It makes them more dramatic, like a thriller with a twist.

A question, though, is whether the itty-bitty iPad that's been rumored to arrive for a while now will be iPhone 5's one more thing.

Initially, much respect was paid to a report from iMore that both these next life-changing works of art would be revealed on September 12, with the possibility that both products would be released at the same time.

Indeed, this report even declared that an iPod nano would gatecrash the … Read more