Review: TD Books Reader retreads a lot of ground with few additions

TD Books Reader is designed to provide an open access eBook reader for those with ePub and other format eBooks on their iPhones or in their Dropbox folder, but it lacks the functionality and performance to do it well. While there is certainly room for an independent eBook reader app on the App Store, TD Books Reader fails to stand out as anything more than an early iteration of what have become very smooth, easy-to-use apps.

The result of this is that the navigation, setup, and use of any one book in TD Books Reader is needlessly frustrating. Changing text … Read more

Review: Beat Maker easily creates beat tracks on your mobile device

Beat Maker enables users to create a detailed beat track and edit several different aspects of a beat pattern and save it for future listening. This app allows even the musically challenged to make a beat that is pleasant and original.

Beat Maker downloads as a small and stable application. It is less than 2MB and doesn't consume too many resources while running. The user interface offers a clean, modern design. It is divided into sections that allow the user to concentrate on one aspect of the beat at a time. The main screen is a large graph that … Read more

Review: KALQ Keyboard offers an interesting, new layout to get used to

KALQ Keyboard is different from any other keyboard you've ever used, but it's hard to say if that's a good thing. Experts claim it can speed up your texting over the QWERTY keyboard. However, most users might be too put off by how radical of a shift it is to give it a shot.

Even though the keyboard seems to be made for tablets, it works just fine on larger smartphones. It's been designed to mimic the way people hold their mobile gadgets--like a video game controller with both thumbs being the dominant input method. That … Read more

Review: Yahoo! Weather possesses great looks, useful features, and many widgets

Yahoo! Weather offers plenty of style, substance, and some downright awesome widgets. It has a great blend of features and good looks to decorate your mobile device. If it was less of a battery hog, it'd be perfect.

This app will find your location through GPS or let you set up multiple zip codes to see the weather. If you're a fan of the minimalist style Apple's iPhone has become known for, this app's design is a treat. It combines that with pictures of your location, which it pulls from Flickr. In addition to being connected … Read more

Review: Watch your favorite movies and listen to music using Blues Media Player

As a full-featured free program, Blues Media Player gives users the ability to play music, videos, and Blu-ray files. Although there are a lot of media players in existence, this one has a smaller learning curve and is less of a hassle to use, compared to other players.

Blues Media Player allows you to create playlists and switch between them. Playlists that you create exist as tabs in the main play window. Each playlist can include not only music, but also videos. The video preview window is small, but you can easily place the program in video mode and toggle … Read more

Review: Practice proper typing skills with KeyBlaze Free Mac Typing Tutor

KeyBlaze Free Mac Typing Tutor for Mac aims to help users increase their typing speed and precision through available lessons, tests, and a couple of games. While functional, the free version of this typing tutor could benefit from more engaging content. However, it will be enough to get you started.

During installation, the program attempts to automatically install an Internet toolbar, but those paying attention can disable this by unchecking a box. After this, the user is prompted to choose their level: Adult Beginner, Improving, or Professional. There are also options for teens and kids. After the user type selection … Read more

Impulse buy? Sagita to sell $200,000 personal helicopter

LE BOURGET, France -- OK, so you've got a couple hundred thousand dollars burning a hole in your pocket. Sure, you could buy that flashy sports car. But why not a personal helicopter if you really want to make a statement.

That's what Sagita Helicopters hopes you'll do with its Sherpa, a dual-rotor, dual-passenger aircraft that the Belgian company showed off here at the Paris Air Show. The Sherpa has a 280-mile range (400km), said Thibaud Waltregny, business development manager for GDTech Engineering, which worked on the design.

"It's enough to get you everywhere in … Read more

One reason Apple is hard to beat

Apple products aren't perfect, but they get a lot closer than most.

One reason for Apple's success can be summed up nicely in the 13-inch MacBook Pro Retina.

At first blush, it seems uncharacteristically pedestrian and unrefined for an Apple product. It doesn't have the usual Apple panache or design boldness. And it's thicker -- despite being smaller -- than the 15.4-inch Pro Retina. … Read more

Review: SeekFast quickly and effectively searches your files for keywords

A rather basic tool, SeekFast lets you quickly find keywords or phrases in a file. It can save you hours of combing through files looking for a quote, a passage, or a piece of code. It's probably worth the $14 charge if you have lots of files you need to search at once, but most users will do just fine with the free trial, as well.

This program's 100-file limit in the free version was rarely restrictive during testing, which is really nice. It has a layout that is almost entirely focused on giving you previews of the … Read more

Review: Tablacus Explorer brings much-needed tabs to your file menu

Tablacus Explorer offers a stylish, useful way to look at your files and doesn't have many drawbacks. It simply adds new features to the layout you're used to in order to make finding your files as easy and convenient as possible. You'll wish it was the default in Windows so you could use it all of the time.

This download borrows heavily from the default file explorer in Windows, but makes some much-needed changes. The most obvious of which are tabs, so you don't need to have a dozen explorer windows open at once. Thanks to … Read more