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Links from Friday's episode of Loaded:

Facebook suffered a brief outage yesterday but came back up with new photo features

Apple announces that the Mac Store with apps for Macs will launch on January 6

Yahoo layoffs will apparently result in the shutting down of several Yahoo services

The European Union is deepening its investigation into anti-competitive practices by Google

New Google Maps for Mobile on Android comes with 3D and allows for offline directions

An update to Hotmail lets you surf certain Web sites right inside your e-mail

An official PlayStation app is coming soon for Android and … Read more

Yahoo slashing products like Delicious, MyBlogLog

Layoffs apparently aren't the only thing Yahoo is doing to slim down size and cut expenses: A screenshot from a company Webcast began circulating Thursday that claims the company will be shutting down Yahoo Buzz, MyBlogLog, Delicious,, Yahoo Picks, and AltaVista; as well as merging and consolidating a handful of other products like geolocation service Fire Eagle and event listing site Upcoming.

The screenshot was originally posted to Twitter by Eric Marcoullier, a former Yahoo employee who had been the founder of MyBlogLog, a Yahoo acquisition that will now be shuttered.

"Part of our organizational streamlining … Read more

Form over function

Xion Audio Player is a basic program that lets you play audio files. We'd like to give you more information about it--for example, tell you what kind of files it supports--but we honestly can't say. Although Xion Audio Player is functional, its functionality definitely takes a backseat to its design.

The program's interface isn't that great as far as we're concerned: it's somewhat sleek and plenty customizable, but its elements are a little too small for comfortable use. Important features such as the buttons that let you load files and manage playlists are disguised … Read more

Go social with these Wordpress plug-ins

With the help of plug-ins, you can extend the functionality of your Wordpress blog far beyond what's available to you when you add it to your server.

One of the best ways to get the most out of your blogs is through social plug-ins. These simple plug-ins can be added to your blog to help you connect socially with both your readers and their friends. They offer a fine way to build traffic to your site.

Go social with your blog

Add to Facebook If you want to make it easy for readers to syndicate your content to Facebook, Add to Facebook is the plug-in for you.

The plug-in provides a simple option at the bottom of each post, called "Share on Facebook." When the reader clicks on that link, they're immediately delivered to their Facebook page, showing a thumbnail of the image in your blog post, as well as the beginning of your post. If Facebook followers click on that link, they'll be delivered to your page. It's a neat utility. And it's a great way to share content through social channels.

Digg Digg Although its name might suggest that Digg Digg is a way to get readers to share your content with the popular social news site, it's much more than that.

Digg Digg allows you to add voting buttons to your blog. You can add a TweetMeme retweet button, a Yahoo Buzz button, and a "Submit to Reddit" option, along with your Digg button. The plug-in also allows you to decide where to place those buttons. You can choose the top, bottom, left, or right of your post.… Read more

Get it while it's cheap: Pinboard's revenue model

Pinboard is Maciej Ceglowski's Delicious competitor. Sort of. It's a one-man show, a feature-light but fast site for saving bookmarks and seeing what other people are saving, too, if you wish. It's easy to use, thanks to a collection of functional bookmarklets that do various things (I like the "read later" one). TechCrunch has a glowing review.

Unlike most tools in the category, Pinboard is not free. There's a one-time fee for getting access to the service, and the fee is going up. For every person that signs on, the fee rises a tenth … Read more

BOL 1034: Life is short, have pie

Radio Shack, as we mentioned yesterday, is changing to The Shack. But a good restaurant in Connecticut is also called The Shack and has pie. Radio Shack does not have pie. They lose. We also talk about Google dropping search share and the rumored new PS3.

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Buzz Out Loud interviews Aneesh Chopra, Obama's Chief Technology Officer

Google search share drops as Bing gains momentum

Misunderstandings abound … Read more

Yahoo's Delicious adds a little Twitter

Delicious, the social-bookmarking service owned by Yahoo, has unveiled home page changes that are intended to do a better job of showcasing links that are currently popular. Although Delicious isn't sharing the exact details of its algorithm, it apparently includes using the number of Twitter messages related to a given item.

Writing on the Delicious blog, Vik Singh, an architect at Yahoo, writes that "For this new Fresh homepage, our system displays recently bookmarked links and tweeted messages focused mostly on technology, web, politics, and media. Underneath the hood, Fresh factors several features into the ranking like related … Read more

Delicious Library for iPhone removed from App Store

Delicious Monster's Library for iPhone app--introduced as a companion to the company's popular Mac Delicious Library 2 application--was removed from the iTunes App Store on Tuesday due to conflicts with Amazon's Product Advertising API License agreement terms.

The announcement came from Delicious Monster CEO Wil Shipley, who relayed the bad news via Twitter. Apparently, the company was forced to remove the app because it uses Amazon application programming interfaces (APIs), thus giving it access to information stored in Amazon's database. Amazon prohibits this type of use in section 4e of the terms governing the use of … Read more

Yahoo adds Delicious data to search partnership

Yahoo has made a new variety of data available through its BOSS (Build Your Own Search Service) program, giving those using the search results access to what's going on at its Delicious site for storing and sharing Web address bookmarks.

BOSS lets others incorporate Yahoo search results onto their own sites, processing them and blending them with other data if desired and sharing resulting revenue with Yahoo from larger-scale partnerships. With the Delicious data, developers get access to information such as how many times a particular Web site has been bookmarked at Delicious, what tags people labeled it with, … Read more

Tweecious turns Twittered links into Delicious bookmarks

If you're looking for a really simple way to feed your Delicious account and keep track of all the links you've shared over Twitter, Tweecious is a fantastic tool for the lazy. This new Firefox add-on turns links you've included in Twitter messages into bookmarks for your Delicious library, and even tags everything for you.

Once you've logged into both accounts to provision Tweecious with access, it simply keeps an eye on what you've posted in Twitter and will send it over to Delicious. This also works retroactively, so you can have it slurp up … Read more