Design Council: Range Rover

Land Rover vehicles are some of the most distinctive vehicles in the world today, and the Range Rover is probably the most iconic. Comfortable and capable, the fact that it has seen only four different model iterations since it launched 42 years ago signifies just how well-conceived the original vehicle was.

Devised by engineer Spen King, the first Range Rover was actually created as an answer to the Ford Bronco and Jeep Wagoneer being developed in the U.S.

"The idea was to combine the comfort and on-road ability of a Rover saloon with the off-road ability of a … Read more

Is the new Range Rover the most capable car on the planet?

Land Rover has made a grand proclamation. It asserts that the new Range Rover is the most luxurious, capable car ever.

Of course, many will then harp on about budgets, reliability, and "capable" being a broad word, but you should care not for their ramblings, because the Range Rover is one of the best cars ever to roll upon this earth. End of story.

You see, at its formal unveiling in London, Gerry McGovern, its designer, made a bold claim: it has to be suitable for the opera or the outback. This means that in theory you can … Read more

Bill proposes turning moon sites into national park

Pack a sack lunch. Load the kids into the family rocket. We're going to the moon! In some far distant future when every family has a space-worthy vehicle, the typical summer vacation may skip the requisite stop at the Grand Canyon and instead head for the moon. New legislation proposes establishing the Apollo Lunar Landing Sites National Historical Park on the moon.

Reps. Donna Edwards of Maryland and Eddie Bernice Johnson of Texas, both Democrats, this week introduced HR 2617, which refers to the Apollo lunar program as one of the greatest achievements in American history.… Read more

Before the battlefield: Making the Army's Abrams tank

LIMA, Ohio -- If you were planning an American manufacturing plant for essential military equipment in the early 1940s, you probably wanted to keep it far from the coasts, where the facilities would be most vulnerable to attack.

That was the thinking that led U.S. military decision makers to think of this small western Ohio town as the location for a tank manufacturing plant in 1941. That, and the fact that it is close to the deep-water port of Toledo, Ohio, as well as easy rail and highway access.

Indeed, in 1941, the Army opened the Lima Tank Depot … Read more

This is what happens when a plane is landing and the runway disappears

I would no sooner pilot a plane than marry a fish.

So I am always reassured when the voice from the cockpit is one of ineffable calm.

Sometimes, though, pilots must be suffering nervous conniptions when the weather turns on them and, say, the runway disappears as they are landing.

This quite pulsating footage was uploaded to YouTube this week. It shows a Boeing Business Jet landing in rain.

The windshield wipers are working furiously. Suddenly the runway seems to vanish.

The calm decision-making that leads the pilot to abort the landing and try again freezes the lay mind.

What … Read more

Neil Armstrong's moon walk EKG reading up for auction

We've all seen the video of man's first step on the moon. NASA's medical team back down on Earth saw that first step in a slightly different light, in the form of Armstrong's electrocardiogram reading from the moment he set his foot down. That little 6-inch strip is going up for online auction at RR Auction.

The strip comes in a presentation frame along with an Armstrong autopen signature and various mission patches. "After the landing, this EKG report was saved by the Manager of Medical Administration for the Space Center. It was cut up into five pieces; four were presented to the attending physicians on the medical team," reads the description.… Read more

Range Rover Sport to make mad dash through New York

Last year, Land Rover took the wraps off its fully re-engineered, weight-reduced Range Rover. At the upcoming New York International Auto Show the company will unveil the Range Rover Sport edition, traditionally a more powerful, lowered version of Land Rover's big truck.

Land Rover promises a drive through New York as the first public appearance for the new vehicle on Tuesday, March 26.

I picture it something like this: Land Rover, wanting to enter Manhattan in style, sends the driver on a route over the Brooklyn Bridge, surrounded by camera cars. However, due to construction on the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway, … Read more

King's Landing from 'Thrones' gets the Minecraft treatment

Do you love "Game of Thrones"? Do you eat, sleep, and breathe to the tune of the epic HBO television series based on George R. R. Martin's "A Song of Ice and Fire" novels?

I know times are tough, especially since the new season doesn't start until March 31. But we might have something to tide you over until then. … Read more

Nokia's soon-to-be-ex camera chief heading to car company

How does one switch from developing smartphone cameras to working on cars? Maybe it's that they both have to do with going mobile?

Damian Dinning, head of imaging and photography for Nokia for almost a decade, told mobile-photography blog PureView Club (which is, of course, focused on Nokia's PureView technology) that he's leaving the phone maker and heading to Jaguar Land Rover. Dinning said staying on at Nokia would've required a move to Finland, which wouldn't have jibed with his family situation.

PureView, you may recall, is the technology involved with Nokia's 808 PureView phone, … Read more

Top travel apps for iOS

Between crowded airports, winter delays, and luggage loaded with gifts, holiday travel can be stressful. But with a little planning, you can make your trip a little easier from start to finish. So rather than gathering up a collection of apps that help you book flights, we decided to make a different kind of travel collection.… Read more