Sony Sound Forge Audio Studio 10 review

Sony Sound Forge Audio Studio 10 offers easy audio recording, powerful editing, noise and vocals removal, and audio enhancements, as well as plenty of audio effects. It impresses with its capabilities and pleasing design, but may alienate users because of its price tag.


Complete package: Whether you want to produce a final audio edit for CD tracks or record a karaoke song, Sony Sound Forge Audio Studio 10 will not disappoint you. It basically turns your PC into a one-stop recording studio with all the features you can ask for. Support has been extended to 32-bit 192kHz from the … Read more

DJ Audio Editor review

Program4PC's DJ Audio Editor supports many file types, and not just audio but also video formats like DVD and Blu-ray. It can record audio from your PC, including sound card input from microphones and analog sources such as CD players and tape recorders. It can add effects and cut, join, copy, and paste files to create everything from ringtones to soundtracks. You'll need headphones, speakers, or some means of monitoring audio, but no special equipment is needed to use DJ Audio Editor in Windows XP to 8. You can try DJ Audio Editor for free with limited Save … Read more

WinZip Mac review

WinZip gives you the ability to compress any group of files quickly, and then burn them to a disk or email them directly from the app. Through its intuitive interface, WinZip makes these features accessible to users of all skill levels, and it runs quickly and smoothly.


Excellent interface: Even if you've never used a program like this before, you'll have no problem finding your way around in WinZip. The main screen lays out your options clearly, and to add files to an archive, you can just drag and drop them in. The archive is zipped automatically, … Read more

File Revealer for Mac review

File Revealer is a utility you can use to reveal hidden files on your Mac. This functionality is useful for many reasons, including the ability to help you back up your computer more successfully by allowing you to view and edit important files saved in the Library folder, which Apple has hidden by default since the release of OS X Lion.


Easily accessible: After you download and install File Revealer, it will be automatically added to your computer's status bar. When you click on the app's icon, you gain access to a toggle switch labeled "yes/… Read more

File Viewer for Mac review

File Viewer for Mac is an excellent tool to conveniently view any type of file on your Mac OS X, from texts to multimedia content. For files that can't be viewed, the software displays useful information about the file and goes online to find the right program to facilitate file viewing.


Intuitive and convenient interface: The ability to drag and drop files to File Viewer for Mac makes for a convenient and intuitive user experience. It's also very convenient that you don't need to use a separate video or audio player to preview multimedia files.

Get … Read more

FileSearchy review

FileSearchy lets you search your entire hard drive at once, so you can access the files you're looking for more quickly than ever. Just enter the filename and any other information you want, and then let the app take care of the rest.


Multiple searches: Through this app's accessible and streamlined interface, you can run multiple searches just by opening new tabs. Each window will display results for the search you ran, including the number of items found and the total time the search took to complete.

Customizable searching: You can complete basic searches just by typing … Read more

How to migrate from Windows XP to Windows 7, 8

As of today, Microsoft has stopped support for Windows XP. To keep your system up-to-date and safe, Windows XP users should move to Windows 7 or Windows 8 (and for those who insist on clinging to their old OS, see our tips for making Windows XP more secure). To help you through the pains of migration, we've compiled apps and tips for transitioning to either Windows 7 or 8. If you're considering upgrading to Vista...don't.

File Transfer

Microsoft Easy Transfer

Microsoft has its own transfer manager to help migrate files, pictures, and basic settings to Windows … Read more

FileStream Image Broadway review

Although it's billed as a photo editor, FileStream's Image Broadway does a lot more than touch up your photos. A recent (and steep) price cut makes Image Broadway a more affordable alternative to Adobe's Photoshop Elements, but it does have a few drawbacks. You can try Image Broadway (with limits) for free.


Lots of tools: Image Broadway isn't just a photo retoucher; it's a full-featured graphics editor with drawing, painting, filters, effects, layers, paths, and more.

Familiar face: Like most graphics editors, Image Broadway's layout and tools resemble Photoshop's but with its … Read more

FileMaster review

A potent file manager and transfer app, FileMaster enables you to organize your files with more ease as well as send them to another Android or Apple device via its built-in sender, and also to a computer, through its Web sharing capability. It's a well-designed, polished app with an accessible interface and all the file management features you can hope for. In addition, it comes with a Safebox for storing important files, and a handy Cache Cleaner.

After an effortless installation, FileMaster presents you with a neat and speedy interface that makes the arrangement of files and their sending … Read more

Dropbox to bring personal and work account toggling in April

Dropbox is said to soon be enabling an upcoming feature that lets users create distinct work and personal accounts without having to log in and out, according to The Verge.

The tech news source got its hands on an email that Dropbox recently sent to its business users that said the company plans to launch the feature on April 9. The company originally announced the feature last November, but it's been unclear when it would roll out.

Dropbox has increasingly geared its cloud storage service toward business customers. Last April, it launched Dropbox for Business, which allowed for a … Read more