Chrome 32 Beta lets you try apps before you buy (or install)

Chrome 32 Beta has a useful feature that lets you launch apps from the Chrome App Launcher without first installing them.

If you are using Chrome 32 Beta and are running Windows or Chrome OS, you'll need to enable the experimental ephemeral apps flag to use this feature. To do so, head to this page:


The "Enable experimental ephemeral apps" line should be highlighted at the top of the page. Click the Enable link and restart Chrome.

Now, when you open the Chrome App Launcher, for any app that gets returned as a search … Read more

The Silicon Valley of 'Betas'

"Betas," Amazon's second original series, may stretch the truth when it comes to Silicon Valley, but it was dead serious about the wardrobe.

"The hoodie work on this show is spot on," said Joe Dinicol, who plays the leader of a band of tech-star wannabes in "Betas."

The show, which debuted Friday on Amazon Instant Video, turns to another industry town after Amazon's first series, "Alpha House," dove into Washington, D.C. With "Betas," Amazon put the spotlight on a city closer to home. Seattle-based Amazon was always mindful of getting Silicon Valley and the tech world right, said Evan Endicott, one of the creators and writers of the show. … Read more

Amazon debuts first original series 'Alpha House''s first original series, half-hour political comedy "Alpha House," is up and ready for any Amazon customer who wants to click and watch -- just don't count on a "House of Cards" type of binge, even if you pay for Amazon Prime.

Friday, Amazon kicked off the full season of "Alpha House." The show's pilot was up for all to see earlier this year, and in the last five months, that first episode has been available for any subscriber of Amazon Prime, the online retailer's $79-a-year service that includes … Read more

Amazon sets Nov. 15 release date for first original TV series

Amazon may be playing catch-up with Netflix on the original content front, but it's taking a different approach to releasing its homegrown TV series.

Amazon Studios -- the entertainment production arm of the e-commerce giant -- said Monday it will release the first three episodes of TV series "Alpha House" on November 15 and the same for "Betas" a week later. To see the remaining eight episodes, however, customers must sign up for an Amazon Prime subscription for $79 a year, which gives them access to Prime Instant Video and free, two-day shipping on many … Read more

Facebook announces 1M users on Android beta-testing service

Facebook on Friday announced 1 million daily active users on its Android beta-testing program, which gives developers access to the Android app before it's released, in an attempt to find bugs and provide feedback to the company's engineers.

In a blog post, the company said that the users are in 150 different countries, and that the goal is to make sure the app is stable among all the different Android devices on the market. Right now, users are testing the app on devices from more than 50 manufacturers.

The company also announced the Facebook for Android alpha-testing service … Read more

Create a shortcut to a Web app using Chrome Beta on Android

Last week Google released another build of Chrome Beta for Android. The normal bug fixes and refined features, as well as new issues were introduced in the public beta of Chrome. Perhaps one of the more interesting changes in the Chrome Beta is the introduction of a tried and true method for adding a shortcut to a Web site or Web app to your Android device's home screen.

Adding a shortcut is nothing new on Android, as we've shown you in the past, but the way it's implemented in this build (which will eventually make its way … Read more

Get beta access to Dolphin Browser for Android

The default Android browser may not offer the amount of features or shortcuts you'd expect on a mobile device. As Jason Cipriani pointed out in Twelve ways to customize your Android, you have the freedom to use another Web browser offered through the Google Play store. So which one should you pick?

Within the Android community, there are users who swear by one Web browser over another -- ChromeDolphin Browser, and Firefox being three of the most often mentioned. The current version of these Web browsers will likely suit your needs, but if … Read more

Guest browsing coming to Android Firefox

A slew of new features are being readied for the Android version of Firefox that will bring it closer to its more popular desktop counterpart.

Firefox for Android 25 Beta introduces the recent security addition to desktop Firefox called mixed content blocking, to help tighten mobile browsing security, and adds a guest browsing feature.

Guest browsing protects the primary user's history, open tabs, and bookmarks, while allowing the guest user to take advantage of browsing data that Private Browsing mode doesn't record. When the guest session closes, the browsing data gets deleted and the primary user's session … Read more

How to beta test new features in Twitter for Android

Remember when Facebook launched a beta program for its Android app? Using the Google+ and Play store program of allowing users to sign up and test features before implementing them in a stable version of the app seems to have been appealing to Twitter as well.

As first reported by Android Police, Twitter is running a beta-testing program for the Android app.

The process to sign up and request to take part in the testing is simple:

Visit this Google Group page and join the group.

After you've joined the group, visit this page and click on the "… Read more

Three gestures in Chrome Beta for Android that you need to know

One of the more annoying features in Chrome for Android is the swipe from the edge of the screen to change tabs. More often than not, this feature is accidentally triggered when you're trying to move around on a Web page, causing you to jump between tabs at random. It's frustrating.

Google has finally taken notice and is currently testing out some new features in the latest Chrome Beta build for Android users.

As pointed out by the Google Operating System Blog, the new gestures are designed to help provide a better user experience while you're using … Read more