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Google fighting to stop anti-Glass driving laws, says report

It's not been the finest period for Google Glass.

A product that came with an intelligent launch and inspired much fascination has, unfortunately for Google, allowed some people to also consider its consequences.

Who would want to be secretly filmed in bars or bordellos? Who would want to look like a borg not called Bjorn?

And who would want to allow people to drive while their Google Glass is constantly informing them of the latest about their BFF's night with an alleged Chippendale?

Very early on in the life of Glass, legislators in West Virginia mulled banning driving while Glassing. … Read more

Google's Schmidt: We don't (yet) have a connection inside your brain

When I heard that Google's Eric Schmidt had sat down to chat with a curiously trendy-looking Glenn Beck, I was hoping for questions like: "C'mon, Eric. Are you a commie?"

Instead, what ensued was a conversation about man and machine achieving perfect harmony, something that Lenin spectacularly failed to master.

Some might suspect that, in Google's eyes, such harmony would involve Google being able to control your arm as it reaches to scratch your head.

Schmidt, though, was at pains to put that concept to rest.… Read more

Google's Schmidt to give $1M for tech that improves our world

Google Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt will dole out $1 million to groups using technology to solve world problems.

Schmidt appeared on "CBS This Morning" on Monday to promote his new book "The New Digital Age," co-authored with Jared Cohen, founder and director of Google Ideas. Launched in 2010, Google Ideas was designed by Google to call attention to certain worldwide issues, including counterterrorism, counterradicalization, nonproliferation, and citizen empowerment.

And now Schmidt is putting that money where his mouth his, he said on CBS.

"The book is about the problems. There lots of people working on … Read more

Why the Android-powered Nokia X is great for Microsoft

BARCELONA, Spain -- You would think that Nokia's first Android smartphone would make for the start of a tense relationship with soon-to-be parent Microsoft.

Well, you'd be wrong.

The Nokia X, alongside its brothers the Nokia X+ and the larger Nokia XL, may turn out to be a boon to both companies. The Android phones can be held up as a symbol of Microsoft's continued neutrality, even in the face of the pending acquisition of Nokia's devices business. Nokia, meanwhile, gets an even more competitive budget phone that it can serve up to emerging markets, an … Read more

What if we become as stupid as machines?

I'm told that soon a machine will see to my every need.

Which is a relief, as my needs are many, my time is short, and my tastes are variable and eclectic.

Or will that be the other way around? Will we have to see to machines' every need?

It's hard to tell at the moment. Machines are pestering me to allow them to push things on me -- be it "better" ads or pushy push notifications. They want my address book, all my e-mails, and please, please, can they have my photo album to show … Read more

Google, LG working on smartwatch to be unveiled in June

BARCELONA, Spain--Google and LG are about to jump into the smartwatch game together.

Google is set to unveil plans for its smartwatch-centric operating system in March, likely in a blog post, according to a person familiar with its plans. The actual smartwatch itself will make its debut at its Google I/O conference in June, the person said.

With its smartwatch, Google will employ a Nexus-like model in which it designs the software and controls virtually every aspect of the launch, leaving the hardware details to a partner who takes a backseat in terms of visibility. In this case, LG … Read more

Don't be a techhole: A common sense guide to tech courtesy

This week, Google decided that some people were giving Google Glass such a bad name that it had to release an official guide to good behavior. That got me thinking. There's plenty of bad behavior with tech gadgets and services outside of Glass. Maybe other companies should be offering advice to their users. If so, here are a few pet peeves from me and others that might be worth including.

To make this list, I asked for suggestions from people on Twitter, Facebook and Google+, along with my own. I'm sure there's plenty not covered, so please, … Read more

Gear 2 running Tizen: Smart move for Samsung smartwatch?

BARCELONA, Spain -- Samsung's first move with Tizen may not be big, but it could prove to be pretty savvy.

The Korean electronics giant has been working on Tizen-based smartphones for months, but the first global product to use the open-source Linux operating system won't be a phone. Rather, Samsung on Monday will unveil a new version of its Gear smartwatch that runs the company's Tizen software rather than Google's Android operating system. Introducing Tizen to the masses via Gear may be one of the smartest moves Samsung could make. The reason? Apps.

CNET's full coverage of Mobile World CongressRead more

Man with a vision: Movidius' CEO talks Project Tango (Q&A)

When Google's mobile 3D-mapping effort Project Tango hit the dance floor this week, it did so fueled in large part by the Myriad 1, Movidius' unique computer vision processing chip. CEO Remi El-Ouazzane says that Movidius sees a future forever changed by the firm's hardware and companion software.

A graduate of Harvard Business School and most recently the worldwide general manager of the Open Multimedia Applications Platform group at Texas Instruments, French native El-Ouazzane has a long history of involvement in Android. That made Google's Project Tango, developed by the Advanced Technology and Projects group formerly of … Read more

Google Barge to set sail for new home within a month

Google Barge, which has been sitting unfinished and idle alongside a pier in the middle of San Francisco Bay, will soon be on the move.

CNET has learned that the barge project, expected to be a floating product and Google X concept showroom, will be relocated in a month or less from its current home alongside Treasure Island. Earlier this month, a California state agency said Google either had to move the project somewhere else or get a permit to finish construction at Treasure Island's Pier One.

According to Mirian Saez, director of island operations at the Treasure Island … Read more