Portable grill unfolds into a party

Like most guys, I like things that unfold into other things. If it assembles and disassembles into various parts and accessories, you got my attention. If those parts unfurl into a grill, then I'm sold. Unlatch it, unfold it, bend it this way then that, and you got yourself the means for a tailgate party anytime, anywhere.

The Picnic Time Portagrillo Portable Gas Grill features fold up legs and slide out trays that reveal to be a convenient grill. With 263 square inches of cooking real estate, the compact and easy-to-carry grill is the perfect accompaniment to tailgate parties … Read more

Get your BBQ on with a portable infrared grill

Once upon a time, children, teenagers, and young adults alike carried around with them portable record players. The idea was to pack up your player along with some 45rpm records, head over to a friend's house, and you had an instant dance party. This was before my time, but I always held a certain appreciation for the portability this afforded. Of course, now we have MP3 players and portable speakers galore that have streamlined the whole portability of music into a whole other realm, but that original appreciation is still prevalent in other fun devices.

While this Solaire Infrared Portable BBQ GrillRead more

Get the grill going with a press of a button

As the weather changes and we all start to get a little warmer, barbecues across the nation are going to be wheeled out of their hibernation spots. Getting the grill together requires perhaps a little cleaning, finding a suitable location, and of course, collecting all the accessories. I am always down for a barbecue, but that doesn't necessarily mean I am always ready for one. I keep my charcoal in one area, lighter fluid in another, and my utensils are scattered all about. While some people may have their grilling act together a bit more, I would certainly benefit … Read more

Grill Dome adds some headroom

Spring has almost sprung, and soon we will all be spending a great deal more time outside. If it's finally time to replace your aged and rusted grill, maybe you should try something new this grilling season. The Grill Dome is a ceramic grill based on an Indian tandoor clay oven. It is available in three sizes, with the largest and newest Infinity Seriescoming out this month.

The new Infinity Grill Dome comes in a variety of colors including green, red, copper, and blue. While the option to match to any backyard decor is nice, the real allure of … Read more

Grilling by numbers

Grilling can be a messy thing. We all know that. Just using charcoal and lighter fluid is sloppy enough, but when you consider the myriad of sauces, glazes, and marinades, it really becomes clear just how much of an ordeal it can be. Many opt for propane as a means to cook, thereby limiting at least some of the standard requisite mess.

Personally, for me, it is almost always worth it to suffer through a little mess for delicious grilled meats and vegetables. Messy or not, a good barbecue provides a unique way of cooking that's ingrained in all … Read more

Roast your own coffee on the barbecue

Coffee is an essential ingredient to life as we know it. Maybe not chemically speaking (at least until our next stage of evolution, that is), but it is definitely essential for our social interactions. If you are not a coffee drinker and you guffaw at that remark, just imagine if for one day all the coffee in the world disappeared. You might not feel any ill effects, but most of those around you certainly would. And they would let you know it.

In case you are not sure what I am talking about, I should let you know I ran … Read more

In the moooood for a cow-shaped grill?

Vegetarians and animal lovers might want shield their eyes.

Produced by Traeger Pellet Grills, the Lil' Pig and Longhorn Steer are here to remind grill masters that what they are cooking was once in cute farm animal form. And yet, who can resist a novelty grill that boasts digital thermostat control, EZ-drain grease system, and 418 square inches of cooking space?

Yet cooks who aren't thrown by the campy eyelash-clad, smiling-animal grills, may be deterred by the price tag. Most wood pellet grills are expensive (ranging from $600 to $2,500) and the cow and the pig grills will … Read more

Cool grilling--with water?

Wellbas is touting their water-cooled barbecue system as a new way to keep meat tender, juicy, and healthy. "In this system, water circulates through inside of grid grate and it regulates the temperature of grid, preventing charring meat on the grill." While you may share my hesitation with such a bold antichar statement, it should be noted that over charring food can create carcinogenic compounds. Add that to the fact that, according to Wellbas, overall fat is minimized by allowing it to escape through the uncharred food and it become clear that there is some serious reasoning behind … Read more

A barbecue in a bucket for dad

If dad's the sort who likes to throw an impromptu barbecue on the beach, but can't responsibly lug his 42-inch Twin Eagles premium grill with searing station to the shore, here's a suitable hibachi replacement: the bucket barbecue.

This "portable barbecue in an old-fashioned fire bucket" is designed by the folks at London-based Suck UK.

It's an homage to the time when firefighters used such buckets to toss water on fires "with their bare hands." The alternate use as a bare-bones grill is a great idea, and a perfect Father's Day … Read more

No dessert until you finish all of your bugs

A friend of mine has cockroaches in his house as pets. As confusing as his choice of pet might be to all of his friends, he just might be on to something. Cultivating microlivestock might just be the next big food movement.

Westerners have traditionally been squeamish about eating creepy crawlies, but perhaps it is time that has changed. The rest of the world has long since recognized and appreciated bugs for the protein source they are. Turns out, once-pesky critters can be considered a good source of vitamins and minerals too.

The UN Food and Agriculture Organization sites more … Read more