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Review: ePhoto Transfer moves photos between computers and iOS via W-iFi

ePhoto Transfer Free is a portal for your iOS devices to move files between desktops, tablets, and phones on the go. With the option to share through a browser, or through another person's own device, you can get your images just about anywhere with this app; and in our tests it was decently fast and easy to use.

There are a lot of apps that do pretty much the same thing as ePhoto Transfer Free. The key metrics of usefulness then, are the speed of transfer and ease of use. In both cases, ePhoto Transfer Free worked well. Transfers … Read more

Transfer data from your previous Android device to the HTC One

One of the most stressful parts of switching devices is the panic that sets in when you realize you have to figure out a way to transfer data. Thankfully, if you're switching to the HTC One from another Android device, HTC has made the transfer process fairly simple.

The first thing you need to do is download and install the free HTC Transfer Tool from the Play Store on your old Android device.

Then launch the app and pick up your shiny new HTC One.

On the One, launch the Settings app and scroll down and select the "… Read more

Review: Zapya provides a multiplatform file-transfer solution

Zapya is a very effective, easy-to-use file-transfer app that suffers only from its lack of clarity during the installation and setup phase. Despite its slick design and early tutorial, it's not immediately clear how to share files with friends or other devices. As it turns out, it's fairly easy, so this is only an issue until you get it working; and while transfers are only as fast as the slowest device in the connection, it is generally quite quick.

Zapya connects iOS devices with non-iOS devices for file transfers. Because it is a near universal app, the process … Read more

Review: iTransfer speeds up file transfers between iOS devices

iTransfer aims to resolve the issue of moving files between iPhones--and the general complexity that this often involves. The app is designed to do so in as easy a way as possible, offering almost no options, only two screens, and a limited range. This is a good thing for those that want only to transfer files with someone in range of them, but can be severely limiting for other, more robust transfers.

When you open iTransfer, the app will ask you to connect with another user who is also using iTransfer. This can be done over a Wi-Fi network when … Read more

Review: Share files wirelessly between two devices using Bluetooth File Transfer

Bluetooth File Transfer offers an efficient way to exchange files from one Android device to another and browse the contents of virtually any Bluetooth enabled device. Users may easily select a file from their device and send it to a device of their choosing, or find the specific file on another device and download it. The ease of use and great user interface make this a phenomenal application.

Bluetooth File Transfer is a mere 2.9MB, making it an incredibly light and quick application that downloads within seconds. On startup users are greeted by a friendly user interface featuring a … Read more

Review: PCmover Free moves files, programs, etc. to a new computer

PCmover Free helps you migrate your files and settings from a logged-on user on one computer to a logged-on user on another, but it does it incredibly slowly.

The program seems to make every part of the setup process as painful as possible. PCmover Free is a huge download at 85MB and comes packed with plenty of toolbars you have to dodge. Even once you've finished installing, you still can't get right to the program's goodies. You have to enter an e-mail address and decline more programs that PCmover Free wants you to download. Once you've … Read more

Review: WiFi Photo Transfer streamlines transferring images

WiFi Photo Transfer makes the process of moving images between iPhone and desktop as easy as a few quick clicks, streamlining a once-frustrating process. For whatever reason, moving images between an iOS device and your computer has long been an unnecessarily complicated process. For those with a Mac it was okay, but for PC-users, in iTunes, it required a third-party software or direct transfer of the images. WiFi Photo Transfer removes that extra layer of difficulty and allows you to move photos with a few, easy-to-follow steps.

WiFi Photo Transfer makes it possible to bypass transfer issues and simply access … Read more

How to transfer large files on Facebook with Pipe

Think of how you share files with friends and family. Do you send it to them in an e-mail, through a Skype conversation, or upload it to Dropbox and share a link? Now you can use Pipe on Facebook to send files up to 1GB.

Pipe, a newly launched app for Facebook lets you send files to friends and family, even if they aren't online at that moment. The great thing about using an app that integrates with Facebook over another service is that both parties are probably using Facebook already. You won't have to instruct a friend … Read more

Review: Instashare streamlines moving files between iOS devices and your Mac

Instashare manages to stand out among the increasingly crowded number of file transfer and backup apps on the App Store. That alone makes it worth downloading for anyone with multiple iOS devices and desktop computers, but it also works seamlessly when sharing files with other users. While there are some hiccups in execution and we noticed some small performance issues, this is one of the better options currently available for what it does.

Instashare requires you to have the client installed on any device with which you want to share. However, unlike other clients, Instashare is designed to be integrated … Read more

How to send money via Gmail

For years PayPal has cornered the market on sending money to friends, family members, and businesses. Last week during the chaos of Google I/O announcements, Google took a first step toward giving PayPal a run for its money by making it possible to send money via Gmail. The feature is set to roll out to all users over the coming weeks, but if you know someone who currently has it, that person can send you money (a penny works) and after you've claimed the funds the new feature will be enabled on your account as well.

The service, … Read more