Museum of Science Fiction might be coming to DC

Trekkies and wanna-be Mars colonists might soon have a permanent brick-and-mortar place to convene and share their love of all things science fiction.

On November 4, a group in Washington, DC, announced plans for a Museum of Science Fiction. Comprised of sci-fi artists, entrepreneurs, law professors, and a former NASA program manager, the groups says it will soon begin creating a storefront preview space to open in late 2014. That space will serve as the precursor to a larger, permanent space slotted to open in 2017. … Read more

Google Street View drives into the Lamborghini Museum

There's to be no stone unturned, apparently, by the team at Google Street View. The most recent awesome landmark to get a virtual tour courtesy of its off-road cameras is a sacred site for many car fanatics: the Lamborghini Museum at the company's headquarter town of Sant'Agata Bolognese in the north of Italy.

The Street View page allows users to access a 360-degree tour of 16,000 square feet of museum across two floors, including famous cars such as Miura, Countach, Diablo, and Murcielago, as well as prototypes, limited editions, one-off models, racing cars, V12 powertrains, and marine engines.

Also in the museum, you'll be able to see the Reventon, which was limited to just 20 models, as well as two museum-exclusive cars: the Estoque and the Sesto Elemento. … Read more

40 Bowers & Wilkins speakers and the art of sound

Most "sound art" installations leave me cold, mostly because they rarely sound good, and a lot of tech-oriented "art" is more about tech than art. Not this time. When I attended the opening party for "The Forty Part Motet" at The Cloisters on Tuesday, the sound was truly glorious. The artist, Janet Cardiff, took full advantage of the acoustics of The Cloisters' Fuentidueña Chapel. She specified 40 Bowers & Wilkins DM303 speakers (which are no longer in production) for the installation, and they literally "play" the Chapel's acoustics. The … Read more

Itch at first bite: Researchers capture unnerving video of mosquitoes feeding

In the dead heat of summertime here in Georgia, it's nearly impossible to walk more than 10 paces without a hungry mosquito latching onto you. Bloodcurdling footage, captured by French researchers, delivers an extremely close view of what exactly happens when a skeeter strikes -- and after watching, you may never want to go outside again.

Let's get this out of the way first: The following horrifying videos -- full of mosquito mouth parts moving in ways you probably never imagined -- aren't a high-tech peepshow designed to freak you out.… Read more

Slides, whales, and tunnels, oh my: A 'museum' like no other

ST. LOUIS -- Other cities may be better known for their art scenes, or their architecture, their planetariums, or their parks. But nowhere else has anything quite like the playground meets science fair meets historical architecture meets circus show that is the City Museum.

The brainchild of internationally known artist Bob Cassilly, the City Museum could hardly be less like what its name implies. Though there are paintings, historical artifacts, and educational exhibits, it's hard to imagine another museum whose director describes his job as "I build slides for a living. How hard is [that?]" … Read more

Faithful 3D replicas bring Van Gogh classics to life

Chances are good you'll never be able to own an original Van Gogh, but thanks to a new technique developed by Fujifilm Belgium, a faithful reproduction could be in the cards.

Called Reliefography, the technique uses a combination of scanning and printing technologies to re-create a work of art, faithfully replicating the size, color, brightness, and texture of the original work. It goes beyond the front of the canvas, though -- the detailing extends to the back, where all labels and stamps have been re-created in detail.

The five reproductions in a collection called "Relievo," created in collaboration with the Van Gogh Museum, are "Almond Blossom" (1890), "Sunflowers" (1889), "The Harvest" (1888), "Wheatfield Under Thunderclouds" (1890), and "Boulevard de Clichy" (1887). … Read more

B-2s, B-52s, and the plane that ended World War II

DAYTON, Ohio -- It's hard to stand in front of the B-29 Superfortress and not be awed by its history.

Deep inside the National Museum of the United States Air Force at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base here, visitors can come face to face with Bockscar, the plane that dropped Fat Man, the atomic bomb that leveled Nagasaki, Japan, on August 9, 1945, effectively ending World War II.

The museum has what is likely the most impressive collection of military aircraft in the world. Spread across three gigantic hangars, plus a section filled with missiles, and both a collection of … Read more

Forget Comic-Con, superhero central is in Indiana

ELKHART, Ind. -- Comic-Con in San Diego? Who needs it? I've got the Hall of Heroes Superhero Museum.

Even as tens of thousands of people were descending on San Diego for Comic-Con this week, I took another path to superhero nirvana, stopping in on Road Trip 2013 at what is probably the best comic book and superhero museum in the world.

Home to 55,000 superhero comic books -- including every Marvel book ever printed and every DC book since 1956 -- as well as 10,000 toys and more than a hundred pieces of original superhero art, this … Read more

Google tackles Rubik's Cube with museum partnership

Google has acquired a taste for the museum business, it appears.

It's brought high-resolution reproductions of many works of art online, added museums to Google Maps' Street View, and built an interactive animation Web site called This Exquisite Forest for the Tate Modern in London.

Now it's getting a bit deeper, becoming the "lead creative partner" in a traveling exhibit called "Beyond Rubik's Cube" with the Liberty Science Center in Jersey City, N.J.

Word of the project trickled out on Google+ on Rubik's birthday on Saturday. Rubik himself joined Google+ on Thursday. … Read more

Karen Finley wants to turn your sexts into art

Do you consider yourself a sexting master (or mistress)? If so, artist Karen Finley wants u, u sexy beast.

Finley -- a well-known and sometimes controversial performance artist -- is planning a series of paintings inspired by sexts. The works will be displayed later this month in New York's New Museum as part of an interactive installation called "Sext Me if You Can."

If you're wondering how that beloved cleavage shot would look like on a canvas above your couch, be advised that not just any of your favorite sexy missives or nudie pics will do.

Interested sexters will be asked to pay between $200 and $500 for a 10-minute private, anonymous on-site sitting during which they'll get access to a private phone number created expressly for sending Finley sexts. The message will, in turn, serve as the inspiration for a painting, or series of paintings, created by the artist in a temporary studio set up in the New Museum lobby and displayed from May 23-26. … Read more