TiVo eyes the cloud with premiere of network PVR

TiVo has announced a new, cloud-based television offering that could strengthen its relationships with cable and satellite providers.

Dubbed the TiVo network PVR (personal video recorder), the new cloud-based service is only in prototype phase at this point, the company noted Wednesday. However, the cloud-based service, which will be shown off for the first time at the International Broadcasting Conference in Amsterdam starting Thursday, may find its way into homes at some point in the future.

The network PVR is a cloud-based platform designed for television providers. According to TiVo, its PVR includes all of the company's standard DVR … Read more

WordPress folds in Google+ for authentication, comments

WordPress, the widely used blogging system, has built in Google+ technology that will let publishers use the service for authentication, comments, and sharing.

The deal, announced Monday, spreads Google's influence into a Web site that's very widely used for blogs and other self-publishing needs. Even as it elevates the profile of Google's social-networking technology, though, it also lowers barriers between Google+ and other parts of the Web.

Here's how WordPress' Justin Shreve described the deal:

Linking to your Google+ Profile creates an official connection between your content and your Google+ account. The benefit? It … Read more

Say what? Iranian government ministers join Facebook

As tension simmers in the Middle East with the US deciding whether to use military force against Syria, a friendly initiative is starting up in the neighboring country of Iran.

Newly elected President Hasan Rouhani is encouraging his government staff and ministers to join Facebook in an endeavor called government-as-Facebook Friends, according to the Associated Press.

Since taking office last month, Rouhani has tried to distance himself from his hardline predecessor Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. Besides having his own Facebook page and urging his staff to follow suit, Rouhani also has been more open about Iran's presence on the Internet.

The … Read more

Facebook eyes real-time tracking in shot over Twitter's bow

Facebook wants to increase its awareness in news broadcasts, and it's taking a page out of Twitter's book to do so.

The world's largest social network announced Monday that it has rolled out a new feature to "select" news organizations, including CNN and Slate among others, that will allow them to broadcast real-time insight into Facebook activity around a given event. The news organizations can also broadcast Facebook user comments made publicly on the social network.

Twitter has, for the last several years, aimed at becoming the go-to zeitgeist for a particular event or topic. … Read more

The online spread of rumors deemed too dangerous for China

China's government on Monday made one thing clear to its citizens: spreading rumors online won't be tolerated.

The country's top court on Monday interpreted a law on how the spread of so-called "online rumors" should be handled by China's lawmakers. According to Reuters, which obtained a copy of that interpretation, if a particular rumor is posted to a Web page that has 5,000 or more visits or is reported on social-networking sites more than 500 times, the person publishing the rumor could face up to three years in jail.

China has for years … Read more

Linksys turns Wi-Fi up a notch with Smart Wi-Fi EA6900 router

Linksys introduced today at IFA 2013 the latest in its Smart Wi-Fi EA series of home networking devices, the EA6900 true dual-band router.

The new device's marketing name is Linksys Smart Wi-Fi AC1900 router, and the AC1900 hints that it offers a combined speed on both its 2.4GHz and 5GHz frequency bands of up to 1,900Mbps. More specifically, on the 5GHz band, the router offers up to 1,300Mbps when used with 802.11ac-enabled clients, and on the 2.4GHz band it offers up to 600Mbps to supported 802.11n clients.

While the speed of 802.11ac … Read more

Boingo kicks off hot spot to simplify wireless connections

Boingo has gone live with a hot spot that aims to take the hassle out of connecting to wireless networks.

The Wi-Fi provider announced Thursday the launch of its next-generation hot spot at Chicago's O'Hare International Airport. Dubbed Boingo Passpoint, the new hot spot promises a variety of benefits to mobile users.

Courtesy of roaming agreements between different carriers, you'll be able to seamlessly switch between a cellular and a Wi-Fi network. Your mobile device also will pick up the closest secure Wi-Fi network and automatically connect you without requiring a username or password.

Boingo Passpoint is … Read more

Facebook prompts users to create shared photo albums

Facebook has created its own rendition of the friend and family slideshow. The social network unveiled a new feature on Monday that lets a number of users contribute photographs to one single album.

Aptly called "shared albums," this feature is especially helpful to those who want to show photos from a recent family vacation, group camping trip, wedding, or another people-filled event. Before today, Facebook users could only upload photos to albums they created on their own profiles.

To get started on shared albums, a central user can create an album and then add Facebook friends as contributors. … Read more

Miley Cyrus at MTV VMAs all the rage on Twitter

Pop star Miley Cyrus was a hot topic on Twitter following her controversial MTV Video Music Awards performance on Sunday night.

According to new data from Twitter, Miley Cyrus' performance with Robin Thicke at the VMAs triggered 306,100 tweets per minute. For comparison, Justin Timberlake's performance during the award show registered nearly 220,000 tweets per minute. Drake's performance was close behind with 194,500 tweets per minute.

Similarly, Cyrus, who performed in what is being called a "suggestive" way, was mentioned 4.5 million times last night on Twitter. Timberlake and Lady Gaga followed … Read more

Review: Android Network Booster slams you with ads

Android Network Booster occasionally speeds things up by reconnecting to the fastest cell tower available, but it slams you with ads. This app seems to be just a ploy to make quick cash from advertisements.

Android Network Booster claims to make your cellular network faster by providing you with the best network signal. When you use it, it will briefly turn your 3G/4G off and back on to make it seem like it's doing something. However, after multiple speed tests, it only seemed to raise speed one time, taking our 3G from about 500kbps to 600. Most network … Read more