Easy edits

We tend to put off editing our digital photos because we find it be such a tedious, time-consuming task. BatchPhoto Pro seeks to solve this problem, making photo editing a simple, three-step process. Although it's obviously not going to give you the same results you'd get after hours spent in Photoshop, we found it to be an easy, intuitive way to take care of basic editing.

The program's interface is well-designed, making it easy for even novice users to edit their images. There are three steps: Add Photos, Add Filters, and Setup. In the first step, users … Read more

Flickr goes wider, gets faster with redesign

Flickr is unveiling a dramatic face lift on Wednesday that takes the Yahoo-owned photo-sharing site into the wide-screen era. Both photo pages and the site's home page have been stretched out to accommodate users with wider screens, as well as to put more of an emphasis on what users have uploaded.

Photos now get 640 pixels of width, instead of the previous 500, which makes for a 30 percent increase in size. While seemingly a small boost when compared to the originals of photos (which can stretch to close to 10 times that size), that extra space ends up … Read more

In line for an iPhone 4? Share your pics, stories

We'll be on the scene on both sides of the U.S. covering the iPhone 4 launch at various retail outlets, but we can't be everywhere. That's where you come in. Will you be out braving the crowds (or maybe lack thereof in your neck of the woods) to get a shiny new iPhone? If so, we want to see any line photos and hear any stories (both good and bad) about your launch day adventure that you think CNET readers would enjoy.

Send us your photos, anecdotes, or news tidbits from wherever you are to, … Read more

iOS 4 update causes poor photo quality

A number of people who have upgraded their iPhones to iOS 4 have found that previously stored pictures will appear grainy, as if a lower-quality version is being used. This seems to affect only pictures that were on the phone before updating; new pictures taken with the phone or uploaded to it seem fine.… Read more

Add style to your iPhone images

Camera+ helps you take better images with tons of features and a unique tool layout that helps you get the look you want quickly. The app offers several options for making unique-looking images out of photos on your camera roll, or you can snap pictures from within the program using Camera+'s extra tools. When taking a picture, you can use a 5x zoom slider for close-up shots, a stabilizer that automatically takes the shot when your hand is most stable, and a grid overlay so you can line up your shots as straight as possible.

Once you've got … Read more

Batch renaming made easy

This excellent little utility (formerly known as File List) can help you rename multiple files at the same time, in just about any way that you can imagine--for example, if you want to name a bunch of photos in a sequence or change some PC files from ugly all caps over to lowercase.

Name Mangler gives you a clean, intuitive interface for numbering sequentially, finding and replacing, changing case, setting extensions, adding prefixes and suffixes, and removing and inserting characters. Name Mangler also offers an Advanced option that lets you define your own renaming rules, combining the standard options and … Read more

Nintendo lifts curtain on 3DS

Nintendo President Saturo Iwata was on hand at the company's E3 2010 press conference Tuesday to officially announce the Nintendo 3DS, the first-ever portable 3D gaming system. The system resembles a DSi, but features a wide, 3.5-inch 3D screen on top and a touch screen on the bottom.

To the left of the touch screen is an analog "slide button" that will act as a joystick in addition to a conventional D-pad. While the technology behind producing a 3D image without glasses was not disclosed, Iwata did say a 3D depth slider will allow players to … Read more

Xbox 360 Slim unveiled, available this week; $299

The Microsoft E3 2010 press conference has just wrapped up and the company finished things with a bang, debuting a brand new slimmer and edgy all-black Xbox 360 with a 250GB hard drive and built-in Wi-Fi.

More shocking, Senior Vice-President Don Mattrick announced that this redesigned Xbox 360 will be available in stores this week for $299. Also noteworthy was the mention of a "whisper quiet" operation, which is an acknowledgment to the current 360's loud jet-engine fan system.

Judging from our product shots, the slim Xbox 360 features an on-board digital optical audio out; a standard … Read more