Where did Flashback start? Blame the blogosphere

The Flashback outbreak has been one of the largest to hit the Mac platform to date, and while some estimates claim the number of Flashback-infected OS X systems has been swiftly dropping since its peak of 600,000 systems on around April 9, others suggest this may not be the case and the infection rate remains relatively high.

This development along with several other recent malware scams in the past few years has been a wake-up call for Mac users to mind their security; however, the security of the Mac platform and even others extends beyond the computer itself.

When … Read more

Three Android blogging apps to keep you mobile

Whether you already run a blog or you're thinking of starting one, this collection of apps is for you. Perhaps you're tired of being tethered to your computer, or you think you don't have enough time to blog because you're always mobile. Fortunately, these apps offer enough utility to get the job done. Read on to find the app that best suits your needs.


No doubt the most simplistic of the three, Blogger is Google's, well...blog platform. The app only has a couple of screens to look at, but that isn't always … Read more

WordPress.com to let bloggers earn money through ads

WordPress.com bloggers will now be able to earn a few bucks on their posts courtesy of advertising.

The popular blogging site is kicking off a new feature called WordAds, according to a blog posted earlier today by WordPress.com ads lead Jon Burke. Partnering with Federated Media, WordPress.com will display advertisements on qualifying blogs, letting their owners earn some cash from each ad.

WordPress, which Burke said signs up 50,000 new blogs every day, had apparently received requests over the years to allow advertising on the blogs created by its users, but resisted the temptation because of … Read more

'iWeb to Wordpress' converter offers potential for iWeb bloggers

One of the services that Apple offered when it initially released MobileMe was personal Web hosting, allowing users to create Web pages with Apple's iWeb program. While Apple will still be supporting its personal Web hosting service until June 30, 2012, the service will eventually be shut down. In addition, Apple's iWeb program has been discontinued, so while it still works, it too will sooner or later need to be replaced.

This situation will affect anyone who uses either iWeb or MobileMe hosting, but luckily there are a few options for people wanting to transition to alternative services … Read more

Three blogging apps for the iPad

There are surprisingly few blogging apps for the iPad. Sure, you can access your preferred blogging platform through Safari, but why aren't there more apps tailored to the iPad for bloggers? I've used three and have a definitive favorite among the trio. Below, I give a summary of each, and if you click the links, you'll get tutorials that walk you through using each app.

Blogsy The priciest of the bunch, Blogsy is still a reasonable $4.99. What elevates it above the others is how easy it makes it to add and manipulate photos and videos. … Read more

Google's Blogger gets a refresh

Blogger is rolling out a site-wide refresh today.

It's the first major overhaul of the Web-blogging service in several years. Details on the new look and feel, along with key feature updates, can be found on Blogger Buzz, the official voice of Blogger. Apparently, after taking into consideration a plethora of user feedback, "the entire editing and management experience" has been "rewritten from scratch" making the overall user experience "faster and more efficient."

Among the most significant changes: The post editor now gives users "a larger canvas for drafting and previewing" … Read more

Post to your blog from mobile devices

Who wouldn't want to blog for a living? Low pay, even lower esteem among your publishing peers, and the scorn of anonymous readers who aren't shy about telling you and the rest of the world what an idiot you are.

Yes, blogging is a career of the future, right up there with correctional officer and bankruptcy attorney.

Cynical? Moi? Actually, I've been blogging now for almost four years and I love it. Maybe somebody not named Arianna Huffington or Perez Hilton is making beaucoup dolares from a blog, but I haven't met that person. Still, money … Read more

Study: iPhone, Android apps store sensitive user info

Mobile apps are still not secure when it comes to storing certain personal information, according to a new study from security firm ViaForensics.

Dissecting a variety of apps for Apple's iOS and Google's Android, ViaForensics found that 76 percent of them store user names in cleartext without encryption, while 10 percent store passwords in the same way, making such data more vulnerable. Running a series of tests from November 2010 through June 2011, the security firm checked out apps from several categories, including financial, social networking, productivity, and retail.

Each individual app received a pass, fail, or warn … Read more

Blogging on the iPad: How to use WordPress

If you are looking to use your iPad as a blogging tool, WordPress is a likely starting point. After all, it's one of--if not the--most popular blog platform in the world. And the app is free. It's very easy to use, but in large part because it's very limited. In this brief tutorial, I will show you how to use WordPress on the iPad.

How to set a favicon for a WordPress blog

A favicon (short for "favorites icon") is the little graphic that Web browsers show next to the URL, bookmarks, and other places that help personalize and visually identify a Web site or blog. WordPress is a widely used blogging application that is available either as a service from WordPress.com or as an application you install and host, using your own hosting provider. I'll go over how to set a favicon for both types of WordPress blogs below.

Set favicon for WordPress blog service (WordPress.com)

WordPress.com users have the WordPress "W" logo as … Read more