Foursquare gives out unsolicited tips on iPhone

Foursquare is releasing a new version of its application for iPhone that will deliver suggestions on what to eat, see, or do at or near your current location before you have to ask for them.

Thursday, the place-centric social network has put a passive location feature for tips that are delivered unsolicited in version 6.4 of its iOS application, which also comes with a slightly refreshed design, for some of its users.

The feature, which the company is now calling "real-time recommendations," works in the background on your smartphone, paying attention to your device's movements to … Read more

Got a craving? Foursquare shows you where to find a specific dish

Foursquare is improving the local search capabilities of its Web and mobile applications by enabling people to search for specific menu items, the company announced Monday.

With the feature, rolling out now, members can query Foursquare to find a particular dish that they desire. The application will scour a collection of 43 million menu items at 500,000 eateries, as sourced by menu partners Locu and SinglePlatform, and return results of nearby restaurants where the item in question is on the menu.

Menu item search will come in handy for the super picky eater or person with a specific craving. … Read more

Foursquare touts 40M users in bid for renewed relevancy

Foursquare hasn't shared a ton of good news since it took on $40 million in debt last April. But things are looking up for the location-based social network as it begins to wrap its head around advertising and expand its geolocation service's core features.

As of last week, Microsoft may be considering a strategic investment, and now Foursquare has some strong numbers -- 40 million users to be exact -- to bolster its claims of good health. That's a huge step up from the generally quoted 35 million user base that Foursquare has touted officially all year. … Read more

Foursquare's new app forgoes check-ins

CNET Update follows the blue line:

In this episode of Update:

- Prepare for the day when you never need to open the Foursquare app to get push alerts and tips about your location.

- Follow conversations on Twitter with the new blue line (which has some users seeing red.)

- Quickly flag abuse on Twitter with the updated report button.

- Video chat with friends in 720p HD on Google Hangouts.

- Set up the Chromecast streaming stick with an iOS app, not just from the Web or Android app.

- Update the Flickr iOS app for new filters and free editing features. … Read more

Microsoft considers investment in Foursquare, says report

Microsoft and other large technology companies are said to be exploring a stake in Foursquare though a strategic investment, according to Bloomberg. Foursquare and Redmond-based software giant are in late-stage discussions but a deal is not yet certain, sources told Bloomberg.

The social network that centers around places is doing better than expected on the revenue front, putting it in a position to not only garner a substantial investment from a tech titan or two, but also negotiate equity terms with investors in its $41 million debt round, according to the report.

Foursquare declined to comment.

"I think we'… Read more

Heading someplace new? Foursquare wants to give you the lowdown

There's something magical about the "Dreaming Princess Cake" Dennis Crowley shared in a photo on Instagram earlier this week. For reasons unknown, Crowley is not ready to share what makes this cake so special. Instead, the Foursquare co-founder and CEO is prepared to put a version of his application into people's hands that he believes will give life to moments just as enchanting.

Thursday, the social network that pivots around places will make available a passive location feature to roughly 2,000 of its 35 million users and experiment with proactive recommendations. It amounts to a … Read more

Never run out of new places to go, thanks to Foursquare

For some, Foursquare is a game in which you earn points by checking in to beat your friends to the highest weekly score. For others, it helps keep track of the places you go and find new spots worth visiting. The Foursquare app for Windows Phone caters to the latter group, by making its search and discovery features the main attraction.

The current Foursquare for Windows Phone app has come a long way from its first release, which was missing features found in the iOS and Android versions. The app got a refresh in May 2013, and has become a … Read more

Foursquare lets businesses boost their profiles in search

Forget McDonald's and Macy's, small businesses can now pay Foursquare to make their ads appear higher in search results.

Foursquare announced Tuesday that it was rolling out self-serve ads for small businesses, with the goal of letting users discover new locales they normally wouldn't know about. The way it works is businesses pay a little extra for the self-serve ads and then their profiles are ranked higher in user search results.

"The idea behind these new ads is simple -- connect people looking for somewhere to go with businesses that want to drive traffic to their … Read more

Foursquare to continue check-in ads at Comic-Con International

After an understated launch with Toys R Us and Captain Morgan, Foursquare's newest ad unit, the post check-in ad, will make a much louder splash at Comic-Con International: San Diego.

Starting Wednesday, the location-based social network will show a select number of people who check-in on Foursquare at the San Diego Convention Center an advertisement for a free movie ticket to "The To Do List," a comedy that opens in theaters on July 26.

The post check-in ad, which doubles as an offer, comes from the film's production company, CBS Films, and theater-owner Regal Entertainment Group. (… Read more

AT&T's Next plan doesn't add up

CNET Update does the math:

In this episode of Update:

- Learn why AT&T Next, a no-contract early-upgrade option, is a costly way to upgrade a phone, and you'll be better off sticking with a contract. Next is not the same as T-Mobile's Jump upgrade plan, which also works as insurance for phone damage.

- Claim a new Yahoo ID now, as Yahoo is recycling abandoned usernames.

- Watch for Foursquare's new ads that appear after a check-in.

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