LG debuts Quick Window cases for upcoming G2 smartphone

LG doesn't care about the cloak and dagger secrecy that usually accompanies smartphone launches. The company has officially launched the new Quick Window case for its upcoming LG G2 flagship handset.

Expected to arrive at the same time as LG's flagship handset, the colorful accessory will be available in seven shades: black, white, pink, purple, blue, mint, and yellow.

Much like Samsung's S-View Flip Cover, the Quick Window case has a cut-out window to provide at-a-glance information such as the clock, weather, incoming calls, and messages.

To activate the the interactive Quick Window interface, one simply swipes … Read more

HTC One Mini spied for AT&T

Rendered images of an AT&T branded HTC One Mini have surfaced, suggesting that Ma Bell may soon offer the new smartphone.

The renders, which come courtesy of Android Police, fall days after the tech blog posted photos of an actual HTC One Mini for AT&T.

No U.S. carrier has officially announced plans to support the One Mini; however, the larger HTC One can be found at the top four wireless providers. I wouldn't be surprised if an official announcement of the small model comes very, very soon.

G2 launch details outed by LG executive

The upcoming LG G2 will arrive in the United States as early as September, according to LG CFO David Jung.

Speaking to Korea's The Kyunghyang Shinmun (translate) recently, the executive spilled a few beans about the flagship smartphone. The device will reportedly launch in South Korea in August, followed by North America and Europe in September, and by additional markets in October.

In terms of U.S. carrier support, Jung noted that Verizon is in line to offer the G2. Engadget reminds us that recently leaked FCC details also suggest that AT&T and T-Mobile will offer the … Read more

Rumor Has It: Attack of the giant iPhones

Rumorland never fails to entertain.

This week, LG filed for a million trademarks, including ones for GPad, G Watch, and G Band. One could guess that it's for a tablet, smartwatch, and activity monitor. Of course, why not? Now, trademark filings don't necessarily mean that these products are being worked on, but nobody would surprised if LG were to throw its hat into the smartwatch ring. I mean, everyone else is.

In other rumor news, Sony might be working on a new camera lens accessory that could attach to your mobile device or be used on its own. … Read more

New video compares leaked iPhone plastic case to previous models

A new video has hit YouTube claiming to show off the long-rumored plastic iPhone case.

A YouTube user going by the name "DetroitBORG" got his hands on a plastic iPhone case that appears to be the same chassis pictured in countless photos around the Web. The plastic iPhone case is rumored to be part of Apple's next-generation, low-cost iPhone that will complement the company's upcoming iPhone 5S.

The plastic casing in the video appears to be an entirely new iPhone. As DetroitBORG points out, the casing appears to be big enough to sport a 4-inch display, … Read more

LG teases G2 with new video and Web site

LG today released yet another new video that teases its upcoming G2 smartphone.

The short clip, which LG's official Mobile HQ posted to YouTube, gets all touchy-feely while spilling a lifetime of facts, like how many cells you're made of and how many friends you'll make. What's more, it starts by flashing the word "human" several times and ends with the refrain: "Everything about you inspires me. It means you are perfect."

A bit sappy, yes, but there's a good reason. Indeed, the tagline for the forthcoming G2 should be "… Read more

Apple 'iPhone Lite' pictured in two versions -- report

Another day, another rumor about Apple's plans to launch a "lite" version of its iPhone.

Apple could be planning to launch two versions of an "iPhone Lite," claims a report out of China that was discovered by Phone Arena on Friday. The report, which included images claiming to show Apple's plans, indicates that one of the handsets is codenamed "iPhone Zenvo," while the other comes with the name, "iPhone Zagato/Bertone."

Both devices, according to the leaked documents, will come with 4-inch displays and be available in multiple colors. The … Read more

Android 4.3 pops up on Nexus 4 bought from Craigslist

A Google+ user who bought a Nexus 4 off Craigslist reportedly discovered that the device was actually running the long-rumored, but as-yet-announced Android 4.3.

Jeff Williams, who claims to have purchased the Nexus 4 a couple of weeks ago from a Google employee, posted a screenshot of his Android version to Google+. That image shows Android version 4.3 and build number JWR66N.

Not long after he discovered that Android 4.3 was running on the device, a backup of the operating system cropped up on the XDA Developers site. Other Android users who were able to extract a … Read more

Rumor Has It: No Retina iPad Mini in your holiday stocking

It's been quite a week for news that starts with the word "smart."

Eric Schmidt was caught last week holding the rumored Moto X smartphone, which opened the flood gates of speculation: When will it come out? Who will carry it? What're the specs?

A leaked alleged release schedule, though, claims to have an answer to at least one of those questions. The Moto X, along with the HTC One, will arrive at Verizon next month.

The smartwatch train is a fast-moving one, and everyone's trying to jump aboard. A new rumor claims that Microsoft is hard at work on a smartwatch of its own, and has put the Surface team on the case. And Apple, not to be outdone, is supposedly "aggressively" hiring people for its iWatch team. … Read more

Intel buys Omek Interactive for $40M -- report

Intel has acquired an Israel-based gesture-recognition company.

The chip giant paid $40 million for Omek Interactive, Geektime reported on Tuesday, citing people who claim to have knowledge of the agreement. Omek Interactive was reportedly in the crosshairs of both Samsung and Qualcomm, but it was Intel that snagged the firm.

Omek Interactive provides gesture-recognition technology for a wide array of products, including electronics, cars, video games, and casinos. The company's technology uses a sensor to determine a person's movements and then integrates that data into a target program. The technology works at long distances, similar to the way … Read more