Grey and inactive menu items in Adobe Photoshop CS5

An ongoing issue with Adobe Photoshop CS5 that a few people are experiencing is the menu items will not work and instead will appear greyed out after a while of using the program. In some instances only a subset of menu options will be inactive, but in other instances the full menu set will not work.… Read more

Teach yourself two of Photoshop's new tricks

Two of the best new and improved features in Photoshop CS5 are the new content-aware fill feature and the overhauled high-dynamic range tools. Available in both Photoshop CS5 basic (Windows | Mac) and Photoshop CS5 Extended (Windows | Mac), the two tools enhance features that Photoshop has already had in ways that make them more useful and easier to use.

In the first video, we cover how to use the content-aware feature to remove both small objects, such as telephone wires, and large objects, such as an entire person.

In the second video, we go over the massive changes made to the … Read more

Photoshop CS5 gets new lens fixes, raw support

Adobe Systems has released the final version of an update to its new Photoshop CS5 that gives the program the ability to automatically correct lens flaws while editing raw images.

Photoshop CS5 already could correct geometric distortion, vignetting, and chromatic for ordinary image files, but the Camera Raw 6.1 plug-in lets photographers do the same with the Photoshop module geared specifically for handing raw images from higher-end cameras. The update, released Tuesday, is on the Adobe.com update site.

Raw images taken directly from camera sensors offer more flexibility and quality than JPEGs that have been processed by the … Read more

Even old master Photoshop can learn new tricks

Unlike its predecessor, which didn't really offer much in the way of new features but overhauled its look, Photoshop CS5 (Windows | Mac) leaves the interface practically untouched to focus on major feature improvements.

The big changes include automatic lens correction, better high dynamic range processing, content-aware filling, "intelligent selection", and enhanced tools for 3D image creation in Photoshop Extended (Windows | Mac). More than three dozen minor tweaks were also made, small improvements--such as building a "straighten" function into the Ruler tool and pumping up Raw image noise management--that nevertheless dramatically cut down time-consuming procedures.

Take … Read more

Adobe update tests Photoshop CS5 lens correction

Adobe on Thursday released a beta version of an update to its new Photoshop CS5 software that adds the ability to automatically correct lens problems in raw image files.

The Camera Raw 6.1 update beta uses profiles of several cameras and lenses to automatically fix color problems called chromatic aberration, geometric problems called distortion, and darkened corners called vignetting. In addition, in the raw files, photographers can manually change the perspective of a photo somewhat, for example making the converging lines of a building parallel in a shot taken from the ground looking up.

The update also adds support … Read more

New tricks for Photoshop, death throes for LimeWire

Photoshop Creative Suite 5 roared out of Adobe's coding lab with a slew of feature changes that spell out actual improvements (unlike the last release's mostly visual overhaul) in this decades-old premium powerhouse of an image processor.

Features that automatically correct your lens and improve the way the editor processes high dynamic range (HDR) are two significant additions. Enhanced 3D image tools and a more effective algorithm for filling in image holes with information taken from neighboring parts of the photo are two others that help make this version of Photoshop a must-have for serious image-manipulators. Get a … Read more

Cash cow out of the barn: Adobe shipping CS5

The official debut was two weeks ago, and now Adobe Systems is actually delivering its Creative Suite 5 software to customers.

The CS5 software spans a broad range of uses--image editing in Photoshop and Photoshop Extended, video editing in Premiere Pro, Flash application creation in Flash Pro, Web page design in Dreamweaver, and more. New to the suite is Flash Catalyst, geared to let designers without much programming experience convert application mock-ups created in Illustrator or Photoshop into working Flash applications.

Adobe sells these programs alone or packages them up into suites tailored for various market segments. At the … Read more