Google chief engineer on why a new OS

Google's Chrome OS PC operating system won't be available until the end of 2010, but the company has unveiled some details as it encourages developers to start creating Web-based software for the operating system.

To find out more, and get a feel how Chrome will affect consumers, I spoke with Matthew Papakipos, Google's chief engineer for Chrome OS.

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CNET News Daily Podcast: Meet Chrome OS

Today, Google released the source code for its Chrome OS project and gave the public the first real look at how the new operating system for Netbooks will work. CNET reporter Tom Krazit calls in from Google headquarters to give us the scoop.

Also in today's podcast: a computer glitch at the FAA caused nationwide flight cancellations and delays; Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer says Windows 7 is selling better than any previous version of Windows; and AOL looks to shed about 2,500 workers and its MapQuest division.

Today's stories:

Google releases Chrome OS source code

Computer glitch slows U.S. air travelRead more

Buzz Out Loud Podcast 1110: Apple Tablet is the unicorn of tech

The rumors about the Apple Tablet are getting crazy and special guest Cali Lewis nails it when she calls it a unicorn. We also get the first look at the Google OS, and nobody is very excited about Microsoft Office 2010. Except the one person who never uses it: me. And we get some of the inside scoop behind the FAA outage.

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Liveblog today: Google Chrome OS press conference

Apple Tablet that has never been more … Read more

Google releases Chrome OS source code

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif.--Google has released the source code for its Chrome OS project, as it prepares to show off the lightweight operating system for the first time.

Google has invited much of the technology press to an event here at its Mountain View, Calif., headquarters Thursday morning to demonstrate Chrome OS, which it is developing for Netbooks as a new type of operating system. However, those of you who speak code can get started poking around with the operating system at the Chromium project blog, as spotted by the Google Operating System blog.

Several Google engineers are expected to … Read more

Live blog today: Google Chrome OS press conference

Google is hosting a press event at 10 a.m. PST at its Mountain View, Calif., headquarters to update the world on its plans for world domination via the release of its second operating system (after Android), the Google Chrome OS (FAQ). Google VP Sundar Pichai and Engineering Director Matthew Papakipos will reveal technical details and launch plans, and will have demos. Google will be streaming the announcement.

I'll be in the audience when the event kicks off and will be live-blogging my thoughts on the talk as it happens. Josh Lowensohn will be handling reader feedback during the … Read more

Buzz Out Loud Podcast 1109: In the future we'll all be cats

IBM is working on an artificial brain they think they'll have done by 2019. And we figure once that happens, the robots will rise and we will become your pets. And like cats we'll think that we're in charge. In other news, Modern Warfare 2 beats Harry Potter to a pulp, and Verizon and AT&T are a'courting! Actually they're in court. Being sued.

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Modern Warfare 2 tops entertainment industry, not just games more

Google set to promote Chrome extensions

Google is on the verge of launching a Web site to showcase its extensions to customize what its browser can do.

The company's latest developer preview edition, Chrome, promotes the feature on its opening screen and its new-tab page. "New! Google Chrome now has extensions and bookmark sync," the page reads, offering a link to a site that's not public yet, (Bookmark sync is already available.)

Extensions and support for Mac OS X and Linux are the headline features of Chrome 4.0. It's available as … Read more

Google hosting Chrome OS demo event Thursday

Google appears ready to show off its progress in developing Chrome OS, with plans to host an event Thursday at its headquarters.

Chrome OS, which is expected to launch next year, is Google's project to develop an operating system for Netbooks based on a lightweight browser-like experience. It announced the project to great fanfare in July, but has not had much to say about it since.

Expect that to change Thursday. Google will "show a few demos," according to an invitation distributed to members of the press Tuesday, as well as deliver a presentation from Sundar Pichai, … Read more

Buzz Out Loud Podcast 1106: A tall drink of moon water

Turns out when we blew up the moon a few weeks ago, we found water! Yay! The bottled water companies are presumably planning their trips now. THIS is how we motivate us to get back to the moon! We also hear more from old man Murdoch on blocking Google from indexing his newspapers, and Dell launches a smartphone. Does anybody want it?

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Rupert Murdoch to remove News Corp’s content from Google ‘in months’ more

Multiple updates for Chrome stable and dev

Google has updated the stable build of its Chrome browser with two fixes. Google Chrome plugs a security hole that could have allowed a malicious Web site to set custom HTTP headers on cross-origin options requests. A second bug fixed in version removes a dependency on a Windows library file that was not actually required by Chrome. Earlier versions of Chrome would fail silently if that DLL file was missing or rights-restricted.

The Google Chrome developer's channel also updated Friday. Kiosk mode has been activated on all platforms, although the status … Read more