Get an 8-inch Wi-Fi photo frame for $59 shipped

I'm a big fan of revolving photo frames. I mean, why stare at the same old picture when you can see a different one every time you walk by?

Thursday only, Dell has the ViewSonic VFP838-11 8-inch photo frame for just $59 shipped. I've seen similar frames for less, but not with the one feature I covet most: Wi-Fi.

Using your home network, the VFP838-11 can wirelessly connect to online photo-sharing sites like Flickr and Picasa. It also supports custom RSS feeds through a service called FrameChannel, which serves up things like weather, sports scores, and Facebook and … Read more

Early Edition: The iPad's best news reader?

When people ask me how I like my new iPad and what I'm using it for, I answer as follows: "I like it, and I'm using it mostly for reading."

Not books--I still rely mostly on my iPhone for that--but news. As a news reader (and surrogate newspaper), the iPad rocks.

And for actually doing the reading, one of my favorite iPad apps so far is The Early Edition. (A big, big shout-out to reader Hanoveur, who recommended it when I asked which iPad apps I should install first.)

In a nutshell, The Early Edition aggregates your favorites news sources and presents them in an attractive, familiar-looking newspaper format. It's what happens when high-tech meets old-school.

The app comes with about a dozen news feeds already configured. The default All Feeds view generates your "newspaper" from all these sources, though you can tap any one of them to view just that source. 

As with actual newspaper apps, tapping any story brings it to the fore. However, if the story includes a "read more" page break, you'll get only the first portion. You can tap through to read the entire article, but that takes you to an embedded browser view of the actual Web page, thus killing the newspaper "feel" of the experience.

That's a minor gripe. A bigger one is with The Early Edition's method for adding feeds: You have to enter each RSS link manually. There's no search option, and no way to import feeds from another reader.… Read more

Google tries to make its RSS reader fun, too

I've happily used RSS readers for years, but I'm not only an information junkie, I'm a professional information junkie. But I'm one of those people who sees the technology as appealing to techno-savvy folks rather than the mainstream. It's much easier to type a Web address than to understand and manage Managing Really Simple Syndication and Atom subscriptions.

So I was intrigued to see a Google Labs effort called Google Reader Play that in my opinion succeeds, at least partially, in making this technology more approachable. It wraps the reader experience in a full-screen view … Read more

MacFixIt Answers

MacFixIt Answers is a feature from MacFixIt in which we answer questions e-mailed to us by our readers. We have been getting regular contacts and questions from our readers, and we hope to share our correspondence so everyone may benefit from and contribute to them. This week we have questions about MobileMe synchronization errors, video resolution problems at boot-up, finding RSS URLs in Mail, booting to Safe Mode in Boot Camp, and missing items on the Desktop.… Read more

Syndication siphon

We have to preface this review by saying that RSS Content Generator Premier exists in what we consider to be an ethical gray area. We believe that if you want to improve your Web site's search engine ranking or increase its traffic, the way to do this is to provide high-quality, original content. But if you're too lazy and uncreative to do this, you can use a program like RSS Content Generator Premier to steal content from other Web sites instead.

OK, so maybe it's not technically stealing. RSS feeds exist, after all, for the purpose of … Read more

Light and quick downloading

Small enough to run off a USB key, but powerful enough to download any torrent in a jiffy (if it's got enough seeders), uTorrent 2.0 is easy on the eyes and smart on your network. The memory footprint for uTorrent is very small, and system resources are barely touched. While you're torrenting, you shouldn't be surprised to find that other programs that use your Internet connection slow down, but the latest version of uTorrent has an answer to that. Called uTorrent Protocol, or uTP, it's a built-in throttling that detects network congestion and slows down … Read more

FeedDemon update takes cues from Google

When FeedDemon updated to version 3, it stepped in a snarling nest of controversy because the popular RSS and Atom feed catcher was abandoning its online synchronization Web site in favor of Google Reader. The new FeedDemon 3.1 is a good effort to move beyond that, introducing new multiple new features that mostly bring it into parity with Google Reader.

The two biggest new features include on-the-fly item translation via a translate button on the individual item toolbar. If the item is in a feed that you synchronize with Google Reader, the translation will occur in-line. If the feed … Read more

Feed your news demon

Long thought of as one of the best RSS and Atom feed readers around, FeedDemon 3.1 is a good effort to move beyond some of the controversial changes that were implemented during the upgrade to version 3. This latest update includes multiple new features, although we found that performance hadn't changed much.

FeedDemon has dumped its proprietary online synchronization site,, in favor of syncing with Google Reader. New users won't notice, but older users are likely to lose many unread feeds since Google can't import feeds with more than 10 unread items. Once synced, … Read more

Apple announces iPhone developer news feed

In December, Apple announced via an e-mail sent to all iPhone developers that "iPhone Developer News and Announcements" are now available via RSS feed. The new feed will cover a wide range of topics for developers such as the availability of iTunes Connect, programming tips, documentation updates, developer program updates, app review tracking, etc.

If you want to add it to your favorite news reader, simply click the publicly available Web link.

Get the news your way

NetNewsWire is a serious RSS newsreader, a feature-filled desktop app specifically designed for voracious news consumers who want more RSS features than Safari and Mail provide. Recent updates leave the interface largely unchanged but notably add the ability to sync with the popular Google Reader service, while eliminating NetNewsWire's old NewsGator service.

This app's three-paned, Mail-like interface presents a shallow learning curve, with an intuitive system for flagging, organizing, and reading news feeds--as simple previews or as full articles with NetNewsWire's integrated browser (or you can set articles to open in your preferred browser). The interface supports … Read more