Fake for Mac 1.8.9 Review

For users who perform advanced Web tasks, manually tracking pages can be time-consuming. Those users may find the automated functioning of Fake for Mac useful. However, regular users looking for a simple browser should look elsewhere.

Fake for Mac offers a free trial version, but its limitations and restrictions are unknown. The full version requires a $29.95 payment. While there was no native installer, the program downloaded and completed setup as expected. Upon startup the first things we noticed were the browser's menus, which were cluttered. The lack of instruction was a problem as well. The left menu … Read more

Fake Facebook pages promise free gifts in exchange for 'Likes'

A new hoax is making the rounds on Facebook, promising to give away expensive personal electronics items in exchange for a simple "Like."

One of the earliest examples of this hoax popped up a couple of days ago, inviting Facebook users to "Like" a page for a chance to be randomly picked to receive high-end headphones from Beats Electronics that allegedly couldn't be sold because they had been unsealed. Here is the text of the fake promotion:

We have got 1,239 boxes of Dre Beats and 250 Monster Beats By Dr Dre Studio Limited … Read more

Dubious Google Glass eBay auction hammered

It was right next to the auction for advance copies of the new self-help book on modesty co-authored by Anne Hathaway and Kanye West.

Following it was an exclusive right to bid on a pair of Kim Jong-un's basketball shorts.

At least that's what I imagine.

For some no-doubt enterprising being -- handle bla7kcat -- presented baying eBayers with the chance to look extremely silly walking down the street.

Yes, here was an allegedly genuine Google Glass headset up for auction.

Or at least that's what this person would have you believe. As The Atlantic reports, bla7kcat … Read more

Perfect Fake Webcam is far from perfect

When you hear the words "Fake Webcam," you might picture a cheesy plastic gadget that does nothing more than sit on top of your computer screen, pretending to be a Webcam, but most of the time it means software that simulates a Webcam feed using video files, images, screen captures, and other sources. Perfect Fake Webcam is such a tool. It can play video and still images over a simulated Webcam feed. Templates let you add backgrounds, frames, and animated themes to your video chat feeds, too. Perfect Fake Webcam is free to try for 30 days, though … Read more

Want a fake Facebook girlfriend? Here's how to get one

Some people are just unlovable. Or they seem to attract lovers who are one leg short of a stable table and cause them such misery that they have to consign them to history.

This would have been fine in olden times. They would have gone to a bar with a book, and drunk themselves quite silly.

But now there's Facebook, the all-encompassing, always-on repository of everything that is happening to everyone.

So being a singleton doesn't look good. It makes you look like the spare part that no one desires.

Thankfully, a group of very caring Brazilians has … Read more

Forge texts with Fake SMS Sender

A well-timed text message can really be a lifesaver. Whether you need one to get out of a boring situation or you need one to support a little white lie, Fake SMS Sender will help you out. It sends you a text whenever you need one that is sure to fool someone -- if that person doesn't look too carefully.

Fake SMS Sender app offers a very straightforward interface with the options to choose the time, date, and sender of any text. You can choose a random number or select one from your contacts and even send postdated texts. … Read more

How to spot fake user reviews while shopping online

It's Cyber Monday, and while you're busy shopping online, chances are you'll see lots of user reviews on various products. While the majority of those reviews do come from real users like yourself, who are passionate enough to share their opinions on a product, many of them could be fake, left by the vendors themselves to either promote their product or, in some cases, smear competitors.

While it's exceedingly difficult to absolutely prove that a review is faked, here are a few tips on spotting those that aren't from real users. These will come in … Read more

Fake Webcam simulates a real Webcam feed with video

Fake Webcam isn't a lump of plastic that looks like a Webcam but isn't; it's software that simulates a Webcam feed with video. It can capture your desktop, screenshots, and real Webcam feeds, too, and overlay videos with text and effects. You can use Fake Webcam like a real Webcam's feed, but this interesting tool has other capabilities, such as creating presentations, promotional materials, training videos, and manuals, and broadcasting them like your regular Webcam via social media and IM clients. It's free to try for 30 days with a nag screen and watermark on … Read more

Facebook adds job-search tool

Wednesday's CNET Update is working overtime:

Need a job? Log on to Facebook. The social network launched a jobs board with the Social Jobs Partnership app. It pulls in job listings from several services, including BranchOut, Jobvite and Monster. Facebook says half of U.S. employers are using the network during the hiring process.

Also in today's tech news roundup, Pinterest is letting existing profiles be turned into business accounts. Companies will be able to promote their content with the added benefit of verification badges and widgets for sharing.

There's a rise in malware disguised as daily deal e-mails. … Read more

Facebook pushes you to vote

Monday's CNET Update has the power:

The CNET New York office has reopened, and it's great to be back to give you today's tech news roundup:

- Apple sold 3 million iPads in the three days since new models went on sale. That number includes the sales of two models: the iPad Mini fourth-generation iPad. But the bulk of the sales are estimated to be for the smaller tablet.

- Tuesday is election day in the U.S., so prepare to be bombarded with voting reminders and peer pressure on social media. Facebook is making a big pushRead more