Make Instagram pictures display properly on Twitter

You've probably noticed, or read, by now that Twitter and Instagram aren't really getting along all that well. Twitter originally blocked Instagram users' access to their Twitter friends. Then last week Instagram began disabling its integration with Twitter Cards, completely removing support as of yesterday.

Now, when you or someone you follow sends an Instagram photo to Twitter, you'll only see a link to the photo (as you can see in the screenshot above). In the past, you'd see the entire photo directly in your Twitter timeline when using any official Twitter app or the Web … Read more

Top holiday cooking apps for Android

Let's be honest: family and friends are swell, but food is really the star of the show whenever the November holiday rolls around, right? That means that whether you're celebrating at home or heading out to a potluck, the heat is on to make something oh-so-delicious for the festivities.

To help you in your endeavor, we've got a list of our favorite cooking apps for the Android platform. They'll not only help you find the best Thanksgiving recipes to get you started, but they'll also provide you with some extra tools to get the cooking … Read more

Scan, spin, and shop with the DinnerSpinner app

The DinnerSpinner app (free) lets you quickly find recipes and easily build grocery lists. If you like games of chance or dislike the first step in preparing any meal -- finding a recipe -- you'll enjoy the DinnerSpinner. And for more targeted searches, you can use the app's new bar code scanner, which arrived with an update earlier this week.

The main screen of the app is the DinnerSpinner, which features three spinnable rows of meal attributes: Dish Type, Ingredients, Ready In. You can manually swipe through each row and make your selection, or you can … Read more

President Obama adds Pinterest to his social networks

How many people know the recipe for President Barack Obama's family chili? Before today, probably not many. But now anyone on the social-networking site Pinterest can find out how many onions, ground beef, and kidney beans the recipe takes, and then pin it to their own profile if they like.

Obama has added the popular virtual pinboard site Pinterest to his social-networking trove and today his filled-out profile page with eight boards and 44 pins was made public. According to tech news site Mashable, the Obama campaign set up the account a few weeks ago, but there wasn't … Read more

Thanksgiving cooking apps for iOS

Thanksgiving is next Thursday and some of you out there are inevitably faced with the challenge of producing the most celebrated meal of the (U.S.) year.

Fortunately, there are a number of cooking apps in the iTunes App Store to choose from that can help you pull the meal together if you have an iOS device. While your pristine touch screen might get a little smudged in the process--or not--I think you'll appreciate the easy navigation and added tools in each of this week's cooking apps.… Read more

Gojee: Even the Web can be delicious

There's something about cookbooks that has always amazed me ever since I was a child. Cookbooks have a story-telling quality where the pictures hold as much influence as their complementary textual directions. Have you ever caught yourself staring at a photogenic plate, struggling to imagine what it might taste like or if it was something in your realm of cooking skills? Like a great children's story, visual cookbooks capture the imagination of taste and encourages us recreate what the cook/artist shares before us, without information overload. 

Gojee is a Web app that sets out to … Read more

Word salad

If your recipe collection is anything like ours, you have magazine clippings, things you've printed from the Internet, handwritten recipes from Mom, and all kinds of other scraps of paper stuffed into a book, binder, or drawer. If you're ready to get your recipes organized--or if you want an easy way to share recipes with friends and family members--try Recipe Cards for Word. This set of Word templates makes it easy to print attractive recipe cards using software you already have.

Recipe Cards for Word is quite easy to use; just open the template in Word, type up … Read more

Recipes on your Android

Epicurious for Android lets you bring your handheld device into the kitchen and to the grocery store to serve as a cooking companion, and it's one of the best in the category. The home screen gives you quick links to specific categories of recipes (e.g. recipes for kids, party snacks, cocktails), but by entering a keyword into the search box at the bottom of the interface you can browse more targeted online recipes.

If you want even more control over your search, you can skip the search box and hit the search button at the bottom of the … Read more

Martha Stewart bar app invites you up for drinks

Sometimes I play the game where you think of which famous celebrity you'd like to have a drink with. Bob Dylan would be awesome. Bill Gates probably makes a mean sloe gin fizz. For those of you who have Martha Stewart in mind, you can get one step closer to dream fulfillment with the Martha Stewart Cocktails app for the iPad.

The 99-cent app requires clicking through the age-restricted material warning when installing it. You just have to agree that you are over 17 to browse 20 recipes ranging from an Herbal Lillet Cooler to a Caiprinha, the Brazilian libation made with sugarcane liquor. In a nice pop culture collision, the White Russian recipe includes a shout out to the Dude from "The Big Lebowski."… Read more

Become a true gourmet

MacGourmet Deluxe can help you collect, edit, use, and share your favorite recipes and recipe-related notes in an easy, intuitive, iTunes-style interface, which is much improved over previous versions. This Deluxe version includes all three optional plug-ins for MacGourmet: the Mealplan (to help schedule meals and sync up with iCal), Cookbook (for creating and sharing PDF cookbooks), and built-in nutritional data from the USDA database (which makes it easy to calculate nutritional info for entire recipes). The main recipe interface is highly customizable and includes a large, easy-to-read "Chef View" for laptop-assisted cooking, which you can control with … Read more