The 404 716: Where we're thankful for enhanced pat-down searches (podcast)

It's the last day of the week for us! Mark Licea joins us today to fill in for the day before Thanksgiving. We hope all of your enjoy your new TSA-approved enhanced pat-downs when you're flying to see your loved ones. Justin isn't even leaving the city, but he's making daily trips to the airport to meet his special security officer.

Speaking of the TSA screenings that have become all the rage on the news these days, Jeff thinks that it's the dearth of news in American media that is letting the issue blow up on cable news and across the Web. In part, Wilson agrees given that the new regulations, backscatter (cool name for a band) X-ray scanning machines and pat-down searches have been planned for months. While the general populace might be a bit surprised by the new TSA regulations, Wilson doesn't believe it makes it right to be photographed through our clothes just because we want to fly.

In happier ramblings, The 404 does give thanks for the privilege of essentially shooting the tech-and-culture crap with each other on a daily basis. It's something we're truly thankful for, and we'd love nothing but to share our love for our loyal and growing listener base.

Jeff, being Jeff, though, has to interrupt the flow of happiness to talk a bit about the blackout for the New York-New Jersey region when it comes to the NHL's new GameCenter service, which lets fans watch games and replays. The big exception that really irks Jeff is that the service won't let him watch his beloved New Jersey Devils! Wilson and Mark really couldn't care less.

Any way, we won't be having a show tomorrow or Friday, due to the Thanksgiving holiday, but be sure to e-mail us or call in at the usual 1-866-404-CNET (2638), and let us know what you're thankful for. Maybe it's that new tech gadget or Wilson's laugh? Let us know.

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NHL GameCenter Live arrives on PS3, Boxee, Roku

National Hockey League fans now have three more ways to watch their favorite teams play live.

The NHL announced today that its game-streaming service, GameCenter Live, has made its way to the PlayStation 3, Boxee, and Roku set-top boxes.

GameCenter Live allows customers to watch 40 out-of-market NHL games live in HD each week. The app offers the ability to watch entire games up to 48 hours after they were played. In addition, GameCenter Live provides access to over 500 classic games from the NHL Vault.

The PlayStation 3 version of GameCenter Live is available for download on the PlayStation … Read more

The 404 682: Where we face-off with Eklund (podcast)

Do not attempt to adjust your picture- today's guest on The 404 Podcast prefers to remain anonymous, even using the pseudonym "Eklund" to protect his sources. Still, there's no way to hide to the giant grin on Jeff's face because Eklund grants us the favor of his first ever video interview, and it's an insider's look at sports blogging and how technology is shaping the future of media.

There's no doubt that he's the expert, either-- Eklund is the founder and CEO of Hockeybuzz.com, a hockey fan's best friend for news, season predictions, game day updates, and more!

But none of us seem to mind that Eklund hides his face on camera, because he brought over his GTR Pedal board that he brings to every game- it's basically a portable broadcast center that allows him to maintain his Twitter page and blog posts, and there's no other way to describe it than straight up NERD PORN (<---click that).

The beautiful spread includes four Apple iPod Touches, an HTC Evo 4G for tethering and Qwik live broadcasts, a Toshiba dual-screen Libretta, an iPad with an AIDA case that has a built-in BT keyboard, a Pico mini projector, a Palm Pre, a Clear Wi-Max modem and router, a Windows tablet PC, and a Snowball mic for podcasting on the run! Our number one recommendation for his next purchase? A full-time bodyguard.

Eklund is truly on the bleeding edge of hockey blogging, and as he tells us stories from the Olympics we begin to understand how the future of media is tenderly shaped by his near-bionic hand. Apparently security at the Olympics weren't thrilled with Eklund broadcasting footage (firsties!) using just his Evo 4G and Qik, the provider for the Evo's video chat application, but Eklund imagines a world where every fan will have the technological ability and the NHL's sanction to record live events from alternate angles, providing a unique perspective on the game play.

There's plenty more we talk about with Eklund, but you'll have to listen to the entire episode to hear the rest of his insights...or, if you're in the New York area, drop by our Fall Meetup tonight to meet Eklund in person--he'll be the guy wearing a full-body radiation suit. We'll all be hanging out at 7:30 p.m. at the Frying Pan bar at the Chelsea Piers. See our 404 Meetup.com page for more details, and don't forget to RSVP!

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NHL gaming wrap-up

This season the hockey world is being presented with a trio of titles, including the first-ever EA-published hockey game on the Nintendo Wii. There's a lot of puck talk to come, so hop over the boards with us as we skate through each of the games in our hockey video gaming wrap-up for 2010.

NHL 11 (PS3, 360) For some time now, EA's NHL series has set the tone for realistic hockey simulation. The franchise's groundbreaking deke-stick control propelled the game into a level of authenticity that a hockey title hadn't been able to achieve prior. With NHL 11, mostly everything we've come to love and expect remains in tact, we're just not sure how long these subtle updates and improvements will continue to dazzle fans of the sport.

This year, EA has focused mostly on tweaking existing gameplay. That said, there a few notable additions we really enjoy like accidental stick breaks, new deke moves, a more natural and realistic body-checking system, and the ability to "cook" a pass for more power.

The overall speed of the game does feel a bit slower this time around, which we believe was done to increase realism. EA says the game utilizes a new physics system, and though it's definitely noticeable with body checking, we don't think it's that apparent with the puck. We may be nitpicking here, but at times we wish it would flutter more or bounce around on its end. When it stays horizontal too much, we think the game loses some of the unpredictability of the sport.… Read more

Console hockey on your iPhone

2K Sports NHL 2K11 brings console-like hockey gameplay to your touch screen and manages to pull it off well, with only a few minor annoyances. If you've played console hockey games, you'll feel right at home; pick from any of the NHL licensed teams (with all your favorite players) and hit the ice for an Exhibition game, play an entire 82 game season, or you can practice in the Free skate and Shootout modes. There is no multiplayer option in NHL 2K11 (Wi-Fi or otherwise), but hopefully that's slated for later versions.

The control system consists of … Read more

Make collages and play ice hockey: iPhone apps of the week

When I bought my 32GB Wi-Fi only iPad, one of the first apps I downloaded was Netflix. With the added screen real estate and the capability to use the Netflix Watch Instantly library, the iPad became a great device to watch a movie on the go. I quickly found that the iPad-Netflix combo also works great as a personal movie screen when the rest of the people in the house are watching something else.

Just this week, Netflix announced they updated the Netflix app to work on the iPhone and iPod Touch devices. Now, along with being able to update your Netflix queue while away from your computer (previous iPhone app functionality), you'll be able to watch full-length movies and TV shows right on your iPhone as long as you're a Netflix member. The free Netflix app even works work connected via a 3G network,  so you can watch on your commute or really anywhere as long as AT&T's 3G coverage is strong in your area.

With the iPad I think this functionality made a little more sense because of the size of the screen. I wonder whether watching movies and TV on the iPhone is something that will really take off. Let me know in the comments what you think about watching Netflix on your iPhone. Will you use it?

This week's apps include a photography app that lets you organize multiple images into a collage and a big-name ice hockey game that's both fun and loaded with features.… Read more

EA nabs Wayne Gretzky for debut Wii hockey title

Today, EA Sports has announced a new hockey franchise for the Wii called NHL Slapshot. Debuting as the game's first cover athlete is Wayne Gretzky, the greatest player the sport has ever known. NHL Slapshot looks to be a more approachable way to play a hockey video game, as it will include a unique hockey stick controller when it ships this September.

With EA Sports' NHL 10 being voted best overall sports game of last year, it's a bit shocking that the company has never released a hockey title for the Nintendo Wii. Though 2K Sports has found … Read more

Virtual hockey boss

Step into the shoes of a General Manager of an ice hockey team with GM Hockey 2009. You can manage your own fantasy hockey team with it. You can pick players and coaches, conduct public relations, and more.

You have to create a username and password to use this program, but it's easy to do, and you can start playing as soon as you're logged on. The interface is dynamic and easy to read. This program has a lot of features and information, all well organized. The Help file covers how to play the game and details like … Read more

The 404 430: Where we Microsoft Courier your enthusiasm

We couldn't record today's Podcast without spending a little time on Gizmodo's big unveiling of Microsoft's secret tablet PC. The blog is reporting that even though our first inclination is to call it a tablet, it's really more of a booklet, with two 7-inch(ish) screens with multitouch, a 3MP camera on the back, and a fancy stylus for clicking, writing, dragging, and drawing. In typical 404 fashion, we have to poke fun at the fact that while a long plastic pen is very innovative, we wish it had fully functioning voice recognition, but as we've seen from the Google iPhone app, that technology will likely never be perfected. In the meantime, it looks like the Microsoft booklet will materialize before the fabled Apple tablet.

Speaking of Apple, Wilson and I are very psyched for Google to finally release push e-mail support on Google Sync for the iPhone. This means there will always be a connection to Google's servers to keep your mailbox up to date. There's no additional application necessary, just head to m.google.com/sync from your computer and follow these instructions.

If you're a long-time 404 listener, you'll remember a few months back when my iPhone camera stopped working and the Apple Genius at the store told me that my phone had somehow been submerged in water, judging by the indication on the external water sensor. Well as it turns out, that liquid sensor is a filthy liar. There are actually two liquid sensors on the phone, an internal and an external, which more often than not, tell contradicting stories. If a Genius sees the external one is triggered, the official Apple protocol tells them to report that the warranty is now void and Apple is no longer responsible for fixing the damaged phone. More importantly, the protocol says not to open iPhones and check the internal sensor. If you've had a similar experience, we want to hear about it, but you should also head back to the Apple store and ask them to open up the phone and double-check it. Who knows, you might leave with a brand-new iPhone.

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Get your sports fix here

If it's a crisp-looking score-tracking app you're looking for that follows major international sports associations and leagues, you've come to the right place. The free Sportacular is abound with current standings and scores that automatically update every 30 seconds when there's a game on. The flood of stats is easily navigated and read thanks to well-placed tabs and menus. You can view updated stats by player and by team, and you can even create and track your own fantasy team.

Sportacular also keeps you up-to-date on the sorts universe with RSS feeds from ESPN, Yahoo, and … Read more