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Amazon sets Nov. 15 release date for first original TV series

Amazon may be playing catch-up with Netflix on the original content front, but it's taking a different approach to releasing its homegrown TV series.

Amazon Studios -- the entertainment production arm of the e-commerce giant -- said Monday it will release the first three episodes of TV series "Alpha House" on November 15 and the same for "Betas" a week later. To see the remaining eight episodes, however, customers must sign up for an Amazon Prime subscription for $79 a year, which gives them access to Prime Instant Video and free, two-day shipping on many … Read more

Chromecast adds Pandora to short list of apps so far

Pandora is on Chromecast at last, after Google said in July that an app for the Internet's leading radio service was "coming soon."

After Google introduced its $35 Chromecast HDMI dongle (read CNET's review) to easily fling apps like Netflix and Google Play Music onto televisions, Chromecast's life has been marked by feverish consumer interest and a dearth of updates that, combined, give the impression that Google was caught flat-footed.

Many of the indications that Google got ahead of itself when it unveiled Chromecast are flattering to the search giant, even if they were frustrating … Read more

LinkedIn inserts profiles into e-mails

CNET Update needs no introduction:

In this episode of Update:

- Discover LinkedIn's new "Intro" e-mail tool for iPhones, and learn why some may feel uneasy about signing up. LinkedIn is beefing up other mobile apps, too.

- Edit 6-second Vine videos or save several for later with the updated app.

- Save $100 off the original Surface Pro. Microsoft drops the price since the new Pro 2 hit stores. (But you'll still be paying extra for that keyboard cover.)

- Watch your TiVo recorded shows outside the house on an iOS device with the Roamio update. … Read more

TiVo adds downloading, streaming shows to iOS devices

TiVo's latest DVR line, the Roamio, is now a little more functional for mobile users.

The company announced on Thursday that Roamio Pro and Roamio Plus owners can now stream and download their live television and recorded programming to iOS-based devices. The feature works whether they're home or away, but requires a Wi-Fi connection.

TiVo's offering is available to iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch owners running iOS 5.1 or higher. The streaming is available only to one device at a time, according to TiVo.

In addition, TiVo said some copyrighted content might not be available to … Read more

How to add more storage to an iOS device

Apple's iDevices famously -- make that infamously -- rely on fixed storage. If you need more space, well, too bad.

Granted, you can try a utility like PhoneClean, which can reclaim some space, but that gets you only so far. For any kind of significant storage boost, you have little choice but to upgrade to a more capacious iPhone, iPod, or iPad.

Actually, you do have one other option. A growing number of devices give you extra space for music, movies, photos, documents, and other data, and some of them are surprisingly affordable.

I'm talking about wireless card … Read more

Get a Nyrius Songo Bluetooth receiver for $29.96

Some would say I'm easily impressed, because I still get a thrill every time I stream music from my smartphone or tablet to a Bluetooth speaker.

I mean, sure, an FM radio also produces music straight out of thin air, but somehow this is way cooler.

Of course, there are lots of great home stereos, boom boxes, speaker docks, and the like that lack Bluetooth capabilities, meaning you're stuck with (horrors!) wires if you want to play music from your mobile device.

Enter the Bluetooth adapter. Like this one: through Friday, ShopTronics (via Amazon) has the Nyrius Song BR50 Bluetooth receiver for $29.96. … Read more

Apple to live stream today's launch event

Apple will live stream today's launch event, during which the company is expected to unveil the new iPads and a host of other updates.

The stream will air on Apple TVs, according to MacRumors, which said that some of its readers noted the return of the "Apple Events" channel. Apple will also stream the event via its Web site, though you can only view it via Safari 4 or later on a Mac running OS X 10.6 or later or an iOS device running iOS 4.2 or later.

The event will kick off at 10 … Read more

Netflix set to cruise past HBO in subscribers -- analyst

The relationship between HBO and Netflix has been less than cordial, but now the streaming provider may have a leg up.

Netflix may have ended the third quarter with 30 million paid US subscribers, analyst firm Needham & Co. revealed to Bloomberg on Monday. Market researcher SNL Kagan told Bloomberg that HBO ended the quarter with 28.7 million paid US subscribers.

HBO and Netflix have butted heads since the latter started up its streaming service. Netflix had hopes of bringing HBO programming to the service, but HBO has balked at such a move, deciding instead to go with its … Read more

Hulu reportedly eyes Fox TV exec for CEO

Hulu might soon have a new, permanent CEO.

The streaming-video company is currently in talks with Fox Networks Group president of distribution Mike Hopkins to be its next chief executive, Reuters reported on Thursday, citing people who claim to have knowledge of Hulu's plans.

Hulu, which is owned by Fox, Walt Disney Co., and Comcast, has been searching for a new chief executive since earlier this year when former CEO Jason Kilar announced his resignation. Andy Forssell has been filling in for Hulu as its interim CEO until a replacement is named.

Hulu declined CNET's request for comment.… Read more

Grant iCloud Photo Stream subscribers posting privileges in iOS 7

When shared iCloud Photo Stream albums first launched on iOS, they were a one-way street. Only the person who created the album and invited others to view it could add photos to the stream.

During the iOS 7 announcement last June, it was briefly mentioned that shared iCloud Photo Streams would soon have the ability for both the creator and the subscribers to contribute to the same album.

Fast forward to the release of iOS 7 and the revamped iCloud Photo Stream service, which now also allows for video uploads, and it's not far-fetched to assume subscribers are automatically … Read more