Researcher: Apple developer site hack? I meant no harm

Ibrahim Balic thinks he may be the intruder identified by Apple in an attack against its developer site but says he had no malicious intent.

Apple reported Sunday that an "intruder" tried to gain access to developer data last week, prompting the company to take down its Developer Center Web site. The general developer Web site is accessible as always, but the actual Developer Center sites for iOS and OS X remain offline.

No names have been revealed in the alleged security breach, but security researcher Ibrahim Balic pinned the blame on himself, claiming that he was merely … Read more

The 404 1,299: Where we disrupt your transmission (podcast)

Leaked from today's 404 episode:

- Did Florida just ban all smartphones and laptops?

- Google interns are terrorizing their neighbors at a San Jose apartment complex.

- We interrupt this program to warn that the Emergency Alert System is hackable.

- Tumblr hugs its stuffed animals in support of a lost best friend.… Read more

EU increases penalties for cybercriminals and hackers

The European Union has decided to raise prison sentences for people found guilty of hacking, data breaches, and cyberattacks.

Lawmakers from the 28 nations in the EU decided Thursday, in a 541-91 vote, to assign harsher penalties for various cybercrimes, according to Reuters. Included in the increased prison sentences are at least two years for illegally accessing information systems and at least five years for cyberattacks against infrastructure, such as power plants, water systems, and transportation networks.

The lawmakers agreed that the most egregious crimes are those that breach the countries' infrastructure networks and the theft of sensitive data from … Read more

Falcon Pro updated with workaround for Twitter tokens

Falcon Pro is a popular Twitter client for Android users. So popular, in fact, it's reached the 100,000-user (or token) limit implemented by Twitter on two separate occasions. The first time the developer, Joaquim Verges, reset the tokens, thus disabling the pirated copies that were a large part of the reason the limit was hit.

The second attempt at resetting the key resulted in Twitter disabling any new users from using the app. Not everyone was able to reauthorize the app after the second token reset before Twitter took action. It wasn't (still isn't) a good … Read more

Ubisoft hacked; users' e-mails and passwords exposed

Anyone that has an account with video game developer Ubisoft is being advised to change their password immediately. The game maker announced Tuesday that its user account database was breached by hackers who gained access to user names, e-mail addresses, and encrypted passwords.

"We recently discovered that one of our Web sites was exploited to gain unauthorized access to some of our online systems," Ubisoft wrote in a statement. "During this process, we learned that data had been illegally accessed from our account database."

The game maker emphasized that the company doesn't store personal payment … Read more

AT&T iPad hacker appeals conviction

A security researcher who was convicted of accessing a non-password protected portion of AT&T's Web site and sentenced to more than three years in prison has appealed his conviction.

Andrew Auernheimer, who goes by the nickname "Weev," was convicted by a federal jury last year of hacking and sentenced to 41 months in prison for exploiting a security hole on AT&T's servers to obtain the e-mail addresses of more than 100,000 iPad users.

Auernheimer and co-defendant Daniel Spitler were arrested and charged in January 2011 after they created a script to … Read more

South Korean Web sites hit by hackers

South Korea has suffered its latest cyberattack, and one that marked the 63rd anniversary of the start of the Korean War.

The country's science ministry said that multiple government and private sites were hit in Tuesday's hacking, the Associated Press has reported. Included in the attack were the site for the country's presidential Blue House and several media servers.

The South Korean government said that it's investigating further and has urged officials and citizens to secure their computer systems, the AP added.

No potential suspects were named in the attack. But North Korea would likely top … Read more

Yahoo: Don't fret about hack attacks on recycled user IDs

Yahoo's plan to recycle old user IDs has prompted some concern among security experts who fear hackers could take advantage. But Yahoo says their fears are unfounded.

Speaking to Reuters in an interview published on Thursday, Yahoo senior director for consumer platforms, Dylan Casey, said that he's "aware" of the concerns over identity theft, but his company has "gone through a bunch of different steps to mitigate that concern."

Yahoo announced last week that it's resetting all user IDs that have been inactive over the last 12 months starting in July. The company … Read more

Angelina Jolie's stunt double sues News Corp. for alleged hacking

There has long been a tendency for some media to publish all the news that's fit to be found out through any means possible.

One of those means is the hacking of voice mails. Indeed, News Corp. has settled hundreds of claims from famous people and those temporarily in the news for reasons that might be as sad as they might be trifling.

Now a woman who stood in for Angelina Jolie in dangerous times (but not in sex scenes with Brad Pitt in "Mr. and Mrs. Smith") says that her voice mails were allegedly hacked too.… Read more

NSA whistleblower: U.S has been hacking into China, Hong Kong

The U.S. government had been hacking into computers in Hong Kong and China for years, says NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden.

The former CIA employee stirred up a hornet's nest recently when he leaked details about PRISM, a National Security Agency program that collects certain user information from Internet companies and phone service providers in an effort to track down terrorists.

In an interview with the South China Morning Post, Snowden said that PRISM actually extends to people and institutions in Hong Kong and mainland China. The NSA itself has been hacking into computers in Hong Kong and China … Read more