Paper and the craft of securing Facebook's future

Facebook will enter its second decade by starting over entirely.

The new beginning comes courtesy of Paper, a standalone iPhone application for reading and writing the news, which arrived on February 3, the eve of Facebook's 10-year anniversary.

Metaphorically, Paper is the 2014 version of Facebook, unencumbered by the rigid walls erected over the past 10 years, yet supported by the foundation of 1.23 billion people.

More literally, Paper presents News Feed's standbys -- photos, videos, and articles -- in new formats designed for enjoyment on smartphones. The app also comes with newspaper-like sections such as sports, … Read more

Facebook unwraps Paper news reader app

CNET Update needs a Facebook app to manage all the Facebook apps:

In this episode of Update:

- Learn what Lenovo buying Motorola means for Google. Dive deeper with analysis on how it changes things for Lenovo and Samsung.

- Digest a blend of status updates and articles from Paper, Facebook's news reader app. (And along with Messenger and Instagram, there are more Facebook apps to come.)

- Get the first look at the PlayStation Vita Slim, coming to the UK on Feb. 7.

- Taste a sample of SwiftKey's keyboard on iOS with the note-taking app SwiftKey Note. … Read more

Time for Marissa Mayer to phone Mark Zuckerberg for a chat?

Yahoo and Facebook both announced earnings this week. For Facebook, it was a victory lap. For Yahoo, not so much.

And the key difference between the two companies centers around mobile: Mark Zuckerberg's figured it out at Facebook, while this remains the proverbial work in progress at Yahoo. So maybe CEO Marissa Mayer should look to the social network for guidance.

A year ago, suggesting that anyone look to Facebook as a mobile role model would have been met with a laugh. But oh what a difference a year makes. Both tech giants beat Wall Street's forecasts, but … Read more

Zuckerberg outlines Facebook's ambitious 10-year plan

The social network that yearns to connect the entire planet seems to be connecting with users, advertisers, and investors -- and its CEO wants to keep it that way as we move further into the new millennium.

More than 1.23 billion humans are now active on Facebook each month, with the company up 16 percent year-over-year in monthly average users and 22 percent in daily active users.

The money is flowing as well. Advertising revenue grew 65 percent in Facebook's four core geographic regions year-over-year in the fourth quarter. While total advertising impressions declined 8 percent in Q4 … Read more

With Paper, Facebook campaigns for coolness

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg can publicly assert that he's absolutely A-OK with his social network merely being a routine function of our daily lives as opposed to something we seek out for pleasure. But, as the old adage goes, actions speak louder than words.

If we're listening to Zuckerberg's actions, the message is clear: Facebook is desperate to work its way back into the cool crowd.

Thursday, the social network announced Paper, an iPhone-only application arriving February 3 and offering mobile audiences a derivative experience to the social network's status quo. The application, a product of … Read more

Facebook shares soar on solid 2013 financial results

Facebook has hit a new high on Thursday after posting better-than-expected results during the fourth quarter of 2013.

In early trading on Thursday, Facebook shares jumped to $62.28, a new 52-week high for the company's shares. As of this writing, Facebook's stock has cooled off a bit to $61.19 -- a 14 percent gain.

The strong showing this morning is largely the result of Facebook's strong performance last year. Facebook said Wednesday that it generated $7.9 billion revenue last year, up from the $5.1 billion the company tallied in 2012. Facebook also grew its profitsRead more

Facebook serves up Paper, a Flipboard-like reader app

Facebook on Thursday unveiled Paper, a Flipboard-like reader app, as it continues to broaden its mobile offerings.

Paper is made up of stories and themed sections, tying together your News Feed with other themes and topics ranging from sports to food, with stories from publications. It will be available in the US on Feb. 3 for iPhone users.

Paper is just the latest step in Facebook's strategy to push more into the mobile world. Beyond its core Facebook app and the Instagram photo-sharing service, it has steadily launched mobile products such as its Messenger app. During its earnings conference … Read more

Prince drops $22M copyright suit against Facebook fans

The pop artist Prince is known for getting sue-crazy when it comes to copyright infringement of his work, but when he filed a $22 million lawsuit against some of his die-hard fans, it seemed he might have gone too far. Apparently, the artist has now dropped the suit, according to TMZ.

Prince originally filed the lawsuit in the Northern District of California on January 16 against 22 fans. He alleged that they linked to bootleg recordings of his concerts on Facebook and Google's Blogger platform and that each of them owed him $1 million for posting copyrighted material without … Read more

Facebook Graph Search launching 'pretty soon' on mobile

Facebook is finally closing in on the mobile launch of Graph Search, CEO Mark Zuckerberg said Wednesday. The news comes more than a year after the company trotted out Graph Search as a radical new way to search for people, places, photos, and interests on the social network's Web site.

The chief of the world's largest social network, now with more than 1.23 billion monthly active users, made the better-late-than-never revelation during the company's fourth-quarter earnings call with analysts.

"Pretty soon, I think, you should expect us to roll out the mobile version of this,&… Read more

Facebook's Zuckerberg: Standalone apps are the plan

Looks like Instagram is the gift that keeps on giving.

Buying the photo sharing service in 2012 for a billion dollars before going public jump started Facebook's transition into mobile, and now, it will be a model for a new direction at Facebook: standalone apps.

The company seeks to build new mobile app offerings that will keep users plugged into Facebook properties. "Our theory is that there are all these different ways people want to communicate," Zuckerberg said, on a conference call with analysts on Wednesday to discuss fourth-quarter earnings. He continued that the goal is to &… Read more