Take scheduled mini-exercise breaks with FitBolt

I keep hand exercisers on my desk and barbells under it. But how often do I use these exercise instruments in a given week? Somewhere between "seldom" and "never." Luckily, I work from home and have a young, energetic dog, and a small, fence-less yard. One of the many things I enjoy about my dog is her insistence on going outside multiple times a day for walks in the park.

If your job requires you to spend long stretches at a desk and you don't have a dog in the office to get you out … Read more

How to delete and pause your YouTube watch history

It seems that with its recent Google+ update, YouTube has taken its finger off of the pause button on your watch history. YouTube tracks the videos you watch, providing a convenient list should you want to return to a video you vaguely recall watching in the past. If you had this feature paused before YouTube's update this month, your watch history is once again rolling.

Your watch history is viewable only from your account, but that doesn't mean a friend using your computer couldn't accidentally discover your LOLcats obsession. Thus, now is a good time to review … Read more

How to find the best price on the e-book you want

Suppose someone recommends a book, like I'm about to do. "Oh, hey, you gotta read Mitchell Zuckoff's 'Frozen in Time.' Total page-turner. Couldn't put it down."

Because you're a smart shopper, you know that different e-book sellers often have different prices. But short of going from one Web site to another (or, if you're a smartphone or tablet user, one app to another), how can you find the best deal on that particular title?

Actually, all you need to do is visit one site. Here's the easy way to score the lowest … Read more

Add to-do list, weather, and pretty backgrounds to Chrome's new tab page

I could do without the heavenly wallpaper and inspirational quotes, but Chrome extension Momentum does add a couple of useful items to Chrome's new tab page.

The first time you open a new tab after installing Momentum, the extension will greet you with a celestial image and ask for your name. After that, it'll greet you by name and a rotating cast of inspirational wallpaper images. An inspirational quote rotates at the bottom of the page. Above its personal greeting Momentum displays the time and below the greeting it asks you to enter your main focus for the … Read more

The private information Facebook now makes public

You may have been one of the many Facebook users contacted by the company last week about the demise of the "Who can look up your Timeline by name" search setting. The Facebook e-mail announcing the discontinuation of the feature goes on to explain how to limit what information you share on the service. Unfortunately, there's no longer a way to limit globally the personal information Facebook shares with everyone; you can do so only for each separate post using the audience selector.

The Facebook Help Center states the following:

"Your name, gender, username, user ID (… Read more

Open pages in Chrome as panels with PIP Viewer extension

You can juggle multiple tabs in Chrome, and you can juggle multiple windows. With Chrome extension Picture in Picture Viewer, you gain a third option: the ability to open a Web page as a Chrome panel. It's a great way to dock your Facebook news feed, Twitter feed, or a YouTube video, whether you are keeping an eye on a TED talk or a Cleveland Browns game from the mid-1980's when Bernie Kosar was at the height of his powers.

When the Picture in Picture Viewer extension installs, it places a button to the right of Chrome's … Read more

How to opt out of Google's 'smarter caller ID'

Making the rounds today is a report detailing Google's plans to use your verified phone number to display your name and Google+ profile photo as your caller ID. The feature comes as part of Android 4.4 KitKat's smarter caller ID, where it will display business names when a business calls you, should you not have the number stored in your address book.

The plan is to expand beyond businesses and to individuals in early 2014. After the feature is launched, when you call an Android user (running Android 4.4 KitKat) who doesn't have your number … Read more

Copy another user's YouTube playlist with this Web app

On YouTube, a lot of the legwork has already been done for you. There are playlists galore available for seemingly any interest. But if the user whose playlists you've come to rely on deactivates his or her account, deletes the playlist, changes privacy settings, or otherwise disappears from YouTube, you're out of luck. Instead of recreating other users' playlists, there is a handy Web app from Amit Agarwal of Digital Inspirations that lets you copy them to your account.

The app is aptly titled, Copy YouTube Playlists. On its page, click the big blue button to sign into … Read more

How to make Chrome's new tab page look like iOS 7

Apple's new mobile operating system for the iPad and iPhone, iOS 7, has a distinctive look that's easily recognizable. The design isn't for everyone, however, as Jason Parker noticed from comments left in his iOS 7 review. If you do appreciate the new look of iOS 7, there's a Chrome browser extension that might be for you.

The IOS 7 New Tab Page Chrome extension replaces the regular new tab page with an interface that looks just like iOS 7. It comes with a default set of "apps," which are just shortcuts to Web … Read more

How to set up your custom Google+ URL

On Tuesday, shortly after Google concluded its Google+ event, it was revealed the Google+ team was going to start rolling out the option for users to create a custom Google+ URL that points directly to his or her profile.

In order to qualify for a custom URL you'll need to meet three requirements, which I suspect anyone who is using Google+ at all will meet.

You'll need to have a profile photo, at least 10 followers and an account over 30 days old. Simple enough. Google+ pages for both local and non-local organizations will each have to meet different criteriaRead more