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Hackers release source code for Symantec's PCAnywhere

A group of hackers has released the source code for Symantec's PCAnywhere product.

The public release of the code yesterday came as no surprise as the hackers had been threatening such an action in a series of e-mail negotiations with what they thought were representatives of Symantec. The group, known as Yamatough but operating under the umbrella of Anonymous, had been demanding a $50,000 payoff from Symantec to keep the source code private.

Yamatough was actually negotiating with law enforcement officials posing as Symantec representatives in an attempt to draw out the group. But a "spokesperson" … Read more

Hackers threaten to release Symantec source code Tuesday

Hackers thought to have stolen source code from the Symantec's extended network have threatened to release the source code for Norton Antivirus on Tuesday, but the company says such a release poses no threat.

The hackers, who call themselves "Yama Tough" and employ the "Anonymous" mask in its Twitter avatar, said in a tweet Saturday that they would release the 1.7GB source code on Tuesday. "The rest will follow...," they added.

Several reports surfaced earlier this month that hackers had managed to access the source code for certain Symantec products. Symantec identified … Read more

That stolen Symantec source code? It's for older enterprise products

Symantec source code that was recently lifted by hackers is from two old enterprise products unrelated to the company's current consumer software, according to the antivirus vendor.

On Thursday, several reports surfaced that hackers had managed to access source code from certain Symantec products. But the exact products and their version numbers were initially unknown.

In an e-mail to CNET today, Symantec spokesman Cris Paden said that the two products in question are Symantec Endpoint Protection (SEP) 11.0 and Symantec Antivirus 10.2. Currently at version 12, SEP 11 is 4 years old but is still supported, while … Read more

Chrome preps psychic powers, security changes

Google is preparing some important changes to Chrome's browsing behavior, with predictive powers and better download scanning protocol landing in the latest beta update.

Released today, Google Chrome 17 beta for Windows, Mac, Linux, and Chrome Frame.

Of the multiple improvements and fixes noted in Google's Chrome 17 beta changelog, these two have the potential to affect users the most. The change in security behavior expands Chrome's safe browsing technology to scan not only Web sites visited, but downloads as well. It will analyze installation files downloaded with the browser, starting with Windows-based EXE and MSI. Google … Read more

How to scan files with multiple antivirus apps all at once

Ensure your files are safe by scanning them with multiple antivirus programs all at once.

Antivirus programs work in a similar way to the human immune system--unfortunately it is necessary to get sick before you can become immune. Luckily, in the case of antivirus software, YOU (or your computer) doesn't have to be the first one to get infected. It's the job of someone else to identify harmful code and tell the software how to detect it. What this means in the grand scheme of things is that when new malware and viruses begin circulating, it might be … Read more

Microsoft's new Windows Defender tool runs outside Windows

Microsoft is launching a new version of its Windows Defender antivirus tool that will run before Windows even boots up.

Making its debut as a publicly available beta, the new Windows Defender is designed to run directly off a CD, DVD, or USB flash drive to scan your PC outside of Windows. As such, its aim is to detect rootkit viruses and other malware that can infect your computer during the boot process.

You first need to install the software on a recordable disc or USB stick. You can then use that disc or device to boot up any PC … Read more

Virus protection to go with ClamWin Portable

Dilbert, the technoverse's personal hero, treats other users' USB drives like rats carrying fleas infected with bubonic plague. We sympathize: you don't know where that thing has been and what it might be carrying. The same is true if you carry a USB drive with important (maybe life-saving) data; you may be 100 percent sure your flash drive is virus-free, but can you say the same thing about the PCs you plug it into? No, and that's why you should have ClamWin Portable on your USB drive, CF card, or other high-capacity media. ClamWin Portable is the … Read more

Rising Antivirus Free Edition doesn't quite make it

Never heard of Rising Antivirus? It's China's largest antivirus software company. By some estimates, it's used by half of all Chinese home computer users, who numbered more than 100 million and growing in the last count. Rising is offering a free antivirus package to compete with established freeware options in the global market. Rising Antivirus Free Edition also offers defense against Trojans, worms, and other malware; protection for USB drives; and e-mail, browser, and system monitoring and protection. It requires a Captcha to uninstall.

Rising Antivirus can be installed and set up quickly a reboot, and its … Read more

Microsoft rolls out public beta for latest Security Essentials

Microsoft has launched a public beta for the new version of its Security Essentials software for anyone to download and test drive.

The software is available free through a "download now" link for the beta on the Security Essentials Web site. But getting to the file itself requires a bit of a trek. Clicking on the link brings you to a Microsoft Connect page where you need to log in with a Windows Live ID and password.

You'll then see a page describing the features in the new beta along with the system requirements and installation instructions. … Read more

Got a new PC? Get a perfect starter kit - now 83% off

Just in time for the holidays, CNET has partnered with top consumer software publishers to offer an exclusive bundle of six products worth $177.88 for just $30! That's a 83% discount on the leading anti-virus, system care, PDF creator, compression and remote access software.

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Avira Antivirus Premium 2012 - Protect your computer against viruses, malware, adware, spyware, and phishing: reg.$29.99 Smith Micro … Read more