Rogue Safari gives extra oomph to your dSLR's pop-up flash (hands-on)

After spending hundreds of dollars on a new digital SLR, the last thing most people want to do is lay out more money for accessories.

Unfortunately, your dSLR's pop-up flash isn't good for much beyond lighting (or blinding) nearby subjects with a blast of direct light; little use to those who bought a camera with a kit lens that zooms past 100mm.

The Rogue Safari from ExpoImaging inexpensively addresses that problem by taking the available light from your pop-up flash and throws it beyond its normal range.

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Alcatel's colorful Android 'Pop C' phones pop up

Alcatel's family of entry-level Android phones is growing, welcoming at IFA 2013 quartet of new members with confusingly similar names into the expanding "Pop" series. You've got the Alcatel One Touch Pop C1, C3, C5, and C7. "C" what I mean about confusing?

As a general rule, the C1 is the smallest and simplest of the four smartphones, accruing size and hardware strength as you get to the One Touch Pop C7.

All four devices run Android 4.2 and target the young and young-at-heart with a curvy, youthful design that, in some incarnations, … Read more

Plants vs. Zombies 2 hits U.S. App Store

After years of hiatus, PopCap Games has released the long-awaited sequel to their smash hit with the appropriate title " Plants vs. Zombies 2: It's About Time." The original Plants vs. Zombies is one of the best-known, classic titles in the world of mobile gaming and has spawned a multitude of spin-offs, including a console release, a Nintendo DS version, a Facebook version, and even its own board game. PVZ2 promises much of the same action but with a new, quirky twist on the plot, including the ability to travel to new worlds (Ancient Eqypt and a pirate … Read more

Plants vs. Zombies 2 is a sequel that was well worth the wait

Plants vs. Zombies 2: It's About Time is finally available, and with new plants, themed worlds, and more of the same great gameplay, this classic tower defense game sequel does just about everything right.

The original Plants vs. Zombies was a huge hit when it came out for iOS devices in February 2010. After more than three years, PopCap has finally released the sequel as a free-to-play game, but don't let the freemium model scare you -- in-app purchases are not required to finish the game.

More of the same great gameplay The object of Plants vs. Zombies … Read more

Amazon could have an Android game console

CNET Update is gearing up for Android gaming season:

In this episode of Update:

- Get details on the latest report about Amazon working on a game system.

- Learn about the other Android-based consoles coming to the market, including the Nvidia Shield, which is said to be selling out in stores.

- Prepare for another Surface tablet, as Nvidia is hard at work on the sequel.

- Stream videos from an Apple mobile device to a Roku with the iOS app update.

- Know how to spot the ads in the Google Maps app for Android and iOS.

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FreedomPop mobile hotspot now supports Sprint's 4G LTE

FreedomPop's mobile hotspot service has finally jumped to 4G LTE.

FreedomPop hops onto Sprint's cellular network to provide its users with mobile Internet access. Until now, its service only supported Sprint's WiMax network. But the new $149 Freedom Spot MiFi 5580 hotspot kicks in support for the carrier's 4G LTE network.

The new mobile hotspot provides average speeds of 6 to 8 Mbps and peak speeds as fast as 15 Mbps, according to FreedomPop. Equipped with an OLED display, the 5580 can handle up to 10 wireless devices and run for 10 hours on a single … Read more

Review: Bubble Pops! is a slower, less interesting version of a familiar game

Bubble Pops! takes a familiar formula and repackages it in a three-colored experience that offers little or nothing new over other matching games in this genre. The result is a game you'll feel like you've played a hundred times before.

The concept is very familiar. Onscreen you'll find dozens of bubbles of three different colors. Tap a group of like-colored bubbles to pop and remove them from the screen. The rest then drop down to fill that space. However, where other games have restrictions on the minimum number of bubbles you can pop, or offer power-ups and … Read more

Review: PopBooth Photo Booth creates realistic photo collages

PopBooth Photo Booth is a very attractive app, with sleek menus and feature overlays, but not enough actual features to warrant heavy use. The core function of emulating the photo booth experience works well, but after creating your images, there simply isn't enough to the app to keep you engaged. Most images are better off being exported to another app for editing, something PopBooth does not support.

When you start PopBooth Photo Booth, it will default to front-facing camera and you can tap the "Camera" button to start the process of taking a photo. It will count … Read more

Could Google be next with a game console?

CNET Update hearts it:

In this episode of Update:

- Preorder a GamePop by Sunday to get it for free, or else get the GamePop Mini free with a subscription.

- Prepare for a Nexus Q comeback if Google relaunches it as an Android-gaming console.

- Leave your evening plans in the hands of Max, the new Netflix suggestion feature.

- Catch a glimpse of Android 4.3 leaked screenshots.

- Ditch the extra cable box this summer with Time Warner Cable's live TV app on Xbox.

- Bid farewell to the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet, which isn't getting an upgradeRead more

Review: FilePop offers cool, unique features for video conversion

FilePop is one of the better video converters on the market, and has some neat extras in it, too. It has a very clean, attractive layout, tons of statistics, and even a built-in YouTube downloader. Its impressive speed really pushes it over the edge, making it one of the best converters you can find.

This download organizes file types based on what gadget uses them. It's a neat feature, but it would be nice if you could change what files were associated with each device. As for actually converting, FilePop is faster than many other downloads on the market. … Read more