Supreme Court justices don't do e-mail (Trust issues?)

When you sit on high, sometimes it's hard to always grasp what the fuss is down below.

This is surely true if you're a Supreme Court justice. You get cases that seem to be about awfully minor details, such as whether someone called Chad in Florida should be hanged.

Then there are all these new technology cases. I mean, it's like trying to decide which robot has the better parts. Who cares? They're all robots.

It was heartening, therefore, to achieve a small glimpse into the Court's world, courtesy of the youngest justice, 53-year-old Elena … Read more

Google Glass banned at Guantanamo

Strip clubs, bars, prisons. That's where all the fun happens.

Perhaps that's why these establishments are among the first to bounce Google Glass from their sight.

The latest to stand firm in the face of a potential privacy breach by style-free glasses is Guantanamo Bay.

The Glass half-empty exploits of Miami Herald journalist Carol Rosenberg brought this to my attention.

Rosenberg, who is writing about the pretrial hearings of a September 11 trial, has documented her attempts at using Glass at Camp Justice.

For example: "Glass' video captured some forbidden portions of the war court's Expeditionary … Read more

LeBron's Instagram boast makes trouble for police

Stars have always enjoyed special privileges.

The best tables at restaurants, the best tickets to movies, goodness, they might have even shared girlfriends with presidents.

The endearing thing used to be, though, that people only heard about it years later, when someone like Kitty Kelley wrote about it.

These days, stars are just like everyone else. They tweet and they Facebook. They need not merely to show off, but to do it in real time.

They have their phones with them, and they're going to show you how great their life is. Right here, right now.

And so it … Read more

Teen suspect 'likes' his pic on police Facebook page

We just can't resist it when people talk about us, write about us, or post our picture.

It's a validation which, in these socially networked times, we hope will spread far and wide.

True, like swans staring at their own reflection, we might lose our sense of place and propriety.

But I wonder if all of us, on seeing our picture on a police Facebook page, would not merely stare and admire, but actually click on that pesky "Like" button.

Yet this is what 18-year-old Luis Rodriguez is said to have done.

According to CBS Los Angeles, … Read more

Cat-nabbed! Feline DNA helps catch killer

A dog might be a man's best friend.

A cat, not so much.

It's not merely that cats can be mercilessly self-centered beings. It's that their hair might help convict you, should you be accused of a heinous crime.

In what's said to be the first ever case of cat hair helping to catch a U.K. killer, scientists in Britain worked using a cat DNA database to identify cat hair found on a corpse.

As the Associated Press reports, the dismembered torso of David Guy was found stuffed in bag on a beach in July … Read more

Man tweets he needs spliff; police reply 'awesome'

Those who have needs express them in different ways.

But, these days, most of these expressions involve social networking.

If you need to know whether your friends are having a better life than you, you go on Facebook to find out.

If you need to know about your ex's new job, you anonymously search on LinkedIn.

And if you need marijuana to get you through the day, you tweet your desperation and hope that a follower comes through.

This was the choice of Sunith Baheerathan.

A mechanic at a Toronto Mr. Lube, he needed a little something to lubricate … Read more

Teen's Twitter boasts get charges upgraded to murder

Sadly, bragging is a natural impulse.

But as with so many impulses, the more people you brag to, the more exposed you become to unexpected consequences.

18-year-old Cody Hall of Pleasanton, Calif., was arrested after allegedly hitting two cyclists with his car, killing one.

He was said to be going 83 mph in a 40 mph zone.

Initially, he was charged with vehicular manslaughter and reckless driving. However, as the Associated Press reports, prosecutors began to examine his Twitter feed.

There, they allegedly found boasts about his predilection for fast driving. That, and an examination of Hall's less-than-perfect driving … Read more

Dating site offers free divorces

Business is business.

And if you run a site called, you're in the business of bringing the mature and self-confident together with older people who merely act as if they're mature.

SugarDaddie's motto is: "Where the classy, attractive and affluent meet." Yes, it's precisely what the brand name tells you it is.

Sometimes, though, there are obstacles to the classy and attractive meeting the affluent. Pesky things like one party or the other being married. (Usually the affluent one.)

Or that one party goes to bed at 9 o'clock, while the … Read more

Google Street View driver arrested by Thai villagers

You can never be too careful with spies these days.

They could be watching over your shoulder as you type or driving down your street pretending to be delivering parcels. Or, indeed, photographing your house, so that everyone can see it.

One can surely, therefore, sing at least a small hallelujah to the residents of Sa-eab village in northern Thailand who saw a Street View car and whispered: "'Allo, 'allo. What's going on here then?"

Instead of calling on authorities for reassurance, they took the matter into their own hands. They enacted a citizens' arrest and decided … Read more

Tricksters pretend ice cubes in parcels are iPads (plan melts)

For a plan to be successful, it needs good conception, fine execution, and a touch of good fortune.

Please, like judges on "Iron Chef," score the following plan according to these three criteria.

Here's the plan. We'll take some ice cubes. We'll stuff them into parcels. Next, we'll take the parcels to our local post office.

Now here's the clever part. We'll say they're iPads, send them as special delivery and insure them for 2,500 British pounds (almost $4,000). Then we'll say the iPads never got there and … Read more