Hyper-networking: A new teen health risk category?

Cue deep, foreboding, slightly accusatory voice: "Do you or your friends text more than 120 messages per school day? You may be at greater risk for substance abuse, permissiveness, depression, poor sleep, and more. Don't wait until it's too late. Get help now. Hyper-networking is no joke."

That's the core message behind new research out of the Case Western Reserve School of Medicine Master of Public Health program, whose findings were presented today at the American Public Health Association's 138th Annual Meeting & Exposition in Denver.

The team set out to determine whether binging … Read more

Facebook shows why you might get dumped before Xmas

Facebook is irresistible.

Somehow, people just love to commit their latest and innermost happenings to the site. And somehow, those who analyze Facebook postings begin to see patterns in the callous behavior of the callow and cowardly.

David McCandless, a man who likes to make information look pretty in order for it to be understood, concocted a highly romantic picture of relationships on Facebook.

He presented it in August at the TED conference, but it has only now descended from that summit to attract the attention of the great unnoticed.

His methodology was to scrape Facebook for status updates that … Read more

The 404 695: Where basically, we hide your wife (podcast)

Jay, Josh, and Danny from BeenVerified are back in The 404 studio to show off their brand new sex offender locator app for the Android and iPhone! For some reason, it keeps going off during the show...

BeenVerified is an online service that makes it easy to do quick, thorough background checks on people, and it's a lot easier than simply Googling someone's name. The instant search not only gives public access to legal databases for criminal records and phone numbers; it's also an excellent source for monitoring sex offenders in your neighborhood.

Their latest Sex Offender Tracker App uses augmented reality to display graphical overlays on your phone that help you locate registered sex offenders in your area, and can you believe it? They got ANTOINE DODSON to be their spokesperson in the commercial!

Keep listening if you're unaware of Mr. Dodson, but with a successful single that has gotten 35,000 YouTube hits so far and his own Halloween costume, you should really know this guy already.

The Sex Offender Tracker app is available for the iPhone and Android for $1.99, and 5 percent of all proceeds will be donated to the Rape, Abuse, and Incest National Network (Rainn), an anti-sexual-assault organization.

The guys stick around after the break for the following batch of video voicemails:

DeeJay shows us how an 8-bit beat is made with a simple drum machine!

Mass from Phil the Mailguy hopes we have a wonderful day!

Episode 695 Subscribe in iTunes audio | Suscribe to iTunes (video) | Subscribe in RSS Audio | Subscribe in RSS VideoRead more sells sells--for $13 million, that is.

Placed on the auction block in July, the potentially valuable domain name has been scooped up by Clover Holdings from Escom for a cool $13 million. Escom put up for sale after declaring bankruptcy earlier this year.

Though it swooped in with the winning bid, Clover can't officially claim ownership until the sale is approved by the bankruptcy court overseeing Escom. This is expected to happen on Wednesday. Not much is known about's new owner. BBC News describes it as an obscure company registered on the Caribbean … Read more

Out of thin Air

Links from Thursday's episode of Loaded:

Apple announces a new lineup of MacBook Airs, updated iLife, and FaceTime for Macs.

The Boxee Box is set to launch on November 10.

Verizon is going to start selling the Samsung Galaxy Tab on November 11.

Google Docs now supports drag and drop into documents.

Facebook photos now support drag-and-drop ordering.

Facebook helps you stop stalking your ex by blocking you from their profile.

Netflix may offer a streaming-only subscription in the U.S. sells for $13 million.

The best 'NSFW' URL ever

I am sure that, when creating Web sites, people still think long, hard, and late into the night about the URL behind which they will stand.

In the case of one organization, perhaps it thought too long, too hard, and far too late into the night.

The National Schools Film Week is the "world's largest festival for cinema and young people." Its home page has a very interesting picture of many children wearing dark glasses. Perhaps they are 3D. Perhaps it's because the URL of the National Schools Film Week is, you got there, didn't … Read more

The real villain in PowerPoint sex-rating 'scandal'

It's all over the Internet.

That's the phrase that is increasingly being used to describe when a matter has become one of importance.

This week, the matter of importance concerns a Duke University graduate who decided to create a compendium of her sexual experiences with various men while at Duke.

Who knows why she decided to do it in PowerPoint? Perhaps she thought that one day she might present it to a symposium of intellectuals. It was, indeed, entitled: "An Education Beyond the Classroom: Excelling in the Realm of Horizontal Academics."

Within it, she described her … Read more

The Web service that points you towards the ladies

Men are misunderstood.

The media, Hollywood, and various other pressure groups have painted them as feral beasts, moved to action and emotion only by the prospect of their target gender's proximity.

Two enterprising tech beings--men, as it happens--decided at South by Southwest Interactive to further this perception of male neanderthalia. Jeff Hodsdon and Danny Trinh, then both at Digg, created a service that collated all those useful Foursquare check-ins in order to inform those who might be interested of the volume of women in any one place.

They did it as a joke. They were mocking all the … Read more

Study: More say it's OK to be online during sex than a wedding

I am always suspicious that those who design surveys are looking for particular, amusing answers.

So I am delighted that those who designed a gadget-conscious study for PC Tools chose to offer respondents some very cerebral choices.

Essentially, PC Tools was looking to see just how deeply the need to be plugged in online had penetrated human psyches. So they willfully probed into scenarios from which others might have shied, which, coincidentally made for a searing analysis into the state of the American nation.

Here is the state of society, neatly encapsulated in one single finding: more people believe that … Read more

Craigslist urged to shut erotic-services ads worldwide

A hundred organizations fighting sex trafficking have joined the chorus of voices asking Craigslist to remove its erotic services section worldwide as the company has in the U.S.

In a letter sent Tuesday (PDF) to Craigslist CEO Jim Buckmaster and founder Craig Newmark, human rights groups throughout the world thanked the company for bringing down its adult and erotic ads in the U.S. But the groups said that these services, where trafficked children and women are sold for sex, remain open in 250 cities worldwide. And in not making the same improvements globally, the groups told Craigslist that … Read more