'Star Wars Rebels' gets propaganda poster treatment

"Explore the Galaxy," the poster reads. "Join the Imperial Navy."

Clearly, this is a propaganda poster, along the lines of what Americans might have seen plastered on walls everywhere during World War II. But, no, this isn't imploring people to join the US Armed Forces. It's urging people to join the evil Empire.

Lest anyone think that's an anti-Soviet reference, it's not. Rather, this is all about the "Star Wars" universe. In this case, it's specifically a reference to Lucasfilm and Disney's new TV show "Star Wars Rebels.&… Read more

Leia, Han, and Luke to hit new 'Star Wars' set this spring

It's unclear if they'll be arriving onboard the Millennium Falcon, but Carrie Fisher, Harrison Ford, and Mark Hamill will be hitting the set of "Star Wars Episode VII" this spring.

According to TV Guide, Fisher said that she, along with Ford and Hamill, will be arriving on set to reprise their roles as Princess Leia, Han Solo, and Luke Skywalker, respectively, in March or April.

But in a Reddit Ask Me Anything today, Hamill would not confirm his involvement in the film.

Will they look the same on-screen when the film opens in December 2015 as … Read more

Internet pay-TV is coming. Will you care?

To hear television companies describe it, no plot is more predictable than the arrival of a Web-based TV provider.

"Somebody's going to come over the top," said David Zaslav, the head of Discovery Channel- and TLC-parent Discovery Communications, using the phrase for delivery of TV over the Internet. He made the comments last month at a UBS investor conference, where the financial chief of Disney said its arrival was a certainty and the chief of MTV's and Nickelodeon's parent, Viacom, gave it "a very strong chance" of arriving in 2014.

It has long … Read more

Who decides 'Star Wars' canon? Meet the Story Group

With news of Marvel taking back the reins of "Star Wars" comics, and the new film edging closer to its 2015 debut date, many fans are anxious to learn the fate of some of their favorite characters in what's referred to as the Expanded Universe (comics, books, and games).

According to recent reports by blogs such as Bleeding Cool and The Hollywood Reporter, Lucasfilm and Disney have a brand-new committee of employees called the Story Group whose job it is to tackle the rancor monster known as the "Star Wars" canon. … Read more

Disney uses the Force to snatch 'Star Wars' from Dark Horse Comics

At the end of "Revenge of the Sith," the newly reborn Darth Vader screams an anguished cry, "Noooooooooooo!" It wouldn't have been surprising to hear that same pained response to the injustice of the world in the halls of Dark Horse Comics this morning, too.

A long time ago -- 1977, to be precise -- in a galaxy closer than you think, Marvel Comics began publishing "Star Wars" comic books. The series ran for 107 issues, finally becoming one with whatever Force comic book licenses merge with at the end of their lives … Read more

Official Star Wars Tumblr tackles lighter side of Dark Side

It was only a matter of time before Darth Vader, Luke Skywalker, R2-D2, and the rest of the gang from a galaxy far, far away invaded Tumblr. While beloved "Star Wars" characters have shown up in millions of memes, animated GIFs, and probably quite a few fan fiction entries on the popular blogging site, this week marks Vader's official presence thanks to Lucasfilm and Disney Interactive.

Earlier this month, Lucasfilm finally joined Instagram with none other than a Darth Vader selfie. The official Star Wars Instagram now has more than 204,400 followers. … Read more

Build your own starship with new 'Star Wars' combat game

Ever wanted to pilot a X-wing fighter or a TIE Interceptor? Well, you soon can with Disney Interactive's new Star Wars: Attack Squadrons online game.

The entertainment giant announced Tuesday that it's releasing a closed beta version of this new combat game in early 2014 and fans can sign up to test it.

Star Wars: Attack Squadrons will be a multiplayer battle game that will be free to play online when out of beta. Part of the idea of the game is to let players customize and make special modifications to their "Star Wars" starships.… Read more

Disney princesses get 'Star Wars' makeovers

My appreciation for Disney princesses is at an all-time high at this very moment thanks to artist Ralph Sevelius and his reimagining of the animated ladies as if they were dropped into the world of "Star Wars."

The bright colors of the illustrations say "Disney," but the lightsabers and glowing eyes are all "Star Wars." Sevelius' princesses aren't just a bunch of Jedi do-gooders -- they also take on the sinister aspects of the Sith. Elsa from Disney's recent hit "Frozen" gets all Sithy with a red light saber, yellow eyes, and a serious attitude adjustment.… Read more

'Star Wars' auditions: Yoda-worthy advice from the pros

Think you have enough midi-chlorians to be in the new "Star Wars" film? Perhaps you're the droid director J.J. Abrams is looking for? Or maybe you just want to test out your best impression of Jack Lemmon imitating Chewbacca?

Open auditions for the new "Star Wars" film started Saturday in Bristol, England, but with long lines turning people away, Lucasfilm is now accepting video applications through Cast It Talent's Web site

The site reveals generic bios of characters that most likely will not be exactly the same in the movie (Abrams undertook a similar style of casting with his 2010 film "Super 8"). … Read more

Roku adds WatchESPN and Watch Disney channels

Roku recently passed the 1,000-channel mark and that list is about to get even longer.

Roku announced today that WatchESPN, Watch Disney, Watch Disney Junior, and Watch Disney XD will be added to the company's streaming boxes. It's a bit of catchup for the company, as the same collection of apps were added to its main competitor, the Apple TV, earlier this year.

The new apps bolster Roku's live video offerings, as WatchESPN offers access to live TV from ESPN, ESPN2, ESPNU, ESPN 3, ESPN Deportes, and ESPN News, plus additional on-demand content; Watch Disney also … Read more