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PowerPoint converter

PowerPoint presentations do a great job of presenting complex information to audiences, but they take a lot of time and effort to create yet tend to have a limited lifespan, typically the duration of a project. Wondershare's PPT2Video Pro can help you maximize the usefulness of your PowerPoint presentations by converting them into video for posting online, in product manuals, as training materials, and much more. With 130 different file formats available, including HD, you can probably find something useful to do with your old presentations.

To use PPT2Video Pro, you need to have PowerPoint installed, not just some … Read more

PowerPoint representation

Xilisoft's PowerPoint to Video Converter Personal converts Microsoft PowerPoint presentations into a wide range of standard and HD video formats, everything from AVI to WMV, that can be played back, posted online or in LANs, or carried on portable devices, even iPhones. You can use it to recycle old presentations, share them, and create archives. It has uses beyond business, though, including electronic resumes, fund-raising, public affairs--anyone who can make good use of presentations can probably find a way to reuse them, too, with a tool like this. It will even convert PPT files if your system lacks PowerPoint, … Read more

Google Docs delivers presentation basics

In last Wednesday's post pitting Microsoft's Office Web Apps against Google Docs, I said Google Docs doesn't support PowerPoint presentations. Wrong.

Google Docs wouldn't open my test PPTX file, but the service lets you create and edit presentations in the older PowerPoint PPT format, albeit without most of the desktop app's formatting options. You won't find much in the way of transitions, effects, and other advanced features in Google Docs, either. The best feature of Google's online presentation tool is its clean interface, which isn't a surprise considering the company behind the … Read more

Office Web Apps, Google Docs go head-to-head

Microsoft's first true browser-based versions of the venerable Word, Excel, and PowerPoint applications won't make you abandon the programs' full-featured counterparts installed your hard drive. But if you splurge for Office 2010, you may find yourself spending a lot more time working in your browser.

You probably already do some word processing and spreadsheet work using Google Docs, Zoho, or another such service. (I described the Web's best desktop-app replacements in a post last month.)

These services have offered first-rate word processing and spreadsheet programs that run in a browser and let you create, open, and store … Read more

Microsoft Office 2010 reviewed

The bottom line: Microsoft Office 2010 is a worthy upgrade for businesses and individual users who need professional-level productivity apps, but it will take some time to get acclimated with the reworked interface. Users looking for bare-bones, dead-simple office software should stick with Google's and other online offerings or continue using older Office versions they have already mastered.

The world has changed plenty since Microsoft introduced Office 2007. In that time, Google has become a major player, with its suite of online tools, and even Apple has made inroads with its iWork office suite, though admittedly within a smaller … Read more

Powerpoint converter

AuthorPoint Lite converts PowerPoint presentation files to SWF (Flash) files that are then uploaded to AuthorPoint Lite's Web site. Once your presentation is on the Web site, you can link to the provided URL, or you can share it via Twitter and other forms of social media. You can also embed your presentation into a separate Web page.

AuthorPoint Lite is clean and attractively designed. It immediately prompts you to upload a PowerPoint file. The presentation we chose contained many photographs, but AuthorPoint Lite handled it with ease. Once our file was finished, the next step was to upload … Read more

First Take: Microsoft Office 2010 beta

The Microsoft Office 2010 beta was released Wednesday, and though there aren't many major changes from the Technical Preview from July, there are some new features and enhancements worthy of note. This post will focus on the changes to the beta, but if you want a larger overview of new features across all the applications, check out our rundown of the Microsoft Office 2010 Technical Preview.

Outlook is the cornerstone of many companies' communications and daily schedules, and as such received a lot of enhancements in Office 2010. In the beta version, Microsoft has added even more ways to connect with coworkers and contacts. The new Outlook Social Connector is an added information pane that gives you more info about everyday contacts. Once set up, you'll be able to view pictures of contacts (even in large cc lists), previous conversations, attachments shared, meetings attended, and much more. Though not complete in the beta, Microsoft says the Outlook Social Connector will soon be able to connect with social Web sites like Facebook and Twitter, so you can follow status updates and more all in one location.

The Office 2010 Technical Preview introduced the Back Stage view, an enhanced File menu (accessed from the Office Icon tab) that lets you manage your documents, set permissions, and share your projects with colleagues. In the beta version Microsoft has decided to return to calling it the File menu, but with all the functionality and flexibility of Back Stage. They also have made it possible to access all the other tabs in the Ribbon, which were previously inaccessible in the Technical Preview, so you can get to the information you want quickly without the added step of exiting Back Stage.… Read more

Powepoint converter

Leawo PowerPoint to Video provides a simple tool for converting slideshows to video. Its professional layout, focused functions and simplicity make this a great choice for those seeking to view their PowerPoint presentations in new ways.

The program's interface instantly impressed us with its professional design and its simple layout. We never felt compelled to seek out Help file instructions, because the entire process felt so intuitive. We were able to build a queue of PowerPoint files for conversion within a few minutes, which was nice but expected. The program's biggest surprise came from the variety of file … Read more

Helpful schedule tracker

Timeline Maker Professional creates clear, impressive scheduling charts in minutes.

The program's interface is professional and welcoming, starting with some helpful tutorials and moving on to an intuitive layout at every turn. The program feels like operating a calendar system, like the one found on Microsoft Outlook, but its results look very different. After entering in event information like start and stop times, you see a clear timeline of your event. Each step is shown in a highly readable text bubble along a timeline. It is easy to see when each step was happening thanks to the color-coded system. … Read more

View PowerPoint slides more effectively in iPhone Mail

Apple recently released a support document that explains why Microsoft PowerPoint slides appear blank with a white background or fail to render properly in the iPhone and iPod Touch Mail app.

The problem is a caused when documents, which are subject to display size limitations, are converted to HTML Web pages before being displayed on the iPhone or iPod. Large images or multiple medium-size images used on a PowerPoint slide result in some not being visible in the converted content.

It is important to give the slides time to render before giving up, because some slides take longer to convert. … Read more