Box goes after Microsoft Office with new productivity tools

SAN FRANCISCO -- Box CEO Aaron Levie promised an improved and faster user experience with the launch of four new products Monday at its BoxWorks customer conference.

In addition to unveiling its integration of the recently acquired HTML5 document tool Crocodoc, Box boasted a ''dramatically improved" iOS mobile app that allows for working off line, new photo-viewing abilities, a new way to capture and share ideas, and a way to add context "to get more out of your information."

The mobile app will be out later this year.

"The cloud is still only becoming more ubiquitous,&… Read more

Galaxy disturbed by NSA director's 'Star Trek' office

If you're spending long hours in a stressful job, you need a positive work environment.

One way to achieve that is office design.

It is possible that the director of the National Security Agency, Gen. Keith Alexander, understands this fully. For initial reports in Foreign Policy said that while Alexander was leading the Army's Intelligence and Security Command, he commissioned an Information Dominance Center fashioned after the Starship Enterprise. Fortunately, an article in The Washington Post has since clarified that Alexander wasn't the person who commissioned the Trekkie-inspired office. (It was built before he took the job.) However, The Washington Post did add: "Not to say that he didn't revel in the futuristic command center's bells and whistles."… Read more

Box doubles free storage to 10GB, hits 20M users

Cloud storage service Box has doubled the amount of storage for personal use and added more business options, the company announced on Wednesday.

This means individuals who store files in the company's cloud for free have access to 10GB instead of 5GB. Box hopes more storage space will attract more consumers who will eventually bring their companies on board.

"This is an exciting and long-contemplated move, and the biggest change we've made to our offerings since 2010," CEO Aaron Levie wrote in a blog post.

It's a good move for Box if it wants to … Read more

Flickr founder plans to kill company e-mails with Slack

When Flickr co-founder Stewart Butterfield and his team realized that their online game Game Neverending wasn't going to be a hit, they turned the game's photo-sharing tool into a stand alone product -- and got lucky.

Flickr was a hit. It quickly caught the attention of Internet giant Yahoo, which bought the site for a reported $35 million in 2005.

Fast forward 8 years and Butterfield is at it again. His new company Tiny Speck, which employs much of the same team as before, shelved its online game Glitch last year. Now, they've taken the customized communications … Read more

Scratch Trek: DIY 'Star Trek' cat tree with carpeted Enterprise

Up until now, cats with "Star Wars"-fan families have had all the fun with custom-made cat condos and scratchers. Not to be outdone, a "Star Trek" fan has had a go at balancing the Force for our kitty companions with an Enterprise and Romulan ship cat scratcher.

Instructables user hatstand4510 has a cat named Saavik, because of course she has a cat named Saavik. She spent $150 on plywood, PVC pipe, connectors, bolts, sisal rope, and carpet.

The instructions walk one through the process, from cutting the pipe through wrapping the sisal rope. The result is a two-tiered cat tree with the Enterprise flying above a Romulan Bird of Prey.… Read more

Lyft sells carpooling business to Enterprise

Lyft, the car-sharing service that has cars sporting a pink mustache, is selling Zimride, its Web-based carpooling service, to car rental company Enterprise for an undisclosed amount.

Zimride, a separate business under the Lyft name, connects carpoolers for college and corporate campuses. With 350,000 users across 130 campuses, it's the largest ride-matching program in the country, according to a press release from Enterprise. The acquisition closed on Wednesday, but Lyft will help Enterprise expand Zimride's services through a transition period.

Zimride started in 2007 and uses people's Facebook information to make connections. The company renamed itself … Read more

Google sharpens ax for Chrome Frame

Google's controversial Chrome Frame, a secure Internet Explorer plug-in that fought to bring the modern Web to legacy versions of Internet Explorer, will soon be going the way of Reader, Wave, and other Google projects not deemed worthy of a future.

Chrome engineer Robert Shield wrote in a blog post on Thursday that Chrome Frame had outlived its usefulness. Basically, it wasn't being used. Google said that its lack of appeal was because the use of browsers that support modern Web site technology has advanced far enough beyond where it was in 2009, when Chrome Frame launched.

Gary … Read more

Hop aboard the spaceships seen in 'Star Trek'

From the USS Voyager to the many versions of the USS Enterprise, "Star Trek" featured an assortment of ships as the primary backdrop for each installment of the sci-fi series. Now you can view all of the main ships in one convenient gallery.

As the follow-up flick "Star Trek: Into Darkness" arrives in theaters this week, moviegoers young and old will once again follow the adventures of James T. Kirk (Chris Pine), Spock (Zachary Quinto), and the rest of the Enterprise crew. It's a new spin on an old story, a tale that will surely captivate the senses.… Read more

Watch out, Windows. Here's Chromebooks for kiosks

If you've got a brick-and-mortar business with a reason to have public computers, Google's got a Chromebook for you and it's not the high-end Pixel.

Google extended the new Chrome management console to Chrome OS on Tuesday in the hopes will make businesses think again about the expending some capital on the browser-based operating system.

The Chromebook management console will let businesses configure as many as "thousands" of Chrome OS-devices simultaneously, tweaking features such as setting default Web sites and Web apps, customized homepage branding, group policy creation, blacklisting sites and apps, configuring device inputs … Read more

IBM earnings fall short as mainframe deals slip

IBM's first quarter fell short of expectations as deals slipped into the second quarter. IBM's comments about a poor finish to the first quarter is becoming a common refrain among enterprise technology companies.

The company reported first-quarter earnings of $3 billion, or $2.70 a share, on revenue of $23.4 billion, down 5 percent from a year ago. Non-GAAP earnings for the first quarter were $3 a share.

IBM was expected to report first-quarter earnings of $3.05 a share on revenue of $24.6 billion.

CEO Ginni Rometty said that the company saw a strong start … Read more