iOS 5.1

Access the iPhone camera from the lock screen even quicker on iOS 5.1

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One of the features in iOS 5 touted by Apple was the ability to quickly access the camera from the iPhone's lock screen. You would double-click the home button, a camera icon would appear next to the "slide to unlock" bar, and you would be taken straight to the camera.

This method was faster than unlocking your device, navigating to the Camera app, and launching it, but it could have been faster.

With iOS 5.1, Apple changed the workflow for accessing your camera from the lock screen, streamlining the process. Gone are the days … Read more

How to 'finally' delete photos from Photo Stream

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When Apple launched iCloud and its Photo Stream service, there was a glaring omission: Apple didn't include the ability to delete photos that had been uploaded to Photo Stream. This was a problem that could potentially lead to some embarrassing situations.

There was actually a roundabout way of deleting photos from Photo Stream, but it required you to delete your entire Photo Stream, which wasn't very convenient. When the iOS 5.1 developer preview was released, the ability to delete individual photos had been added. There was hope!

With the release of iOS 5.1 and … Read more

How to set up and use iPhoto Beam on iOS

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iPhoto for iOS is a great tool for editing your photos on your favorite iOS device. I covered the basics of the app yesterday, but today I want to show you how to the Beam feature.

In iPhoto for iOS you can beam a photo from one iOS device to another, as long as they are both on the same wireless network. Watch the video below to see Beam in action.

The good thing about this feature is that if you are in the middle of editing a photo, and you beam it to another device, it opens … Read more

Getting started with iPhoto for iOS

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Most hardware announcements Apple makes are usually accompanied by a piece of software. With the announcement of the new iPad and Apple TV today, Apple also announced the launch of iPhoto for iOS.

You can purchase iPhoto for iOS starting today in the App Store. It will set you back $4.99, and you will need to be running iOS 5.1 on your iOS device(s) for iPhoto to install. With the size of the app coming in at 106MB, you will need to be connected to Wi-Fi to download the app on your device.

Albums After … Read more

Apple iOS 5.1: First Take

Just before it unveiled the new iPad at a media event in San Francisco today, Apple announced that iOS 5.1, the next update to the company's mobile operating system, is now available.

The list of new features isn't extensive and largely consists of bug fixes and interface tweaks. That said, there are a couple of useful additions. Here are the highlights that Apple has listed in iOS 5.1's documentation.

A Japanese Siri This was the only feature of iOS 5.1 that Apple CEO Tim Cook specifically mentioned during his time onstage. Siri, the voice … Read more

Apple's iOS 5.1 update rumored to launch March 9

Apple's been mum lately about iOS 5.1, but new rumors suggest the update could launch on March 9.

Digging into profiles sent by Apple to various iPhone carriers, blog site YourDailyMac found a pointer to 09Mar2012 in one of the text strings. Aimed for operators in Japan, France, Greece, Finland, and Sweden, the profile files are designed to ensure that network connections will continue to work after iOS devices are updated to the latest version. The files are also said to be compatible with iOS 5.1, according to YourDailyMac.

Of course, like most rumors, this one should … Read more

iOS 5.1 to bring Facebook integration to your iDevice?

After iOS 5 was released alongside the iPhone 4S this past fall, Twitter accounts grew by more than 25 percent, largely because of its integrated place in Apple's mobile operating system.

Now, according to tech site iMore, iOS 5.1 could bring a similar integration for Facebook.

Not that Facebook really needs more users.

But, it should come as a nice addition to iOS for those of us who already use Facebook. It's unclear exactly how integrated Facebook might actually be, but iMore shows a look at the iOS 5.1 beta 3 Contacts app that has an … Read more

Apple gives devs third iOS 5.1 beta, adds 3G toggle

While most of the electronics world has its eyes peeled on the happenings at this year's Consumer Electronics Show, Apple quietly released another version of iOS 5.1 to developers.

The software, which is the third such beta of iOS 5.1, hit Apple's developer site earlier today.

Among the changes is the addition of the 3G toggle for iPhone 4S users, a feature spotted by Macrumors, which was not present when the phone shipped. This meant users did not have the option to turn off the faster data tier to conserve battery life. While Apple never explained … Read more

Apple lists quad-core chip in iOS 5.1 beta, report says

The iPad and iPhone are going quad-core, according to a report citing references in the latest iOS beta.

9to5Mac said it has evidence that Apple will bump up future iPhones (iPhone 5?) and iPads (iPad 3?) to quad-core processing. The A5 chip used in the iPad 2 and iPhone 4S is dual-core.

"While not quite confirming that a quad-core processor will power Apple's third-generation iPad, we have obtained evidence that suggests Apple is currently working on quad-core iOS devices," 9to5Mac said Friday.

That reference comes in the latest iOS 5.1 beta "processing-core management software," … Read more

Apple gets cute with rumor sites, references dozens of future products

In the latest build of iOS 5.1, now beta 2, Apple has finally decided to take steps against the popular rumor site tactic of rifling through iOS code to find references to new hardware models.

These references, typically something like iPhone3,1, were a great way for rumor sites to predict forthcoming hardware devices, accurately assuming that their inclusion in the iOS code meant they were being tested.

With Apple's release of iOS 5.1 beta 2, things have changed. Apple has now included device references for dozens of new devices including AppleTV10,3 and iPhone11,3. By … Read more