Man who posts online vid of kitten abuse gets year in prison

Online cat videos have come to be associated with some of the cutest, silliest moments the Internet has to offer. But they can have a dark side too, as a legal sentence handed down Monday in France shows.

Farid Ghilas of Marseille was sentenced to a year in prison for animal cruelty after posting a video to his Facebook profile last week showing him hurling a kitten against a building. The video quickly went viral, sparking widespread horror and outrage and even death threats aimed at the perpetrator.

Though Ghilas is far from the first person to be arrested after publicizing incriminating details on social media, the incident had further, faster reach than most. By the time Ghilas took the video down, Facebook users had copied and pasted his profile information; posted his name, address, and phone number on the Web; and created Facebook pages calling for his arrest. The police ended up taking Ghilas into custody less than 24 hours after the video appeared online. … Read more

Facebook celebrates 10 years with Look Back

Facebook turns 10 on February 4 and is celebrating by giving its audience of 1.23 billion a way to relive their digital history on the network with a special release called Look Back.

Look Back is meant to be a sentimental experience. It lets members on the Web or mobile either watch a personalized movie, view a collection of their top photos, or read a "thank you" card from the company, depending on how much content they have posted to the service. Those who get the movie will be able to edit the posts that are included … Read more

Read the news alongside your friends' social statuses

Paper, from the people at Facebook, lets you browse statuses and other news categories using a new, more visual interface than what you're used to with the official Facebook app. Mysteriously, the app is iPhone-only at the time of this writing, but it seems like it would be a great fit for iPad.

Taking a page from Flipboard, Facebook Paper delivers a tiled interface that shows your standard Facebook news feed, but also gives you curated news content organized by category. That combination makes Facebook Paper a distinct and more robust product that's meant to complement, rather than … Read more

Facebook turns 10, copies Paper app name

CNET Update is bad at bird flapping:

In this episode of Update:

- Reflect on life before Facebook as the network marks its 10-year anniversary.

- Pity the original Paper app for having its name taken by Facebook's new Paper app.

- Behold the expansion of Aereo, a broadcast TV streaming service, which sold out in New York City.

- Avoid the madness of Flappy Birds. Whatever you do, don't get sucked into this game.

CNET Update delivers the tech news you need in under three minutes. Watch Bridget Carey every afternoon for a breakdown of the big … Read more

Five tips to help you get started with Facebook's Paper app

Last week Facebook announced a new app called Paper. The app is designed to help users discover news through what it's calling "Sections." Sections contain articles posted by your friends or surfaced through Facebook's algorithms.

As of today, Facebook has made Paper available for iPhone users through the App Store. For now, the app is US only.

The first time you launch the app a video will walk you through some of the basics of Paper. After the initial tutorial, when you navigate to a screen for the first time, the same voice and overlays found … Read more

Please de-friend your ex: How people are using Facebook

Facebook is a decade old tomorrow. Ten years of Facebook means there's been a lot of time for folks to build up habits when using the social network. The Pew Research center on Monday released a study taking a look at Facebook, and what people like and dislike about the service.

According to the study, the two most irksome things about the network both -- in some form -- have to do with the types of things people share. Thirty-six percent of Facebook users "strongly dislike" when friends post too much info about themselves. Presumably, this has … Read more

Facebook ticks off other Paper maker

With Monday's launch of Paper, Facebook has kicked off a dangerous game of roshambo with application developer FiftyThree.

You see, the little company isn't exactly excited about a rock, paper, scissors match with Facebook; it fears that the rock of a social network will squash its 2-year-old application also named Paper.

FiftyThree's Paper application offers people mobile notebooks to sketch, write, and draw with digital pen and paper. It was named Apple's 2012 iPad application of the year. Facebook's Paper, meanwhile, arrived Monday for US users on the iPhone. The new Facebook application, timed around … Read more

Change your Facebook privacy settings with a click

If you're a Facebook user who has never bothered to change the service's default privacy settings, you're not alone. In May 2012, Lance Whitney reported on a Consumer Reports study that found millions of Facebook users don't use, or aren't even aware of, the service's privacy controls.

The Facebook interface certainly doesn't make it easy to adjust your privacy settings. As I explained in last September's post on how to secure your Facebook account in six easy steps, the social network has 40 individual privacy settings listed in four separate categories.

Israeli … Read more

Facebook delivers Paper to iPhone

As promised, Facebook on Monday released Paper, a standalone iPhone application for reading and writing the news. The release comes on the eve of the social network's 10-year anniversary.

Paper amounts to the 2014 version of Facebook and sets a different tone for what's to come in the company's next decade.

The application, the first of many to come from a new startup-like team inside the company, presents Facebook's classic update types -- photos, videos, and articles -- in new formats designed for enjoyment on smartphones, and also includes more than a dozen newspaper-like sections.

Paper … Read more

Review: Video Downloader for Facebook lets you browse and download Facebook videos

Video Downloader for Facebook allows you to view or download any videos that you, your friends, or other members you like have added to Facebook. This is a good way to store videos to watch later on, or to browse the videos on Facebook without having to sort through all the other content. And when you download videos through the app, you won't even need an Internet connection to watch them later on.

As soon as you open Video Downloader for Facebook, you'll have to log in with your Facebook account. Once that's done, you can start … Read more