Update: Apple posts MobileMe help, billing info to assist users with phishing schemes

In recent updates of Apple knowledge base articles, the Cupertino computer maker offers insight for users that need help with MobileMe as well as an overview of how MobileMe billing works. These articles should help users that have questions regarding correspondence from Apple regarding MobileMe, especially when it involves billing information.… Read more

Quick Tutorial: Host multiple domain names with one MobileMe account

If you've got multiple websites that you want to host on MobileMe, the manual tells you that's not possible. MacFixIt tells you that it is--with a small caveat. If you have not already read my quick tutorial from earlier this week on setting up a domain name with GoDaddy, you should check that out first.… Read more

Quick Tutorial: Get your domain name setup with iWeb 09, MobileMe, and GoDaddy

Documentation on setting up your personal domain name can be scarce. This tutorial is a simple way to do it using MobileMe, GoDaddy and iWeb 09 on Mac OS X 10.6.2. So, get a site started in iWeb and meet me after the break for the rest!… Read more

Apple releases MobileMe Gallery app

A new app was released this week by Apple for customers using its MobileMe online service. It follows in the footsteps of the previously released MobileMe iDisk utility and Apple's handy Find My iPhone.

MobileMe Gallery gives users the ability to view their gallery of movies and photos from either an iPhone or an iPod Touch. After installing the app, you log in with your MobileMe username and password and you have full access to all galleries attached to your account, whether they are public or private.

You can use multitouch gestures to flick left and right to move through photos, pinch to zoom, or rotate your iPhone or iPod Touch to view them in landscape mode. You can view or watch your friends' gallery photos and videos and share links to your own albums from an iPhone. An offline mode allows you to access previously viewed photos when not connected to the Internet.

You can download a free copy of MobileMe Gallery from the App Store.… Read more

MobileMe: Public folder password not working?

When users set up their public folders on MobileMe, they have the option to password-protect it. Occasionally they find that the password they have set up is not working properly. The solution to this may be easier than you think, though it is not necessarily made obvious in Apple's support documentation.… Read more

Apple sends out Digital Camera Raw Compatibility Update; Updates iDisk iPhone App

In the realm of updates this week, Apple has added increased support for RAW images and made some updates to its MobileMe iDisk iPhone App. The Raw Compatibility Update 2.7 adds support for six new digital SLR cameras from Canon and Nikon. Among the features of the MobileMe iDisk iPhone App update is the ability to save or copy images.… Read more

Troubleshoot MobileMe sync on Mac, Windows

If you ever need to troubleshoot a MobileMe sync problem, you'll need to access your MobileMe sync logs. While Mac OS X actively logs MobileMe sync data, Windows does not. Either way, this guide arms you with some good information to help troubleshoot MobileMe syncing problems on both platforms.

Mac OS X 10.6

You can find the MobileMe sync log file mobilemesync.log in the following location: ~/Library/Logs/Sync ("~" represents your Home folder).

You can always view a log file by using the Console application, like so:

Launch Console by double clicking its icon, located … Read more

MobileMe: iDisk is full

Occasionally, when using one of the many great features included with MobileMe, users will encounter an error telling them their iDisk is full. The error may occur when copying files to your iDisk, syncing to MobileMe, using iWeb to publish your Web site to MobileMe, or using Backup to back up to your iDisk.… Read more

Apple KB Update: MobileMe "iDisk full" errors

Apple has issued a number of iPod and iPhone related knowledgebase updates in the past week, covering topics on how to activate the iPhones and transfer data between them, or purchase content. On the Mac side of things, the only new article is one on MobileMe iDisk Full errors and related problems.… Read more