Samsung Galaxy TabPro 12.2 ships March 9 for $650

Samsung is letting loose its extra-large Galaxy TabPro 12.2 tablet this month and has released some more details about perks, price, and shipping date.

The TabPro 12.2 is expected to start shipping on March 9; it will be available on Samsung's Web site, along with a host of retailers, like Best Buy, Walmart, Newegg, and Amazon, according to Engadget.

While many of these retailers have yet to list the tablet on their sites, Best Buy has already posted the 32GB version of the device, saying that it'll cost $649.99. Best Buy doesn't list a … Read more

Tablet Tuesday: Get an 8-inch Windows 8.1 tablet for $199.99

I've been traveling a fair bit lately, both for business and pleasure, and on every trip I've packed a 7-inch Kindle Fire tablet and a 13.3-inch Samsung laptop -- the latter for work, the former for media consumption (movies, books, etc.).

But today's deal has me wondering: Could a single device take the place of those two?

For a limited time and while supplies last, Best Buy has the Lenovo Miix 2 (32GB) tablet for $199.99, shipped (plus sales tax). This 8-inch tablet runs Windows 8.1 and comes with Microsoft Office Home & Student. … Read more

Android beat Apple in tablet sales last year -- Gartner

Fueled by a 127 percent surged in worldwide sales, Android tablets collectively overtook the iPad last year, research firm Gartner said Monday.

Android tablet sales jumped to 120.9 million in 2013 to snag a global market share of 61.9 percent, up from sales of 53.3 million and a 45.8 percent share in 2012. Over the same time, iPad sales grew to 70.4 million from 61.4 million. But Apple's share of the tablet market dropped to 36 percent from 52.8 percent.

Apple's slice of the market fell amid increased demand for smaller, … Read more

Tablets struggle to maintain their identity at Mobile World Congress 2014

BARCELONA, Spain -- The Mobile World Congress 2014 tablet lineup was filled with over-sized phones, undersized "tablets", and tablet that knew exactly what it was. There's a palpable feeling coming out of the show that tablet makers are having difficulty deciding what next to do with them.

Tablet phones Tablet phones aren't a thing in the US, but if the showing at MWC is anything to go by, countries outside the states don't appear to have a problem with them as this year they were more ubiquitous than ever before. The HP Slate 7 VoiceTab, … Read more

What mattered at Mobile World Congress, day 3: S5 apps, tough tablets, and BlackBerry's return

Like at any technology show, the biggest product releases of Mobile World Congress dropped in the first couple of days. But the latter days of an event remain just as interesting. You actually have time (well, a few minutes anyway) to roam the show floor to find hidden gems and underdog products, and you can dig up a few juicy scoops. All of that is just what happened on day 3 of the world's biggest wireless show.

The return of BlackBerry? By now you may have forgotten about BlackBerry, but the former smartphone powerhouse showed up in Barcelona with … Read more

Get an iPad Mini (64GB) Wi-Fi + 4G for $389

Apple's iPads may be grossly overpriced compared with other tablets, but it's obvious plenty of people don't care: the buggers sell like hotcakes. Give credit to shiny hardware, an intuitive operating system, and that certain je ne sais quoi.

I'm a Kindle Fire user myself, and as much as I like the device, I can't help feeling pangs of Mini envy whenever I see Apple's adorably shrunken iPad. (It's the je ne sais quoi, people!)

So, yeah, I want one, but no way am I going to pay $299 for a 16GB, Wi-Fi-only … Read more

The Nvidia Tegra Note 7 gets LTE, a price hike, and nothing else (hands-on)

BARCELONA, Spain -- Nvidia has debuted a new reference design for its Tegra Note 7 with LTE tablet. The additional features? A Tegra i500 modem and a new price of $299, which is $100 more than the Wi-Fi version. Look for it in late April.

Other than the new modem, everything else is identical to the Wi-Fi version. It still includes a stylus and a 7-inch IPS screen with 1,280x800 resolution. There are also Micro-USB and Micro-HDMI connections, and a microSD card slot supporting up to 64GB storage cards.

The LTE Tegra Note 7 will retail for $299. That … Read more

Panasonic's 5-inch fully rugged Android Toughpad FZ-X1 tablet will survive a 3-meter drop (hands-on)

Editors' note: Due to the similarity in features and form factor to the Toughpad FZ-E1, some parts of this hands-on will be familiar.

BARCELONA, Spain -- Based on its specifications, you'd expect Panasonic's 5-inch Toughpad FZ-X1 to be a smartphone -- albeit a chunky-looking one. That's not the case, however; the company insists that the FZ-X1 is a tablet first and foremost.

The Panasonic slate is powered by a quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 600 processor clocked at 1.7GHz, and runs the Android operating system (4.2.2). When I tried it out, it appeared to be close … Read more

HTC chairwoman: Our smartwatch will be ready by Christmas

BARCELONA, Spain -- HTC's smartwatch is indeed real, and it'll be here in time for the Christmas shopping season.

That's according to HTC Chairwoman Cher Wang, who confirmed to CNET that the company is working on a smartwatch and that it will be ready for the holiday season.

"It's natural for us to have wearables because we're a design company," Wang said.

Wang agreed with this reporter's assessment that many of the current smartwatches in the market lack aesthetic appeal, and promised that HTC's offering will be fashionable.

"People think … Read more

Lenovo tries again with the Yoga Tablet 10 HD+ with improved specs, coming in April for $349 (hands-on)

The best thing about the Lenovo Yoga Tablet 8 and 10 were their impressively long-lasting batteries. As for performance and value, well let's just say the tablets struggled to justify their respective prices. The new Yoga Tablet 10 HD+, however, at least attempts to offer something better. At least on paper.

The new tablet follows nearly the exact design as its elders, featuring a similarly thin aluminum body that leads to a cylindrical edge. The offbeat layout gives the tablets a well-weighted comfortable feel. Akin to folding back the pages of a magazine and holding it in one hand. … Read more