Intel and McAfee join forces, the Counting Crows talk apps, and Firefox revs to v21

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Top Download News and Features

Mozilla Firefox updates to version 21 with a new Health Report and additional Do Not … Read more

Mozilla Firefox's Social API just added more friends

Mozilla Firefox maintains its position among the top browsers, while continuing to boast its signature full-featured and open browsing experience. Though it might not have been the pioneer of such concepts like tabbed browsing, it was a catalyst for bringing the concept to mainstream audiences. These features are complemented by an impressive library of over 10,000 extensions that add even more functionality and value to users, thanks to its robust browser. The more recent releases have brought significant improvements to managing memory usage, and Firefox's private-browsing features have gotten more advanced, as well.

Firefox has also ramped up … Read more

Firefox 21 adds a new Health Report

The stable channel of Firefox 21 (Windows, Mac, Android, Linux) released today, adding a few notable new features such as an expanded social API and further Do Not Track options for customizing privacy settings, along with a new Firefox Health Report feature.

The Health Report is an additional "About protocol" link for Firefox that is available by typing "about:healthreport" into the Firefox address bar or as a drop-down selection under the the "Firefox > Help" menu.

The Health Report itself aims to provide a graphical representation your browser's performance, replete with average … Read more

Do Not Track fine-tuning in Firefox 21

A more granular approach to how Firefox has implemented the controversial "Do Not Track" setting leads off the changes to Firefox 21, which updated on Tuesday. Also in the browser is support for more social networks including MSN Now and a "Firefox Health Report."

More options for the Social API, which debuted at the end of last year with Facebook Messenger integration, allows Firefox 21 (download for Windows | Mac | Linux) to work with MSN Now, Cliqz, China's Weibo, and the Japan-only Mixi. While there's no doubt that they're not even on a scale … Read more

Waste less time on YouTube with Videos

We've all been there. During a productive morning at work, you innocently click on a YouTube link for a quick break. (After all, short breaks are good for productivity.) The next thing you know, however, you've wasted a good chunk of time, going from one related video to the next or scrolling through page after page of comments.

With the Videos for YouTube browser extension (for Chrome, Firefox, or Safari; there's also an iOS app), you can strip out all of YouTube's distractions. You may not want this setup on your home PC, but … Read more

Geeksphone Keon deep dive: A Firefox phone in the making

Short, compact, and screaming orange, the Firefox OS-based Geeksphone Keon is equal parts intriguing, frustrating, and perplexing. But it isn't your typical smartphone.

Instead, the Keon is a developer preview device that's been created to fulfill a specific need as a testing bed for the nascent Firefox mobile operating system, itself in deep development.

Reviewers rarely get a chance to become so intimate with a preproduction handset running experimental software -- the thought of exposing unfinished products in states of vulnerable development tends to make phone makers and software smiths squeamish. But this is Mozilla, the champion of … Read more

Mozilla offers developers phones to write Firefox OS apps

Mozilla has a deal for programmers: We'll supply the phones if you supply the apps.

In an effort to ensure there will be good Firefox OS apps in the Firefox Marketplace, Mozilla is offering developer phones to programmers who have compelling ideas for software. In a blog post Thursday, Mozilla employee Havi Hoffman tried to drum up interest:

If you can show you've got a great app idea and the skill to build it, we'd love to see your apps in the Marketplace when the Firefox OS launch begins later this summer. And to sweeten the deal, … Read more

Let Firefox understand your mistyped URLs

Are typos slowing down you and your Web-surfing ways? If you are typo king or queen, give Nbar a whirl. It uses fuzzy string matching to guess the meaning behind incorrectly entered URLs in Firefox. For example, if you enter "hugg" in Firefox's URL bar (aka the Awesomebar), the extension will suggest The Huffington Post, should that be a site in your history.

The extension does not require a restart and provides two settings. The first, Search threshold, controls how many suggestions will appear in the drop-down menu as you type. The second, Word distance, adjusts the … Read more

Open private Firefox window in existing private window

The reuse-and-recycle mantra can be extended to Firefox windows, in an effort to create less pollution on your desktop. With the Open in Private Window extension, you can reuse an existing private browsing window instead of Firefox's default of opening a new private window.

After installing the extension and restarting Firefox, the browser will no longer open a new private window if such a window is already open. Instead of launching a new one, it merely calls up the private window you already have open. Sure, it would be nice if the extension would open a new tab in … Read more

Open private tabs with Firefox extension

If left to its own devices, Firefox lets you open a private window for Web browsing on the sly, but the browser does not extend such functionality to new tabs in your current window. If such flexibility sounds appealing, then the Private Tab extension for Firefox is just thing for you.

The extension couldn't be easier to use, though you'll need to be running the latest version (20.0) of Firefox for it to work. Private Tab doesn't require a restart and simply installs a new menu item on Firefox's File menu (on a Mac, anyway).… Read more