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White iPhone 4G pictures surface online

New photographs circulating around the Internet are reported to be of the forthcoming iPhone 4G (not currently confirmed by Apple), now sporting a white front. Rumors that Apple would continue to offer the black and white color choices have been circulating for quite some time and would seem to be accurate, if these photographs are indeed real. Questions about the authenticity of these pictures could be because the white iPhone is not actually assembled (note the Home button's setting).

Despite the fact that the white front plate is only resting on the iPhone unit, the construction of the surface … Read more

Five killer apps for your docked iPad

Does your iPad pull a lot of desk duty? Does it adorn your kitchen counter or even your nightstand? Do you routinely leave it on a dock or charger? If so, you should put that sucker to good use--even when you're not using it. After all, a big, beautiful screen is a terrible thing to waste.

As you learned yesterday, the iPad already knows how to function as a photo frame--and a damn fine one at that. But not everyone wants to look at photos all day. Maybe you'd prefer stock updates? Tweets? How about fish? Here are five apps to keep a docked iPad interesting:

Bloomberg: Want to keep tabs on the stock market? It's hard to imagine a lovelier window on Wall Street than Bloomberg for iPad. It delivers news, equity indices, a personalized stock portfolio, currency exchange rates, and plenty more, all wrapped in a gorgeous interface--and updated at regular intervals. Best of all, it's a freebie!

Chirp Frame: Twitter addicts, this one's for you. The app serves up tweets as they arrive, effectively turning your iPad into a big, beautiful Twitter frame. You can choose from one of three slick backgrounds, swiping as desired to read earlier tweets. Of course, when you're feeling the need to send out your own status update, all it takes is a tap of the screen to tweet (or reply). Chirp Frame costs 99 cents.

iQuarium HD: Real fish are kind of a pain, don't you think? You have to feed them, clean the tank, yell at people to stop tapping the glass, and all that. iQuarium provides all the joys of fish-tank ownership with none of the hassles (or expense--it's a mere $1.99). Actually, the app is as much a Tamagotchi-style game as it is a virtual fish tank, as you have to feed your fish daily--eventually earning "fish points" to decorate your tank with accessories, backgrounds, more fish, etc. If you want more instant gratification, check out Marine Aquarium (also $1.99).… Read more

How to use the iPad's Picture Frame mode

I'll admit it: I'm not using my iPad much. Maybe that's because I was already an iPhone user, and that continues to be my go-to device for e-mail, e-books, Facebook, and the like. Or maybe it's because I just haven't found enough killer apps yet.

Whatever, the case, I'm finding I enjoy the device more when I'm looking at it than when I'm touching it. That's because I've discovered Picture Frame, which turns that big, beautiful screen into a splendid animated photo frame.

Perhaps you've noticed the little picture … Read more

Adobe update tests Photoshop CS5 lens correction

Adobe on Thursday released a beta version of an update to its new Photoshop CS5 software that adds the ability to automatically correct lens problems in raw image files.

The Camera Raw 6.1 update beta uses profiles of several cameras and lenses to automatically fix color problems called chromatic aberration, geometric problems called distortion, and darkened corners called vignetting. In addition, in the raw files, photographers can manually change the perspective of a photo somewhat, for example making the converging lines of a building parallel in a shot taken from the ground looking up.

The update also adds support … Read more

Quick name change

Anyone who owns a digital camera knows how quickly thousands of digital images can accumulate. It's no small task to keep all those photos organized and easy to access, especially with meaningless camera-assigned file names like IMG_0169.jpg. Fast Photo Renamer is a simple tool that can help you give meaningful file names to entire folders full of images, making files easy to identify at a glance.

The program's interface is plain and won't win any beauty contests, but that's OK. One pane displays the computer's contents in a tree hierarchy, making it easy to … Read more

Take Picnik for a picnic with Mozilla's Jetpack

Web-based image editor Picnik, which is now a part of Google, has long been the built-in editor for Yahoo's Flickr photo-hosting service. And if you've found yourself wishing it was just as simple to edit other images around the Web, you're in luck. A relatively new Firefox extension called "Instant Image Edit with Picnik" lets you edit any image on any site, using Picnik--all with little more than a right-click.

The extension was built using a new part of Mozilla's Jetpack API, which lets developers add items to the contextual menu of a user'… Read more

Get an 8-inch Wi-Fi photo frame for $59 shipped

I'm a big fan of revolving photo frames. I mean, why stare at the same old picture when you can see a different one every time you walk by?

Thursday only, Dell has the ViewSonic VFP838-11 8-inch photo frame for just $59 shipped. I've seen similar frames for less, but not with the one feature I covet most: Wi-Fi.

Using your home network, the VFP838-11 can wirelessly connect to online photo-sharing sites like Flickr and Picasa. It also supports custom RSS feeds through a service called FrameChannel, which serves up things like weather, sports scores, and Facebook and … Read more

Photographer's friend

Digital photography can be a lot of fun, but editing, organizing, and sharing your images can be a hassle if you don't have the right software. JetPhoto Studio is a sleek tool that lets users manage their photos in an attractive, intuitive environment, turning a sometimes-frustrating chore into a fun and easy activity.

JetPhoto Studio's interface is well-designed and easy to navigate, with its featured arranged in commonsense menus. Users can import photos from their computers or even directly from their cameras, a nice timesaving step. Once photos have been imported into JetPhoto Studio, there's plenty to … Read more

Contact's photo not editable in Address Book

When you open a contact's vCard in Address Book and click the "Edit" button, you should be able to edit the user's photo by double-clicking on it and either use the computer's webcam to snap a shot or choose a picture file and then perform some simple zooming and cropping on the photo. Some people are having problems where this behavior will not work, either on some or all of their cards.… Read more

Refill your memories while you refill your mug

Ah, memories. We carry them around with us wherever we go. While best lived and relived inside our own noggins, sometimes a little external reminder is appreciated. At one time we carried pictures around with us in our wallets and purses. This practice has--for the most part--evolved to the point where we carry around pictures of family, friends, and all-around good times on all of our portable digital devices. However, our phones, laptops, pads, pods, and the occasional digital camera are not always at the ready, at least when it comes to picture viewing. Our coffee mugs, on the other … Read more