Got a to-do list? Google Keep will remind you

Google Keep, the company's answer to Evernote, has added reminders that work with both time and location.

The update on Wednesday lets you set a location, such as a grocery store, as well as the traditional time-based reminder. The settings, which also tie in with Google Now, can set reminders for lists and notes.

You can create a reminder by tapping the Remind Me button at the bottom of any note, and then set a specific time or a general one, such as "afternoon." Location-based reminders work similar to Google Maps, and suggest places as soon as … Read more

Create, manage recipes with IFTTT for iPhone

If This Then That (IFTTT) is a free service that helps you connect unrelated apps and services across the Web. As we've shown you in the past, you're able to get really creative with recipes.

On Thursday IFTTT released its official app, IFTTT for iPhone, for free in the App Store. Until today, the only way for users to create, edit and share recipes was by visiting With the app, users will have all of the same options and features found on the Web site, but in addition to the services integrated with the site, users … Read more

How to sync iCloud Reminders with your Android device

For some users who are torn between switching from iOS to Android, the downside of giving up some iCloud features such as Calendar and Reminders (especially if there are shared calendars or reminder lists with other iCloud users) is too much to overlook.

Last July I covered an app called SmoothSync for Cloud Calendar that provided a solution for Android users to still have two-way sync with iCloud calendars. The app has been updated several times since last summer, with each update improving reliability, but until recently the option to sync Reminders was still missing. If you had set up … Read more

How to set reminders in Evernote

If you use Evernote to organize your life, then your life just got more organized. Evernote updated its iOS, Mac, and Web apps to include reminders, which is "one of the most requested features of all time," said Andrew Sinkov, Evernote's VP of marketing.

I updated Evernote on my Mac and iPhone to try out reminders. On the Mac app, you'll see a small alarm clock icon in the upper-right corner when viewing your notes. Click on it to set a reminder. You can then add a date for the reminder. Evernote provides a button for … Read more

Review: Bill Reminder Free BillManager helps you track your payments

If you're buried under a sea of bills, this app might help you dig yourself out. Bill Reminder Free BillManager will remind you when it's time to pay any bill you tell it to. It's nowhere near as helpful as a full budgeting app or even Google Calendar, but it does what it says on the box.

Bill Reminder Free BillManager lets you create multiple templates and bill reminders for days or months. Sadly, you can't set bill reminders to reoccur on the same day every month. You have to create them every single month, which … Read more

Set a reminder with Google Now

At Google I/O, the company announced some small updates to its Google Now service. One of those updates added the ability for Android users to create location- and time-based reminders.

There are a few different methods for adding a reminder to Google Now. You can use your voice or enter it manually.

To create a reminder by voice, launch Google Now and say "Google" or tap on the mic icon. Once you hear the beep to alert you that Now is listening, start the command with "Remind Me" and add in what you're afraid … Read more

Review: Manage daily events with Scheduler for Macintosh

In a fast-moving world, we often find ourselves struggling to keep track of everything that is going on around us. With Scheduler for Mac, users can now manage their daily events efficiently and without much hassle. The app also allows the user to set a schedule for launching their apps, documents, and scripts, automatically.

Scheduler for Mac is free to try but needs to be registered after a 30-day trial period. A license code will be sent to the user free of charge after simply providing a name and e-mail. The installation of the app is quick and easy and … Read more

Review: CalRemind 2 for iPad puts all your events and reminders in one interface

One of the most used tools on the iPad is the calendar. Combining all of your calendars from your iOS account as well as any others you have connected to it, including Facebook, this tool is an important part of many workdays. But with the reminders set to a different screen and the interface between them not always immediately accessible, it's difficult to see all tasks at once. That's where CalRemind 2 for iPad comes in.

CalRemind 2 opens with a very basic interface--a blank calendar--and easily populates with your Apple Calendar and Reminder entries. With the tap … Read more

Swift To-Do List 8.052 Review

Call them what you will -- task managers, organizers, or personal assistants -- but software designed to help busy people stay a step ahead of the competition (or disaster) is practically as old as computing, itself. It sometimes seems like we've tried them all, yet few have been "keepers." So we were intrigued by Dextronet's Swift To-Do List since other picky users seemed to like it. It's shareware, so it needs to offer a lot of features and performance to stand out from the freeware crowd -- and it does. But you can try it … Read more

Notable: Quick Reminder 0.9.3 Review

Most note-taking apps on Android can do everything but sit up and beg. That means creating a quick, short note can be tougher than it should be. Notable: Quick Reminder fixes that by only allowing you to create one line notes. It might work if you just need a note fast, but you'll probably be better off with a more dynamic reminder app.

Notable: Quick Reminder focuses on just taking quick notes with no frills. That means there's no online syncing, list support, Web page clipping, or anything else you'd find in most note-taking apps. The only … Read more