Pirates in the kitchen: Recipe copying 'rampant' online

Editors' note: The report cited in this article originally misstated the name of one of the Web sites studied. The correct Web site is

The next big copyright battle may be fought in the kitchen.

Content tracking company Attributor recently conducted a study to get an idea of how frequently online recipes are copied and reposted to other sites. What it found might concern some recipe publishers.

Attributor collected all the original recipes that appear on, and The software then checked those recipes against what was available elsewhere on the Web, looking … Read more

The Open Source CEO: John Roberts, SugarCRM (Part 11)

I've been highly gratified to see the response to this Open Source CEO Series. I've been impressed by the sincerity and wisdom most of the answers have revealed. Running an open source company at the beginning of the commercial wave is challenging.

Nowhere is this more true than with John Roberts, CEO of SugarCRM. I've known John for several years now, and can still remember first meeting him at an SDForum event (back in 2004, as I've described before). John, Clint, and Jacob approached me after I spoke on an open source panel and told me about their idea for an open source CRM company. I thought they were fools, because clearly open source wouldn't work in the application space.

Four years later, it's clear that I, not they, deserve the "fool" title.

In this eleventh installment of the Open Source CEO Series, John took time from his growing business to talk with The Open Road. John is a friend and someone I respect deeply. He has stayed focused and true to his ideal to make CRM easy to use and affordable to deploy.

Name, position, and company of executive John Roberts, CEO and Co-founder, SugarCRM.… Read more