Florida police use cameras to track cars in red-light districts

Please imagine that your live-in lover goes to get the mail and sees a letter.

She opens the letter and discovers images of your car and a warning. The letter insists that your car has been seen loitering with intent to solicit a prostitute and that you should never, ever, ever do it again.

Who has sent this letter? A concerned citizen? A former jealous lover? No, your local police force.

This is the scheme now illuminating the lives of the people of Sanford, Fla.

As ClickOrlando reports, the police have decided that they will use special license-plate-reading cameras to, … Read more

Hardly anyone admits to watching online porn

There are some things you won't readily admit, aren't there?

You occasionally have difficult thoughts involving Ryan Reynolds, Zeppelins, and clockwork mice.

Sometimes, you fantasize about walking into work in only your underwear and singing the French national anthem.

And then there's your predilection for sniffing people as they walk by.

But we've all reached the stage where we're prepared to admit that, very occasionally, we have viewed uplifting material of an adult nature on our portable devices. Haven't we?… Read more

Strip club sues Oracle over unpaid $33,540 tab

Corporate life involves a certain amount of carousing.

This is filed by accountants under the line-item "entertainment."

Sometimes, though, the bills get out of hand and the accountants' eyes boggle at the content.

This may have occurred when an Oracle employee allegedly ran up $33,540 of torrid expenses at San Francisco's salubrious New Century Theater.… Read more

BrdsNBz service lets teens text sex questions to a hotline

Oh, the birds and the bees. Not so long ago parents and kids alike would typically dread having "the talk" in all its analog, face-to-face glory. And while search engines have taken a load off in recent years, kids can get a lot of bad information -- or just run into a lot of porn -- if they ask their sex-related questions online.

So New Mexico has decided to join North Carolina in launching a free texting service called BrdsNBz that targets teens and their parents. The service promises that, within 24 hours of someone texting a sexual … Read more

Dr. Phil to Twitter: Is it OK to have sex with drunk girl?

Some questions you simply shouldn't ask. Especially in public.

One reason might be that the question is insulting and the answer is obvious.

Many seem to have felt that way about a tweet sent out by famed TV mind-helper Dr. Phil on Tuesday.

Dr. Phil often takes to Twitter to ask questions that might be the subject of upcoming shows.

This time, he tweeted: "If a girl is drunk, is it OK to have sex with her? Reply yes or no to @drphil #teensaccused."… Read more

The 404 1,321: Where we fake it til we make it (podcast)

Don't forget to leave a comment on this blog post to win your very own Powerrocks Rose Stone 6000mAh charger!

Leaked from today's 404 episode:

- Japanese photographer shows how to pretend you have a girlfriend on Instagram.

- "Spreadsheets" app gamifies your sexual experiences.

- Scum of the earth: Hackers overtake baby monitor camera, "shouts abuse" at baby.

- Would you buy a 'Useless plastic box'? Mysterious item appears in L.A. stores.

- Microsoft dumps Kinect link requirement for Xbox One.… Read more

Between the Spreadsheets: How good are you in bed?

Chemistry, like lovemaking ability, cannot be quantified.

Which doesn't mean that someone won't try to do it, just for hits and giggles, you understand.

Please, then, lie back and herald the coming of Spreadsheets.

Sadly, this is not an iPhone app that measures your Excel-lence. Instead, it offers you "Data. In Bed."

Honestly, I have friends who already do this. One tells me that a lady friend told him inflagrante delicto: "The data you're sending me is that this isn't quite doing it for you."

Yes, of course, she worked in finance.… Read more

Get 'em off! Man gets into a strip club wearing Google Glass

The heart of wearing Google Glass isn't merely the wish to be at the forefront of technology -- it's the excitement of seeing what you can get away with.

And so it was that last month New York web developer Patrick Hill decided he'd see if he could slide past the doorman of a strip club wearing Google Glass.

Accompanied by a New York Post reporter, Hill tried to enter the VIP club in Manhattan.

Subsequently, he posted the footage to YouTube, where, oddly, few have taken a look. So I thought I'd embed it here, … Read more

Apple sued because its devices display porn

And now for a steamy lawsuit.

A lewd, lascivious lawsuit that, though it lacks naughty close-ups, makes up for them in, some might say, naked gall.

For here is a legal demand that Apple should sell its products with a built-in antiporn filter.

Yes, a Tennessee lawyer is suing Apple because its products are exposing him to rottenness at his core.

I am excitedly grateful to Above The Law for bringing me some details of this suit against the birthday suit.

It seems that Chris Sevier, a lawyer of disputed age from Nashville, believes that Apple is so very negligent … Read more

App lets you show a doctor your, um, rash down there

Sometimes my CNET handlers like to challenge me. Or perhaps they're sending me a discreet message.

Today, for example, one of my knowing leash-pullers sent me details of an app he thought might interest me.

I took one look and wondered what he might have meant, for this was not something I would ever Pinterest.

You see, I now have set indelibly in my mind that there exists an app called STD Triage.… Read more