Use Scrollbar of Contents for Chrome to easily navigate long Web pages

When you're browsing the Web, you will probably come across some pages that are far too long, with little to no navigation shortcuts. Generally, using your trusty friend Ctrl + F can help you skip ahead to whatever you're looking for. Unfortunately, you may not know the exact wording that the page is going to use, or maybe your phrase appears hundreds of times. Instead of wasting your time skimming the Web page, try using a Chrome extension like Scrollbar of Contents.

This extension helps you skip all the reading you don't care about and get to the … Read more

Safari more usable than other mobile browsers, says study

Safari pulled in the highest usability score among the top five mobile browsers, according to a new report from Fixya.

Apple's mobile browser took home a grade of 1.31, far outpacing the stock Android browser, Opera, Google Chrome, and Internet Explorer. The scores were assigned based on the number of problems reported on Fixya, along with market share data from NetMarketShare. The fewer "problem impressions" given to each browser, the higher the score.

In Safari's favor were its simple interface, its Reading List feature, and its ability to let users perform multiple tasks from a … Read more

Google to support Chrome for Windows XP until April 2015

Microsoft will cut off support for Windows XP in April 2014, but Google will keep the XP version of Chrome updated for another year.

In a blog posted Wednesday, Mark Larson, director of engineering and superintendent of public safety for Google Chrome, said that Chrome support for XP users won't end until April 2015. That means Chrome XP users will continue to receive updates and patches to keep the browser secure. As Larson said, malware often sneaks its way onto computers through holes in unpatched browsers.

Microsoft's pulling of the XP plug next April means that the now … Read more

Google paves over hole left by Chrome plug-in ban

Google has added a new feature to Chrome to help programmers who relied on soon-to-be-banished browser plug-ins to call upon the services of a third-party program.

The Native Messaging interface will let programmers do things like trigger a password management program, said Google programmer Sergey Ulanov in a blog post Tuesday.

The interface arrived with Chrome 29, Ulanov said, for Windows, Linux, and OS X.

Starting in January, Google is phasing out support for the Netscape Plugin Application Programming Interface (NPAPI), which lets third-party software augment a browser's built-in abilities.

Google will permit several top plug-ins that use NPAPI … Read more

Review: Google Chrome 30

Chrome is the lightweight flagship browser that originated from an open-source project by Google called Chromium and Chromium OS. It is now one of the more widely-used browsers thanks to a vast ecosystem of extensions and add-ons, a robust Javascript engine, and a rapid-release development cycle that keeps it on the competitive end of the curve.

Chrome's installation process is both straightforward and self-sustaining. The installer will launch confirmations of system directories with a few click-throughs. Typical stuff. Google will also ask for your permission to anonymously collect usage stats, which you can opt out of. Once you install … Read more

HP gets serious about Android and Chrome

The largest Windows PC maker has gotten the Google religion.

Hewlett-Packard's CEO and top PC executive came out swinging this week. And they both took swipes at the traditional Windows-Intel (Wintel) PC.

"Wintel-based devices are being aggressively displaced by ARM-based PCs and mobile devices running competing operating systems," CEO Meg Whitman said this week at a company event, referring to Android and Chrome OS devices.

And she took those comments a step further by referring to (apparently erstwhile) partners Microsoft and Intel as rivals. "Long-term HP partners, like Intel and Microsoft, are increasingly becoming outright competitors,&… Read more

How to check memory usage of Chrome extensions

The Chrome Web Store is both awesome and horrible. While you can find many new extensions to enhance your Web browsing experience, you can also slow things down by adding too many. If you're having trouble picking which ones to keep, taking a look at how much memory each one is using might make the decision a little easier.

Fortunately, Chrome has a built-in tool that will show you the memory usage of each extension. Here's how to open and use it:

When you have a Chrome window open, just click on the menu icon on the toolbar … Read more

HP no longer playing by Microsoft, Intel rules, exec says

A Hewlett-Packard vice president had a lot to say about alternatives to Microsoft and Intel during a meeting of financial analysts Wednesday. And HP CEO Meg Whitman had some pretty provocative comments of her own.

The shift to non-Windows products at the world's largest PC maker is happening against a backdrop of a shrinking "Wintel" (Microsoft-Intel) PC market.

IDC reported this week that worldwide PC shipments in the third quarter of 2013 contracted 7.6 percent year-to-year.

"The market is changing more today than it has in the past 30 odd years I've been in … Read more

Acer's Chromebook C720 leads with pseudo-Haswell core

Following last month's brief preview of four Chromebooks powered by a variant of Intel's Haswell processor, Acer is the first out of the gate with an update to the Chromebook C7.

The Chromebook C720 follows last year's Chromebook C710) with hardware that is better, but not necessarily a massive leap forward. The improved specifications are enough for Acer to charge more for the C720, which retails for $249.99 -- about $50 more than the C710.

The Chrome OS-fueled C720, which is available on Thursday for pre-order from,, and, doesn't … Read more

Earth to Google: Chromebooks still aren't mainstream

Google really, really wants you to believe that the Chromebook is a laptop brand that has something for everybody. It's mainstream, the company says.

Maybe one day, but for now, the Chromebook is less mainstream than a BlackBerry.

In terms of price, Google's dead on. You can splurge on the Pixel, a gorgeously engineered touch-screen version of the Chromebook that lacks a single USB 3.0 or full-size HDMI port but sports a $1,299 entry-level price tag.

Or you can go low-end, shelling out $199 for the dive-bar low-end Acer C7 Chromebook, the snappier $249 Samsung Series 3, … Read more