HTC brings One Developer Edition to America

If you live in America and are passionate about HTC smartphones, the company has a treat in store. HTC just announced via its official blog a special Developer Edition of its hotly anticipated HTC One flagship handset. The device costs an unsubsidized $649 and will ship only to buyers with U.S. ZIP codes. … Read more

Facebook announces three-city Mobile DevCon 2013

Facebook has revealed details about Mobile DevCon 2013, a trio of events this spring, in three of the largest cities on the planet, that's intended to connect Facebook engineers, product managers, and "like-minded mobile developers."

The Mobile Developer Conference series will kick off in New York City on April 18, followed by a stop in London on May 2, and then concluding in Seoul on May 7.

Noting that there are more than 680 million active users on mobile, Facebook reasserted that it has been focused on improving mobile offerings over the last year, citing improvements across … Read more

Microsoft offers Kinect code samples under open source

Microsoft is continuing a push to turn its Kinect motion-sensing game controller into a natural user-interface device for PCs, by sharing samples of the Kinect for Windows code under an open source license.

The idea is to give developers the opportunity to reuse the code and help Microsoft figure out how to improve it, Ben Lower, Kinect for Windows developer community manager, wrote in a blog post last week.

The company has posted 22 samples -- including code for face tracking, its skeletal viewer, and slideshow gestures -- in C#, C++, and Visual Basic. The code is available under an … Read more

App developers challenged by number of different devices

Consumers may be thrown by all the different mobile devices on the market. But app developers face an even thornier problem.

Creating software for the mobile landscape has become harder as the sheer number of different devices has grown.

The number of major operating systems might be limited -- Apple's iOS, Google's Android, Microsoft's Windows Phone, BlackBerry. But each OS can be home to dozens or hundreds of different phones and tablets, especially in the Android arena.

Developers who want to write for 90 percent of all active devices would need to support 331 different models, according … Read more

The 404 1,211: Where we're down with GDC (podcast)

Leaked from today's 404 episode:

- A what, where, and why primer on the Game Developer's Conference from guests Meggan Scavio and Simon Carless.

- The 15th annual Independent Games Festival opens its Audience Award voting window, now through March 1.

- Nominations open for 2013 Game Developers Choice Awards.

- Unity Engine coming to BlackBerry 10 smartphones, BlackBerry PlayBook.… Read more

Apple has paid $8B to developers, Cook says

The amount of money Apple has paid to developers continues to soar, with the company having already distributed $8 billion to app makers, Apple Chief Executive Tim Cook said today.

Cook, speaking during a Goldman Sachs conference, said Apple has "enormous momentum" in the smartphone market, and a big reason for that is the ecosystem around the company's devices.

"We built an ecosystem that is the best customer experience on the planet," Cook said.

The $8 billion compares to Apple's comments in January that the developers had made more than $7 billion from Apple'… Read more

Amazon to mint virtual coins for Kindle Fire users

Come May, Kindle Fires users can pocket virtual coins to spend on their favorite apps.

Announced today, Amazon Coins is a new type of virtual currency developed by the retail giant. The coins will be used to purchase Kindle Fire games, apps, and in-app items from the Amazon Appstore.

To kick off the currency in May, Amazon will offer shoppers tens of millions of dollars of free Amazon Coins to spend on Kindle Fire apps. The company will also let customers buy more coins directly through their Amazon accounts.

Amazon sees the currency as a boon for developers, as it … Read more

Microsoft to developers: This is the 'modern.IE' world

In case you weren't sure, Microsoft wants you to really, really understand that Internet Explorer 10 isn't just any old update to the much-maligned browser. The latest example: "modern.IE," a set of tools to help Web developers that the company announced today.

"It's still too hard to test sites across the different OSes and browsers," Ryan Gavin, Internet Explorer's general manager, said in a phone interview with CNET yesterday. "On our part, we can encourage best practices. We know we can do better here, so we're providing the tools … Read more

Meet the man who would make BlackBerry apps cool

LAS VEGAS -- Alec Saunders needed a little bait.

Soon after Saunders took over the developer relations team, he asked Research In Motion's then co-CEO Mike Lazaridis in October 2011 for 25,000 BlackBerry PlayBook tablets. When Lazaridis asked why, Saunders said he intended to give them away.

"His jaw just dropped to the floor," Saunders told CNET. "He stood there flabbergasted."

Lazaridis ultimately agreed, and Saunders began giving PlayBooks out to developers. He followed that up by giving away more than 8,000 units of RIM's Dev Alpha devices, which ran an early … Read more

Facebook: Here's why we're blocking some apps

After taking heat for shutting off some apps' access to friend-finding data, Facebook says it's just protecting its assets.

The social network published a blog entry today, explaining that it's changed its policies to clarify this stance. Facebook didn't respond to press inquiries yesterday about why it had shut off access to its application programming interface, or API, for a number of apps. Access to the API allows developers to add features like Facebook logins and Facebook friend searches.

Facebook's director of platform partnerships and operations, Justin Osofsky, wrote in the blog that the company has … Read more