Five tips to help you get started with Facebook's Paper app

Last week Facebook announced a new app called Paper. The app is designed to help users discover news through what it's calling "Sections." Sections contain articles posted by your friends or surfaced through Facebook's algorithms.

As of today, Facebook has made Paper available for iPhone users through the App Store. For now, the app is US only.

The first time you launch the app a video will walk you through some of the basics of Paper. After the initial tutorial, when you navigate to a screen for the first time, the same voice and overlays found … Read more

Spotify mobile music is free - with a catch

CNET Update has a message for Santa:

In this episode of CNET Update:

- Stream Spotify for free on your phone, but you'll have limited control over what plays.

- Get schooled on Dell's new Chromebook 11 -- not to be confused with the HP Chromebook 11.

- Don't hold your breath waiting for that Facebook News Feed redesign from March. It may never come.

- Send your friends voicemails from Santa. He knows if you've been naughty or nice, but he might not know how to pronounce your name.


iTunes (HD)iTunes (SD) |&… Read more

Facebook reportedly tables release of new News Feed

Facebook's new News Feed, unveiled with pomp and circumstance back in March, isn't headed your way anytime soon, or even at all, according to a new report from AllThingsD.

The now reportedly tabled News Feed design is defined by its larger presentation of content. Updates, photos, and even ads, are so big they're impossible to miss. The 9-month-old refresh, still only available to a small percentage of people, also comes with a collection of filtered feed options for viewing content like most recent updates, music posts, or just photos.

But apparently bigger is not better with Facebook … Read more

Review: Listen to news feeds out loud with Read My Feed Free

Read My Feed Free reads your news feeds out loud in a simulated voice on your Android device. This free app lets you listen to concise news summaries hands-free using your phone's speaker or headset while you drive or are otherwise occupied. It updates and cleans up feeds with the touch of a button, and it also displays feeds in text so you can read along or turn the sound down yet still use Read My Feed as your news reader.

Read My Feed is easy to use, especially if you start with one of the sample feeds provided … Read more

Facebook cutting fluff out of news feeds

CNET Update Skypes with NORAD:

In this episode of CNET Update:

- Learn why your Facebook feed has less fluff and more news articles.

- Be one of the first on your block to sport a computerized headpiece with the $1,000 Vuzix M100, a competitor to Google Glass.

- Watch what Apple may do with Topsy, a Twitter tracking company it purchased for more than $200 million.

- Track Santa with touch-screen tech this year, thanks to NORAD and Microsoft. Boys and girls can explore a new website, call NORAD with Skype, email NORAD's Outlook account, and use … Read more

LinkedIn Pulse is finally here, but can the two services work together?

LinkedIn Pulse (iOS|Android) lets you browse the news from your favorite Web sites using a new interface and connects with LinkedIn in an attempt to bring news and industry professionals together. LinkedIn acquired Pulse in April 2013, and this is the first launch of the new app.

In bringing the two services together, you get a couple extra features on both, but it's important to note this isn't a unified experience -- just that each of the services get some features from the other. In the LinkedIn Pulse app, you can pull in stories from industry influencers, … Read more

Review: Umano brings articles to life


Human: Real people read the news articles. That not only sounds natural, but it also turns your news articles into bite-sized podcasts, which you can queue to your liking.

Two birds with one stone: Umano's news aggregate works as both a newsreader and a news "reader." Articles can be played at 2x the speed for quicker consumption.

Multitask-friendly: Other news articles are accessible without disrupting your current article, thanks to a gesture-friendly UI.

Great user flow: The app's interface has a clean design, and content is well organized. Car mode brings a rudimentary, distraction-free UI … Read more

Facebook Home gathers up Instagram, Pinterest, and more

Facebook is acknowledging that most smartphone owners want a broader view of the social-networking universe, not just a window to planet Facebook.

Starting Thursday, the company is incorporating Flickr, Pinterest, Tumblr, and Instagram content into the Facebook Home lock screen experience, marking the biggest modification since a dramatic shift in strategy that came after its once-bundled Android software package failed to move consumers.

The Home improvement, only available in the Facebook for Android beta application to start, gives application users the option to add streams of content from the third-party, image-rich social services to their smartphone lock screens. The release … Read more

Why there's still hope for Facebook Home (seriously)

Mark Zuckerberg insists that people still want Facebook Home. After this next shift in strategy, he may not sound so delusional.

Facebook Home, in case you need a refresher, was the social-networking titan's big push to take over the smartphone and firmly establish its presence in the mobile world. It failed. Badly. The collection of apps that made up Home barely resonated with consumers, and the only phone to come loaded with the software, the HTC First (colloquially known as the "Facebook Phone"), was a complete flop.

After all that, it would be easy to conclude that … Read more

How to use Feedly Web with keyboard shortcuts

Feedly Web has always supported keyboard shortcuts, but there were just a handful of them when Google first announced that Reader would be discontinued. With the latest update to version 17.1, Feedly Web now has 22 keyboard shortcuts in all.

If you want to zip around Feedly and save some time, here are the keyboard shortcuts in Feedly Web 17.1:


g then m : go to Today g then a : go to All g then l : go to Saved For Later shift+j : go to next feed/category shift+k : go to previous feed/category g then g : … Read more