Apple sacks two-per-customer rule for iPhone 5

The "limit two per customer" rule became conspicuously absent from the iPhone 5 order form on Apple's Web store today.

It seems that supply has finally met up with demand and the tech giant is letting people order the device willy-nilly.

Not only has the two-per-customer limit been removed, but the 10-phone per lifetime limit has also been lifted, according to MacRumors. Now, MacRumors reports, customers are limited to ten devices for each transaction and no lifetime limit.

Apple started selling unlocked iPhone 5 smartphones last week, which frees users from being tethered to a network. Users … Read more

How to enable metered Wi-Fi connections in Windows 8

One of the new features of Windows 8 is metered wireless connections. In the past, you could run Windows programs to monitor your data usage, but they didn't do anything to actually reduce data usage. With mobile hot spot and broadband card usage on the rise and unlimited data plans nearing extinction, every kilobyte of bandwidth saved is a penny earned. Enabling metering in Windows 8 will limit your PC or tablet's data usage by preventing nonessential data transfers.

According to Microsoft's FAQ on metered connections, the effects of enabling a metered connection are:

Windows Update will … Read more

Firm ditches Facebook for Twitter, claims clicks are bots

Limited Run has a Facebook Page called Limited Pressing, but not for long. After becoming frustrated with Facebook advertising, as well as Facebook itself, the firm has decided to ditch its Facebook Page altogether.

Via a Facebook post, Limited Run announced the plan to delete its Facebook Page "in the next couple of weeks" and explained why. In advance of relaunching its service as Limited Run (previously known as Limited Pressing, as you can see above), which allows labels, musicians, and artists to create their own stores for selling digital and physical products, the company started to experiment … Read more

Can you stay alive long enough to complete your mission?

Spellsword is an excellent and almost blindingly fast-paced arena-combat arcade game with addictive RPG elements, super-cute 16-bit fantasy art, and often hypnotic chiptune sound.

At first glance, Spellsword shares some similarities with another great game, Super Crate Box: Both have you dodging enemies and chasing powerups around a satisfyingly cramped playscreen--but Spellsword adds a couple of twists, with a mini RPG-style purchasing system (you collect "rupees," which you can then use between levels to buy equipment and make your powers more effective) and a unique take on power-ups with "spell cards." As you bounce around the (… Read more

Find words to topple the tower

Spelltower is a well-made word-puzzle game with a stylish feel and enough built-in variants to justify its price tag.

The gameplay should be familiar to word-game fans: you find words on a grid of letters, which you can trace over horizontally, vertically, or diagonally (even overlapping the path that you trace) to form words and remove the letters. Spelltower's innovation is stacking its grid in a tower--so that when you create a word, you remove all adjacent letters, dropping down all the letters above accordingly. This adds another satisfying layer of think-ahead strategy, as you're looking for not … Read more

Sexters who are all about caution: This app's for you

By now, we have all seen how it happens. Pictures from "stars," such as Kim Kardashian or Paris Hilton, are leaked on the Web, and all the gossip Web sites spread the pics like wildfire. People also probably remember the scandals that followed Brett Favre and Congressman Anthony Weiner when their pics were leaked and went viral. Even worse, many people out of the public eye will send risque pics to their significant others only to find the pics online when the relationship turns sour.

SnapChat (free) is an app that puts a time limit on pics sent … Read more

The 404 1,036: Where they should make a movie out of that (podcast)

Nike is introducing a new RSVP system on Twitter to handle the release of its limited edition sneakers, and we think Microsoft and Sony should adopt a similar model for their new consoles so fools like Jeff won't have to camp out in the cold.… Read more

2013 Subaru BRZ Limited: Believe (most of) the hype

Take a moment and mentally process all of the hype surrounding the launch of the 2013 Subaru BRZ. Go on, I'll wait. Now take that hype and dial it back to 80 percent. That's how good the Subaru BRZ is. It's not the second coming or the messiah for performance driving -- it's not perfect -- but it is quite good.

The B in BRZ should stand for "balanced" because that's exactly what Subaru's new rear drive coupe is. This car is all about balance with a near 50-50 weight distribution between … Read more

Would you spend $31,792 on this white Leica camera?

German camera manufacturer Leica today announced a limited-edition white M9-P digital camera -- quite limited, actually; only 50 will be available. The special release coincides with the recent launch of the Leica Daimaru camera store in Tokyo.

The 18.5-megapixel Leica M9-P full-frame digital camera features an astounding feature set that normally commands a retail price around $7,995. However, this limited-edition run carries a much heftier price of 2,620,000 Japanese yen, which translates to an astounding $31,792. … Read more

Pinterest addresses copyright issues with opt-out option

As Pinterest grows at break-neck speed, it has to iron out kinks along the way. One of the issues that's been floating around the Web recently is the idea that "pinning" might actually be violating copyright laws.

"The last few months have been a whirlwind here at Pinterest," the site's co-founder Ben Silbermann wrote in a blog post today. "As a company, we care about respecting the rights of copyright holders."

Silbermann explains that as of today, Web sites will be able to opt-out of having their images used by Pinterest's … Read more