Vevo's viewership jumps on TV-like tactics

Fashioning itself in the mold of bygone music video television has been a big part of Vevo's growth, and this year will take the strategy one step further.

The online music video company hit 5.5 billion monthly views in December 2013, according to a viewership report from the company Wednesday. That marks a 46 percent jump from a year earlier, a big acceleration from the roughly 9 percent pace of growth in December 2012.

According to the report, the company's number of videos watched globally through all of 2013 rose to 55 billion, 12.3 billion of … Read more

Researchers build pub to find out why people get hammered

Remember that time when you woke up in the middle of those Ikea playballs? And realized you were in Belgium, instead of Switzerland?

What about that time when you sang the collected works of Wham! to a rapt audience and then woke up with a beer mat stapled to your head?

I want to know why you did it. What propelled you to the sort of excess that made you an object of laughter for at least six months?

Actually, it's not just me who wants to know. It's the researchers at London South Bank University. They, you see, are fascinated with the deeper motivations behind getting plastered beyond control. … Read more

Tell your friends their relationship sucks? Here's an app for that

"I give it 12 months," we say, while sitting in a dusty church pew wearing our oversized hat or only clean suit.

"Oh, I don't know. She's a bit friendly with the best man, if you ask me. Six months at best," someone will mutter, just before singing a love song specially chosen by the newlyweds.

We fancy ourselves as knowing just how long it will take before a happy couple becomes an it's-your-fault-you-lazy-faithless-farm-animal couple. We'd put money on it.

So sing hosannas to a disruptive tyke of an iOS app called ForeverNOT. This entirely helpful social service allows you not only to bet on the potential length of your own friend's relationships, but also those of famously true lovers. … Read more

BioShock studio Irrational Games closing its doors

The studio behind the seminal video game series BioShock is "winding down," series creator and studio co-founder Ken Levine announced Tuesday.

Irrational Games, which developed the original BioShock and its successor BioShock Infinite -- two of the most successful and critically celebrated games of their generation -- will be closing after 17 years so Levine can focus on a "smaller, more entrepreneurial endeavor at Take-Two."

Irrational parent company 2K Games, itself a subsidiary of publisher Take-Two Interactive, will be laying off all but 15 members of the team. Levine has chosen to hand over the BioShock … Read more

Icis: It's like Google Glass, but classy

Picture Larry Page: all nerd, all business. Not a man, one suspects, who worries too much about couture. Now take a look at Laforge Optical CEO and Founder Corey Mack in the video below. There's a little snazz there.

So, it's not surprising that his startup is taking on Google's famed Glass at one of its more vulnerable pressure points: the embarrassment factor.

Although he says he doesn't want to criticize Google Glass too much, as it isn't a finished product, Mack told me: "Our biggest competition is Google Glass but our approach is … Read more

Watch a Boeing 767's landing gear strained to its limits

Whenever a pilot tells me that planes can withstand all kinds of turbulence and lightning strikes, I believe him.

To the level that I believe a politician when he tells me he can change the world.

However, after many years of flying, it's clear that planes are designed to withstand more than a layperson's mind can imagine.

Which is why footage posted to YouTube on Sunday might reassure one or two of the more-nervous flying types.

Here we have a Boeing 767 landing at my hometown airport, Birmingham in the UK.

In the past few weeks, England has … Read more

Huawei sneers at Apple and Samsung (Yes, Huawei)

There seems to be one prerequisite for competing in the phone market: you have to compare yourself to Apple, mock Apple, and generally declare that Apple products are nothing more than store-label caviar.

Huawei has decided that it won't stoop to such things. Instead, it will mock both Apple and Samsung.

In a video posted Sunday to YouTube, the Chinese company wants you to know that it will create revelatory excitement at the upcoming Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

It features a Siri-like character explaining that there will be a beautiful, slim tablet. There will also be a smartphone … Read more

Uncle Sam must intercede in Comcast-Time Warner Cable deal

commentary Comcast proposes to take over Time Warner Cable in a $45 billion deal. It claims the merger would benefit consumers. Nonsense!

One perspective on this is the distinction between conduit and content. Verizon's optical fiber or Comcast's coaxial cable is the conduit over which video, Internet, and telephone services are carried to our homes. The television programs we watch are the video content.

At the local level, there is conduit competition between the cable company (Comcast or Time Warner Cable) and the telephone company (Verizon or AT&T). But there's no competition between Comcast and … Read more

Earth revolves around the sun? 1 in 4 Americans say nope

Please let's be honest about this: knowledge is a dangerous thing.

If everyone knew everything, this would only lead to anarchy.

There are some basics, however, that are always useful when chatting with strangers in bars or going on a blind date with a very attractive scientist.

It helps, for example, to know that the Earth isn't the center of the universe. (There's at least a 30 percent chance that the attractive scientist might be from outer space.)

Not everyone, it seems, is aware that the sun doesn't in fact worship us by circling our planet … Read more

News flash: People rarely read before tweeting stories

Earlier today, one of my CNET colleagues pointed out how many of the comments on a recent story of his clearly reflected that the people leaving them had done so without ever getting beyond the article's headline.

As someone who spends a great deal of time online, that didn't surprise me at all.

Recently, a company that measures online traffic for sites like Upworthy said it has data supporting the idea that many people are so quick to share their thoughts on what they encounter online that they don't even bother to read the story first.

AccordingRead more