AT&T offering Google Nexus 7

Have a hankering for a Google Nexus 7 tablet along with LTE service? AT&T feels it has an offer you can't resist. The carrier has now partnered with Google to sell a 32GB version of the slate complete with AT&T LTE 4G data access for $349.

Of course you can also buy a 32GB Nexus 7 model for the same $349 direct from the Google Play store without having to commit to a lengthy two-year service contract. As someone who mainly uses tablets at home over Wi-Fi, or free-load off of friends and family's … Read more

Verizon thwarting Nexus 7's LTE activations?

Some Verizon customers who picked up the 4G LTE version of the Google Nexus 7 tablet may not be able to actually activate the device on Verizon's network, despite technical compatibility.

Disgruntled buyers taking to social-media outlets like Twitter and Google+ report that people who bought a Nexus 7 from a third-party source were not able to activate Verizon's LTE on their new tablets.

Tech blogger Jeff Jarvis tweeted that he waited days after contacting Verizon's customer service through social media and in-person visits to receive the Twitter response that "not all LTE tablets are created … Read more

Nexus 4 phones sold out at Google Play

Consumers searching for the Nexus 4 smartphone will no longer be able to grab one through Google Play.

The store currently shows both the 8GB and 16GB models as out of inventory. A note tells buyers to "please check back soon." However, a "trusted source" told The Verge that this is the end of the line for the Nexus 4 and that Google has no plans to restock the device.

Last month, Google slashed the price of the Nexus 4 by $100 in an effort to rid itself of inventory.

The unlocked phone is still available … Read more

More Nexus 5 photos in FCC docs show off its look

The picture gets somewhat clearer for the rumored Nexus 5 smartphone as newly discovered FCC documents provide a glimpse at a fully assembled device that could very well be the next Nexus. These echo earlier findings about the LG Nexus 4 successor.

First spotted by PhoneScoop, the FCC filing shows a variant of Verizon's LG G2 smartphone. Just as the Nexus 4 was a modified version of the LG Optimus G, so appears to be the case for the LG G2 and the so-called Nexus 5.

The photos make the phone appear to be covered in a black material … Read more

Six incredibly beautiful Live Wallpapers for your Android

Introduced all the way back in Android 2.1, Live Wallpapers provide animated, and often interactive, backgrounds that range from minimalist to downright busy.

As Android has evolved over the years and become more power-efficient, developers have created increasingly more robust Live Wallpapers.

Thanks to advances in the platform, these eye-catching backgrounds now also sip your battery charge instead of chugging.

I've put together a small collection of my favorite Live Wallpaper apps for Android, some of which are free. The apps mentioned here are uniquely different from each other and represent some of the best available for the … Read more

Nexus 7 with 4G LTE pops up in Google Play store

Nexus 7 fans who have been waiting for an LTE edition of the latest generation of the Google tablet, prepare to loosen your wallets. A 32GB version of the 2013 Nexus 7 with a 4G T-Mobile sim has just hit the Google Play store for $349.

If you aren't sure that another monthly mobile data plan is worthwhile, Google and T-Mobile are also offering 2GB of free 4G data for the first month. It looks as though it will be compatible with other carriers as well, based on specs showing that the new Nexus 7's radios are compatible with a number of LTE, HSPA, and GSM bands.… Read more

LG Nexus 5 surfaces in FCC docs?

The next generation of Nexus smartphone may have just been spotted loitering the virtual halls of the FCC.

A product marked LG D820 spied in FCC documents suggests that Google may have tapped LG as the handset maker of choice for the Nexus 4 successor, also made by LG.

Details found in the federal database show a 4.96-inch display and a Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 processor. Digging deeper, the D820 is found to be running a version of software called "aosp_hammerhead-userdebugKyeLimePieFACTORYeng.sangjoon84.lee.20130618.015154 [sic]."

Spelling error aside, the fact that it shows Key Lime Pie indicates … Read more

So, how's your 2013 Nexus 7 holding up?

The new Nexus 7 is the best Android tablet yet and surpasses the iPad Mini in performance, screen clarity, and, at $229 undercuts, Apple's mini slate by a full $100. However, as with many consumer electronics products, Google's latest has experienced its fair share of launch technical difficulties.

I'll detail some of those difficulties below, but first it's important to note that not every Nexus 7 unit is experiencing these problems. I reviewed the tablet in July and my review unit has yet to play host to any of these particular problems.

There was a bit … Read more

Nexus 7 LTE model mid-September debut likely

The LTE version of the new Nexus 7 tablet from Google should arrive in mid-September in Japan and Europe, providing some hope that the U.S. market may see similar timing.

One of the first indications came from Japan when Google announced the launch of Nexus 7 sales there earlier this week.

Japan's cited comments from Google that the LTE model would be available in mid-September.

Meanwhile, reports are pointing to similar timing in the U.K.

Google has yet to announce availability in the U.S.. At the moment, only the Wi-Fi version is available.

Needless … Read more

Nintendo 2DS handheld targets new crowd

CNET Update needs a bigger pocket:

In this episode of Update:

- Spend $50 less on Nintendo's Wii U Deluxe when a new bundle comes out for $300 on September 20.

- See if there's an appetite for the cheaper Nintendo 2DS portable system -- which happens to be less portable than the 3DS. (The Internets have not been kind.)

- Save $100 on the unlocked Nexus 4 smartphone, now starting at $200. (Don't be surprised if a Nexus 5 crops up later this year.)

- Read up on the new Kindle challengers from Kobo, the e-ink AuraRead more