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Quickly retrieve past messages in Messages for OS X

Apple's iMessage is the company's alternative texting service, and is the default service for anyone using an Apple devices. As with any messaging service, when using it you may want to quickly access a message or two that you've sent, either to send it again, or to copy it for use elsewhere.

One approach is to scroll through your message history, and manually select and copy the contents of a desired message from the previous bubble.

This approach is doable, and is perhaps easiest for retrieving a message when browsing far back through your history. However, if … Read more

Apple wants to help you correct a text message after you send it

We've all made embarrassing mistakes in text messages, whether on our own or through the device's autocorrect feature. An Apple patent filing envisions a way to fix those mistakes before anyone else sees them.

Published Thursday by the US Patent and Trademark Office, a patent application named "Transient Panel Enabling Message Correction Capabilities Prior to Data Submission" outlines a technology that would give you a chance to correct any mistakes before the message is actually on its way.

As Apple acknowledges in the patent filing, autocorrect is a handy feature but it's hardly perfect. Though … Read more

Kik sticks a browser in its messaging app

Ontario-based Kik has built a browser into its popular app, setting out to prove that it can do more with mobile messaging than facilitate the exchange of emojis and stickers.

Wednesday, the 4-year-old company, which hit 100 million registered users in December, launched Kik Browser. The new release includes an URL and search bar that members can use to visit any Web site while inside the messaging app.

The company said the move makes its app the first smartphone messenger to come with a built-in browser.

With the browser addition, a person could, from within Kik, visit a site such … Read more

The best way to save, share GIFs on iOS

One of my personal favorite features of iMessage is that it supports GIFs, the animated images that often lend themselves to pranks, or entertaining responses.

But the problem with iOS and GIFs is the way you have to save them to your device. iOS is capable of saving the animated images, only iOS isn't capable of displaying them in the Camera Roll as animated images. Instead you'll only find a single frame of the GIF displayed as the entire image. Quickly figuring out which images are GIFs and which aren't can be frustrating (especially if you have … Read more

How to send self-destructing messages on iOS

Confide is a free, simple service that makes it possible to send self-destructing messages to friends and colleagues using an iPhone app.

By using your e-mail or Facebook contacts, you can send what amounts to an e-mail through the service. It's then encrypted and the recipient will receive an alert of the pending message. For those who don't have an account, the sign up process only requires a few details (e-mail address and password), and downloading the Confide iOS app. Once you have an account and the app is installed, you're ready to go.

What makes the … Read more

How to stop spam messages on Snapchat

Snapchat appears to be stuck in a sea of rough waters. The photo messaging app was the target of a massive hack that resulted in the exposure of more than 4.5 million usernames and phone numbers. The company later updated the app to allow users to opt out of its "Find Friends" feature, which was previously used to allow others to locate friends using only their phone number.

Shortly after the hack, numerous users began to complain about an increase in spam messages, which the company insists isn't related to the security breach. While you can … Read more

Avoid these common Facebook mistakes

Facebook has so many features it can be tough to keep them straight. Even experienced social networkers can sometimes get a post, share, or other action not altogether right.

When one of your Facebook activities doesn't come out as you expected, use one of the service's many management and editing tools to effect repairs on errant status updates, messages, and other shares.

Timeline tune-ups It isn't unusual to see an item on your Facebook timeline and wonder, "How did that get there?" Your next thought may be, "How do I get it out of … Read more

Confide app erases your text messages after they're read

Want to make sure that private text message you sent about your new job interview doesn't get seen by your boss? A new iOS app promises to bump it off in the nick of time.

Popping up in the App Store on Wednesday, Confide is a free message-deleting IM app for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch users. You can send text messages to any e-mail address, either by choosing someone from your contact list or manually entering the address.

To read your message, however, your recipient must also sign up for a Confide account and download the app. Viewing … Read more

Using Google Glass with MyGlass for iOS

On Tuesday, Google released its latest firmware update to Google Glass. Bringing the software version to XE12, a long list of features were included in the update. Full Hangouts support, a lock screen, YouTube uploading, and the ability to snap a photo by winking are all pretty big features. But there's one feature that's sure to make many Glass Explorers, and would-be Explorers, happy: iOS compatibility.

In the past Glass owners who refused to switch over to Android were forced to give up two pretty big features of Glass. The first was the ability to send text messages … Read more

Four funky Android keyboards

There's no denying that Swype, SwiftKey, and the standalone Google Keyboard are great standard keyboards for typing on your Android phone. But if you've grown bored of the typical typing experience, hoping instead for something that's unique or challenging, you've got a few options.

I looked at the smattering of keyboards in Google Play and rounded up four funky apps that harmoniously meld features, functionality, and design into a keyboard that not only looks cool, but also gets the job done.

Minuum ($3.99) This minimal keyboard, released in 2013, takes up one row on your … Read more